Is sitting on wallet cause a back pain?

Carrying a wallet is a second nature to men. A wallet contains all the essentials a man requires on his day to work or while going outside. All the cash, cards, some loose change, license, and sometimes keys too. Now all of this is stuffed inside the wallet. The next question is where would you keep this wallet? Almost every man on this planet will say the back pocket. Now, this may be a common habit and may seem gullibly harmless but is it?

Is keeping the wallet in the back pocket a good idea?

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That is not what the experts say. When you keep your wallet in your back pocket, it may not cause problems while walking or standing but when you sit, it completely throws your alignment off. Your hip joint and lower back muscles are subjected to a lot of strain especially when it is a long sitting. Your posture, alignment, driving techniques and muscle ache etc could all be affected because of this habit of sitting on your wallet. Guess the answer is clear.

Impacts on your daily activities

Change in your posture

If the wallet is big enough your pelvis tilts to one side and then that becomes your preferred side. You will find yourself sitting a little towards that side all the time. This bends your vertebrae to one side a lot which can cause chronic pains.

Problems while driving

While driving when you sit on your wallet, your posture is thrown off and it can cause you difficulty in taking turns towards that side. To remove that difficulty you put more strain on your shoulders to make the cut. This can lead to pain in shoulders and neck.


Sciatic nerve is the one present just behind your hip joint. When you sit on your wallet that nerve gets caught between your hip joint and wallet. This can lead to a diagnosis of sciatica. This is a hip pain in layman’s language which just starts at your hip but can send the pain all the way down on your leg.

Sitting around your back

A bigger wallet can force you to sit more tilted than it is possible in a harmless way. So instead of sitting upright, you sit lopsided. This is called sitting on your back. It leads back and hips pains. It can lead to spine inline fractures too.

Time for some solutions

Don’t keep your wallet in your back pocket.

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It is that simple. Some people just shift their bills to the other side. Though that may feel more comfortable than before. It is not a solution for long term. Your alignment is still shifted and your posture is still off. Keeping your wallet in the front pocket is also not a great one. You see now your thigh and torso get stuck in a pinch. You could simply keep your wallet in the back pocket while walking and be standing and while sitting take it out and keep it outside. This is especially advisable during driving.

If you don’t like those ideas then, maybe instead of a wallet you could switch to a cardholder and for your cash, you can use your front pockets. Avoiding keys, zippers or anything bulgy is probably good because your jeans really don’t have space for that. On top of that, they are uncomfortable.

Try these tips and stretch for 5 to 6 times after getting out of the car. These reduce chances of back and hip pains.

Fun Tip: keeping your wallet out of your back pocket is also a good way to avoid being pick pocketed!!