Natural home remedies to treat gout

Gout is a state of arthritis. It affects various body parts including small joints on the hands, ankles, wrists, knees and even ears. The symptoms of gout are joint pains, swelling, inflammation and intense tenderness.

There is no accurate reason for the cause of gout, it mostly affects due to the extreme amounts of uric acid and other causes are over alcohol consumption, heavy stress, lack of exercise, heredity and excessive protein intake.  A precise care and treatment are required for the gout other wise it leads to some other health problems like high blood pressure, kidney stones and diabetic problems. To provide healing and to acquire the relief from gout there are many home made remedies. Try them out and find out the results.

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Home remedies to treat gout

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Gout is a type of arthritis. The high amount of uric acid in the body is the most common causes behind this. Acute pain in the joints is the primary symptom of gout. You can take the help of home remedies to get instant and long-lasting relief from the pain of gout:


Apples are considered to be as good home treatment to cure gout problem. The malic acid present in the apple neutralize the body uric acid, by which you will get relief from inflammation and pain caused by gout. So, include your every day diet with an apple.


Drinking lemon juice daily for at least three time helps your gout problem. Squeeze a lemon in one glass of water and drink it up. The citric acid present in the lemon is a solvent of the uric acid, that is the major reason of this ill health.


The portable sized bananas are the good sources of potassium, the potassium content helps to convert the uric acid in the body to liquid form, that is the easy form to flush out by the urination. The vitamin C present in the bananas also help to cure the joint pains.

French beans

French beans are considered to be as a good remedy to cure gout. Take few french beans and blend them. Extract the juice and drink half cup every day up to a month to see the difference.


Bring the cherries and eat around 15 to 20 in a day. It is a recommended simple treatment for the patient while he is being in the basic treatment to gout. This is another effective home remedy to treat the gout problem.

Ginger root

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Ginger root will provide relief from the gout pain with its anti-inflammatory properties. Mix a table spoon of ginger root powder to a glass of water and drink it. When it is consumed for at least one time in a day, it reduces the gout pain. Apart from the internal throw, apply the ginger paste on the gout externally that is prepared with the help of water.

Vegetable juice

Drink the juices made out of raw vegetables. Especially carrot, beet root and cucumbers are most preferred. Also one can combine the carrot juice with beet root and cucumber to get the best combination.


Get the charcoal and blend it with water to form a paste. Add this paste to a half bucket water and soak your affected foot in the solution. You need to steep your legs for at least half an hour to an hour.

With baking soda

The best way to treat a problem is to target the root of it and begin the action from thereon. Increase in the uric acid in the joints leads to gout and baking soda helps in lowering the amount of uric acid, the respite comes automatically. A daily consumption of a half tsp of baking soda in a glass of water for two consecutive weeks can develop your condition.

Deactivate pain with activated charcoal

Activated charcoal targets the root of gout which is excess amount of uric acid in the body. It decreases the amount of it in the bloodstream and this remedy is absolutely free of any side effect. For those who are suffering from gout in ankle, knee joint-nothing can be more comforting than an activated charcoal bath for them. Simply empty a cup of charcoal powder in the bath tub filled with normal water. Enjoy the bath for minimum 30 minutes. There is another method of using this as well. For that, make a paste of this powder adding a little water to it and rub it on the affected area.

With the help of hydrotherapy

Trying this therapy can be very effective in relieving you from the tingling anguish of gout. Soaking the swelling area of the body in cold water, a cold water shower twice a day or at the time of flare up can be very soothing. It prevents swelling and inflammation.

Relief with cold compress

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A cold compress can provide you with an instant relief from the immense pain. For cold water compress, wrap an ice-cube in a cloth or towel; rub it on the swollen joint for 15-20 minutes. If you are using cold water, dip the cloth into chilled water, squeeze the excess water out and pat the cloth on the foot. You can also use an ice gel pack for cold compress. Note that if you are using ice pack; do not apply it for a long time otherwise it may lead to the crystallization of the uric acid. 

Say no to too much sugar and grains

You are not asked to quit sugar completely but reduction up to a certain amount is necessary due to its high fructose contents. You must avoid all the synthetic beverages that have sugar with “cose” element in it. Grains can cause inflammation according to a scientific research. So, if you are down with severe gout pain, limit the portion of grains on your platter.

Time for exercise

Apart from excessive amount of uric acid in the body, excess body weight can also be a leading factor behind gout. Exercising regularly will keep your weight under control, your body in shape. Not only this, daily exercise is good for your body in every possible way. A little jogging, light weight training, free-hand can give you considerable positive results.

Relaxing olive oil massage


Researches have shown that extra virgin olive oil, prepared from fine quality ripe olives have a compound called oleocanthal in it. It is extremely helpful is decreasing the inflammation and the burning sensation in the knee joints. Put 2-3 tsp of extra virgin olive oil daily into your food; mix it a little with salad for maximum benefit. You can also massage this oil on the sore everyday. Although it is thick oil but it is highly advised not to put much pressure while massaging.

Solution with apple cider vinegar

This ingredient can also be termed as a magic solution. It caters to a multitude of purposes to the welfare of your body. To harness the power of ACV to treat the pain of any type of arthritis, mix one tsp of raw, unfiltered vinegar in a glass of water. Drink it thrice on daily basis. The acidity of the vinegar will perform its role of making you feel relaxed. You can increase the dosage if you find this solution working wonders on you.

Treat gout with epsom salt

This salt is a fine remedy of the pain of arthritis. The magnesium content in this salt reduces the blood pressure and the soothing effect will make you feel relaxed. To make an Epsom salt bath, at first you will have to mix one and a half cup of this salt in a tub of warm water. Wait until it dissolves. Dip your foot in the water, close your eyes and feel yourself getting cured. Continue to take this bath for 3-4 times a week. You will not regret the time you invested on it.

[Home remedies to treat gout in Hindi]