Increase female libido naturally / Herbs to increase female sex drive

Feeling attraction to the opposite sex is a natural thing in this world and it is natural to feel this when we develop and our body goes through the changes. But still, there may be some reasons that can take a fewer interest in sex. Males have a higher desire for sex than women. it is a common thing. But many times there are some reasons that can make women take very little interest in sex. This can prove to be a bigger problem if not treated. So here are some herbs to increase female sex drive.

When we go through the puberty we feel the changes to our body externally and mentally. This attraction process is not the same in many people. Some people feel more need of sex than the other and many feel less need of sex as compared to the other. The factor for the desire of sex has been termed as libido. Now libido can differ from person to person. Some of you may not feel the urge to have sex but some of you may feel like they need sex regularly. Also, it differs in men and women. Normally women have less sex urge as compared to men. there are many reasons that can cause low sex urge in the women. talking about it in our society is not thought as a health topic. But talking about this is also a cure of this because we get educated on this issue. But still, a healthy sex life is needed by everyone even if they do not talk about it in open. So in this article, we are going to talk about female libido, causes of low libido and how to increase the libido naturally.

As far we now know that various factors including sex desire, orgasms time, urge to do sex etc. are collectively called libido and we are talking about female libido. As said earlier normally female have low libido as compared to men and this sometimes becomes the biggest factor that the females do not enjoy sex as much as their men partners do. There can be many causes for the low sex desires of the women.

Reasons for low libido in women

Tiredness from work

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This reason is one of the biggest causes of low libido rate in the females. As we know that most females have household chores to do and some of them also have day jobs. This makes them tired and they lose interest in sex. Continuous work can result in less rest and increased sex.

Anxiety issues

Like some men some women also suffer from anxiety issues. Sometimes they do get to the orgasms too soon due to anxiety and less mind control and are not able to enjoy the sexual activity. This also makes them loose interest in sex.

Poor body image

Every person in this world is beautiful in their own way. But sometimes the surroundings and the society are the reason that one starts doubting themselves. Sometimes people make bad remarks about colour, body shape etc. this also makes women feel less secure and confident and can lead them to lose interest in sex

Low self-esteem

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There are many reasons that can cause low self-esteem in the women like comments from society, bad body image, cultural differences etc. this can cause in low self-esteem in the females. As we know that females are more emotionally attached to small things in the world. So this can also lead into less interest in sexual activity and result in low libido.

History of sexual abuse

Many of females in their life have experienced the history of sexual abuse. It may be of any form like child abuse etc.

Previous experiences

For many adult women, the past sexual experiences also play a great role in setting mind for women for next experience. If the previous experiences are bad which can be of many reasons like bad sexual performance, not so good partner or rough sexual experience. If the first sexual experience is bad for the women then they might not take part mentally in the sexual intercourse and can lose interest in the sex.

Drinking and smoking

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Not only males but the females who are constant drinkers and smokers may experience bad sexual experience and performance and can have low libido. Continuous drinking and smoking also affect the overall health.

These can be some of the main reasons in the women for low sex drive and libido. But as there are causes there are solutions for them. Now we are going to talk about how to increase the female libido naturally.

Well, there are many solutions to the problem of low libido in the female like chemical medicines, natural supplements, exercises etc. chemical supplements can be very quick with their results but they also have long-term side effects on your body and should not be used. Once your body gets accumulated to them they stop showing effects. Hence we have to increase their intake. It could be very harmful to other parts of our body.

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Another solution is the exercise and the natural supplements. doing exercise on regular basis can give your body a strength and keep it fit and improve your mental health. But exercise can take a long time to show effects. So the best solution here is to use the natural supplements. natural supplements are not as fast as the chemical ones but they do not leave side effects on our body. so the best option here is to combine the exercise and the natural supplements.

So here are some natural ways to increase the female libido


Ashwagandha is the herb that is found in the Indian subcontinent. There have been mentions of ashwagandha in the ancient Ayurveda and Kama sutra. Mainly in the Kama sutra ashwagandha has been defined as the medicine to put you on fire during the act. It acts evenly for both men and women. Ashwagandha is a safe bet to make.

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Maca root

The maca root was first found in the Andes mountain ranges. This herb grows in the cold environment. It has been available to the women of that region for a long time. Maca root is enriched with iodine. It helps the women who have low sex drive due to the hormonal imbalance. Moreover, it also has high zinc levels. The high content of zinc and iodine helps to balance the hormones in the body and hence increasing the sex drive in women.

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Muira puama

The root and wood of the mura puama are used to make the medicine. Mainly it is used to cure sexual disorders in both men and women. the muira puama plant is highly efficient in overcoming the problem of low libido in women. in various researchers, women have seen a surge in their sex drive. It also helps the women in their menstrual disorders.

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Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate is one of the tables that contain cocoa in our form. A good dark chocolate without mixture can contain up to 70% of cocoa. Cocoa helps in relaxing the mind and the nerves of the brain. it tells the brain to release the pleasure chemicals that lift mood and increase the response during the sex.

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Avena sativa

Now oats are considered as a good diet for everyone. Avena sativa is full of nutrients and minerals. They are known for their libido increasing properties. They increase the vaginal stimulation and also makes you last longer during the sex. It also increases the sexual stimulation hormones in the body hence giving positive results.

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Catuaba is found in the Brazil. It has been in use there for quite a long time between the tribes. It has aphrodisiac qualities. It also contains yohimbine and increases the libido in the females. It increases the sexual pleasure by increasing the dopamine levels in the brain which controls the pleasure activities of the brain. Catuaba is also known to give the user erotic dreams and last longer during the orgasm.

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Suma root

Suma root is also called Brazilian ginseng. It is found abundantly in Brazil and is very popular in the local population. it is said to have positive effects on the female libido. It also balances hormones in the women. there have been many studies to show the positive results of the Suma root. it increases the estradiol -17beta which is the primary estrogen hormone in the women. reports have proved women who used the suma root had positive results and increased stimulation and interest in intercourse.

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Tribulus terrestris

Many studies show that the women who used Tribulus had better desire and stimulation for sexual act than the women who did not use it. it acts on the brain and increases the production of female sex hormones. It is also used to reduce stress and treat patients with anxiety.

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These were some methods to increase the female libido. These natural methods are better than the other chemical methods as they do not have any side effects. But one should always consult the doctor before using these supplements and also stay away from the thing that can increase the problem.


Damiana is available in the regions of America and Mexico and the South American parts. This plant is native to the lands. It is believed there that the leaves of damiana are considered as the libido enhancer and give results very fast. It has high amounts of caffeine, terpenoids. These are considered as mood enhancers and keep the brain calm. Damiana also increases the blood flow to the pelvic area and increases the stimulation during the intercourse.