How to increase love muscle size with herbs?

The key to increasing penis size with natural herbs is to consume herbs that stimulate blood flow in the penis tissue and help a person to have full erections. The long-lasting solution would be to increase the size of the penis- girth, and length. This can be achieved by making changes to the lifestyle by following a diet that triggers enlargement of the penis by growing and adding new tissue across various sections of it. In addition, one might take appropriate natural herbs to aid this process.

The herbs that have proven to be effective in increasing the size of penis do one thing in common, which is enhance blood flow in the critical parts of the penis. So here is a rundown on various herbs that are effective in stimulating blood flow eventually leading to penis enlargement.

How to increase love muscle size with herbs?


Ginseng comes in different varieties, Chinese, Korean, and Indian. The Korean ginseng, in particular, is effective in boosting the nervous system through its ginsenosides. These compounds along with increasing blood flow, also induce better sexual function. Taking Korean Ginseng for a week should show the effects. Before committing to long-term Ginseng supplements make sure you consult your doctor for advice as Ginseng can leave certain side effects such as insomnia and heart disease. Usually, taking 500mg of Korean Ginseng per day is considered safe. It along with helping a person to increase the penis size it boosts energy level in the body.

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Maca herb is a native to high Andes of Peru. It has high nutritional value containing 20 different amino acids, Vitamin B1, C, B2, E, and colloidal minerals. Maca herb is usually consumed as a powder. It has an aphrodisiac property, which comes from its photochemicalsmacaenes and macamides. These two compounds boost erections and energy. There is very less conclusive research on how Maca effects a man’s penis, so if you are on a certain medication make sure you consult your doctor if it’s safe to include maca in your diet.

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Angelica is rich In L arginine which is an amino acid that increases blood flow in the body. Intake of Angelica before going to bed helps to get along-lasting erection. The research conducted by Tel Aviv University shows that men who take L arginine supplements experience improvements in their penis size within 6. Taking 3 grams of Angelica once a day will help with penis enlargement.

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Ginkgo biloba

Ginkgo biloba enhances blood circulation in the body. It is effective in increasing the activity of nitric oxide metabolism and boosts ocular blood flow. The most known effects of Ginkgo biloba include areduction in blood pressure, enhanced cognitive strength, and cerebral blood flow. However, the recent studies on this herb have shown that GinkoBiloba can actually increase Libido and aid long lasting erections. Much of the benefits come from its therapeutic and stress relieving effects which improve sleep quality and altogether give an overall good health.

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Hawthorn berry

Ever heard of Hawthorn tree? This is a flowering tree species that is commonly found in the northern region of the world. The Extract from the berries of Hawthorn exhibit therapeutic effects on various health disorders.

Hawthorn berry frees congestion in the veins and arteries which activates the cardiovascular system. This helps people who have blood circulation problem and have a tough time getting harder and bigger erections. Also, this herb reduces stress and anxiety which gives rest and reinvigorates the penis. Hawthorn berry other than enhancing the penis size it provides many other health benefits such as relief from indigestion, stomach pain, ulcers, boils and sores.

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Damiana herb native to South America mainly Mexico and Spain. The dried and crushed leaves of them are used as medicine. It has an-aphrodisiac property, which enhances blood flood in the organs and triggers the central nervous system. The penis tissue also called as Corpora Cavernosa is a spongy tissue that depends on the rush of blood in it to enlarge during an erection. Damiana creates the right chemistry in the body for easy flow of blood into the penis. With the intake of Damiana blood stays in the spongy tissue for a longer period of time, which increases the time of erection and sexual stamina.