Top health benefits of bindii / Gokshura

Gokshura is also known with the name puncture vine, it has been under the use since many generations as a general tonic. It is used in Ayurvedic medicine for the better maintenance of efficient kidneys and urinary function and in reducing renal discomfort. Some other amazing health benefits of gokshura includes increasing the low libido, enhancing stamina and energy, treating the kidney problems and renal stones. Let us see the benefits in an apparent way.

For fostering the male reproductive system, Gokshura is used in the traditional Chinese medication. It is a well known herb for athelets and body builders because they use it often in their health regimen as a supplement to increase the production of testosterone in the body.

Gokshura generally found throughout in Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Southern Europe, in sandy soils. Gokshura is also found as a weed on cultivated fields and in waste lands.

[Health benefits of gokshura in Hindi]

Health benefits of gokshura

Cures the problems and pain related to urine

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Gokhsura has been one of the best natural remedies to take care of urinary tract disorders. Why is Gokhsura effective in treating the disorders of Urinary tract? It helps to promote the flow of urine easily. Gokhsura soothes the urinary tract membranes and prevents bleeding.

Gokhsura has always been considered as a herb that has rejuvenating properties. It is also known to treat different veneral diseases like that of Phosphaturia and Gonorrhea. By removing the toxic wastes from the body, it keeps your body protected against bladder and urinary tract infections. That is why you should enjoy the antilithiatic goodness of Gokhsura.

Gall bladder problems will be dealt it

There are astringent properties present in the bark of Gokhsura. It acts as an anthelmintic and tonic. In order to cure the problems related to Gall bladder stones Gokhsura must be used.

Takes care of the kidneys

Kidneys can be treated by using the beneficial properties of Gokhsura herbs. This is an effective remedy in treating the stones found in kidneys. Gokhsura helps to strengthen and nourish the kidneys.

Kidney stones, renal colic and kidney infections can be cured effectively by Gokhsura. This is possible because the Gokhsura herb, enhances the fluid flow in the urinary tract. It takes up the job of scraping the walls of urinary tract and removing the debris. The cells of the urinary tract are nourished and strengthened.  Mix one teaspoon of honey with one tablespoon of Gokhsura powder. Add one cup of goat’s milk to this. Take it once every day. Within seven days you will see positive results.

Keeps your skin soft and supple

More than half the population suffers from acne and different skin disorders. Use of Gokhsura will help to deal with itching, inflammation, irritation and eruptions.

Treats low libido

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People with low libido and who are having troublesome sex life can take the advantage of gokshura. It treats the infertility problems in a natural way. Some studies showed that gokshura helps for the restoring of the low testosterone levels.

The working action of gokshura  involves with stimulating the body’s natural hormone, through which it helps for the production and maintenance of the testosterone levels.


Gokshura which boost up the libido through storing high testosterone levels in the body also takes care about the problems that encounter during the ageing process. Regular intake of gokshura extract will make the age not to show its affects on the appearance. The same property helps to treat many physiological problems that are linked with age like wrinkles and muscular degeneration.

Reduces urinary problems

Urinary tract problems mostly occur due to the build up of the stones in the tract. Gokshura extract consumption helps to eliminate the stones in the tract, through which it makes the urine flow smooth. It also stops the urinary tract bleeding and treats renal ailments incontinence and cystitis.

Erectile dysfunction

Gokshura is advantageous in erectile dysfunction as it stimulates the penile tissue by which it enhances the penile erection.

Heart benefits

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Gokshura is beneficial in reducing the cholesterol levels, which is needed to reduce the risk of heart stroke. It also functions great in minimizing the blood sugar levels and blood pressure levels. Along with it, gokshura also treats the heart complications like angina.  Gokshura is having rich properties of antibiotic and antitumor, which helps to combat with the liver cancer.

Polycystic ovarian disease

It is a cause of the female infertility. Usage of gokshura helps such patients.

[Health benefits of gokshura in Hindi]

Fights water retention

As a natural diuretic, gokshura helps in removing the additional amount of water in the body and it reduces the size of cyst.

Gokshura is used in the treatment of diabetes. People with Polycystic Ovarian Disease may also develop diabetics due to glucose intolerance.

Fights glucose intolerance

Gokshura has the ability to increase capacity while work outs, similarly it helps women to strengthen their muscles, who can involve more into work outs.