Natural remedies to treat back pain at home

Back pain has become a common health issue in recent days. Maybe for men or women both are suffering from this pain. It is very painful and you will feel uncomfortable during your work, you won’t be able to sleep properly, and cannot move properly. In the beginning, it is not a serious problem but if not taken care of in time this problem will continue that will cause a hell lot of problems for you. You need to take protection first. Back pain can occur anytime and at any age. If you believe that you are only 32 so back pain cannot arise in you then I must say you are wrong. This problem is quite common in between 35 to 55 years aged people.

[Hindi tips to treat back pain]

Doctors said that back pain is related to the way of our ligaments, bones, and muscles in the backside which are connecting one with another. In earlier days we used to think that back pain can arise in aged people but in recent days it is common in young people also. Back pain does not start immediately. It will give you symptoms like you will feel the ache in your back or around your hip portion. The spine flexibility will reduce gradually and when you sleep you will feel uneasy and difficult to move from one side to another. A backache can arise for any reasons, if you do not do proper treatment it will give you a trouble for lifelong. Here we will discuss some home remedies for back pain.

Home remedies for back pain

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Let’s first discuss some old remedies which our forefather have been using it for treating back pain at home. These methods are easy to implement at home and can be done using things easily available at our disposal.

Ice and Fire affect Icing and then heating is one such method where first we use ice which is a great pain killer and it actually stops the pain senses and reduces the swelling of the respective part as well. One should wrap ice in a towel and apply the same on the back infected area again and again during the day. Do this thing for about two days and then switch to Luke warm water massage. Dip a towel in warm water and wrap it around your infected area, you can also use the hot water bags available nowadays to do the same.

Early morning stretch

Early morning when you rise from bed then gently stretch your both arms and pull up your knees slowly towards your chest, do it one leg at a time very gently. Before you rise to make sure you turn on side and use your arm to push the bed down.

Good posture

It is very important how you sit on your work because you sit in the same way for a longer time, if your posture is not correct then you can develop serious back issues like Cervical. It is necessary that your pelvis, waist, lower back, neck, shoulders, and chest are the incorrect position. Do not sit continuously for long hours; stand from your seat after at least 30 minutes for 2 minutes from your seat.

Medicinal remedies of backache

Other than what we just discussed above there are many home products which can be used wisely for treating back pain. Let us discuss few such remedies which we can easily locate in our home and use for our own good.

Pepper and its derivatives

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Pepper and products which has the most important component of pepper that is capsaicin which generates the heat which we generally see from the pepper. This heat is very useful in treating back pain. One can use such products to apply on your skin, it actually relieves the pain by decreasing the pain sensations, and it blocks the substance which sends pain signals to the brain through nerves. Use such a product mostly in ointment form for some weeks and you will definitely find relief.

Pineapples by product

Bromelain is derived from pineapples; this enzyme helps blood circulation to fasten causing the reduction of swelling. One has to take these pills four times a day with at least 500mg in each tablet. The tablets are mostly gel based and should be taken before a meal.


Valerian is one such herb which is scientifically proven to be a useful remedy for back pain. It is available in 250 mg capsules. It is believed that the herb works against the brain receptors to create a numb effect, though sedation is not prescribed by medical practitioners Valerian causes a very subtle sedation effect which can be considered quite safe to be taken.


The ginger root is an anti-inflammatory agent and works great in giving relief against back pain. What you need to do is to have some ginger paste in place and then use it to apply directly to the portion affected. To make such paste you need to boil them first, mix the ingredient with honey. Tincture out the water from the solution and you can drink it as a ginger tea while using the residual as a paste which can be applied on to the skin. One can also use eucalyptus oil with it to increase its power to cure. Use it for several weeks and you will see the result yourself.

The leaves of basil

Basil leaves are the very useful product for treating back pain. You have to boil few basils leaves maybe ten or twelve leaves with water and salt until the water becomes half. Cool it down and then drink the solution. Depending on pain intensity one can drink it once or twice a day.


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There are few more items which can be used for back pain remedy like poppy seeds which can be ground with rock candy and consumed one or two teaspoonfuls depending upon the intensity of the pain.


Do you know that wheat is also a good remedy. Surprised right? but this cereal is really a good remedy. Soak a small hand of wheat in water overnight then post crushing it in morning mix it with coriander powder and milk and boil it for some time until the solution is thick. Drink this mixture once or twice depending on the pain intensity.


Another agent which work well in back pain, you can take it several ways either just eat two to three garlic cloves daily in the morning or mix coconut, mustard and some garlic cloves and heat on low flame to make garlic oil and then massage it on the area after cooling it down.


It is not possible for everyone to spend money and visit the doctor for a backache. These home remedies will help you to get rid of a backache. Try them at home by following instructions or under some supervision to get the best results.


[Hindi tips to treat back pain]