Keep away from diabetes – Top foods to avoid diabetes

These days there are lots of ways by which you can manage diabetes. In fact, you have the best food alternatives which can really help you manage the condition in the finest way. When you have diabetes there are certain foods which you should avoid having an intake. In this case you should restrict the intake of eatables like white breads, refined breads, pastas, fatty and processed foods, fried foods and the rest. So, when you have the preferred group of don’ts, in this case you should speak to a nutritional specialist and he is the best man to tell you the foods that boost diabetes and also the foods that help in preventing diabetes.

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The range of dairy products for diabetes

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Dairy products have lots of Vitamin D and calcium and these are the perfect foods for diabetic patients. In case, you have diabetes it is best that you choose foods like cottage cheese, yogurt and milk. If you have a normal dairy intake each day you can at best combat diabetes in the perfect way. These are the nutritional qualities that you can even find in other food varieties too but it is essential that you know that dairy products are the best for people who are suffering from diabetes for years. When you have diabetes you can drink milk along with some essential meals and with this you can avoid having the intake of sugary juices or soda. In case you crave for a desert you can choose yogurt or cottage cheese in place. You can even use milk in preparing several dishes like chicken soups and oatmeal.

Salmon fish for diabetes

Salmon is a good food for people suffering from diabetes. Salmon is the variety ofhealthy fish and it is the best food with the content of omega 3 fatty acids. Salmon contains the level of healthy fat and this can perfectly reduce the risk of heart related ailments. The same can whittle the waistline and can even cause reduction in the level of inflammation. The fish can also cause improvement in matters of insulin resistance. Salmon is even the perfect source of Vitamin D. You can easily have a salmon fillet for dinner and this you can have for once or twice in a week. You can prepare salmon quite easily by just tossing it over the oven. Salmon can even be used for preparing omelettes and salads. This is the fish good for health and it gives the tongue a decent twist.

Tuna for diabetic patients

The next food which can cause a difference in patients suffering from diabetes is Tuna. This is once again a healthy variety and in one piece of Tuna you have 1300 mg of omega 3s and it even contains the perfect amount of Vitamin D. However, the mercury level in Tuna is immensely high and this is the reason if you eat the fish in plenty you can suffer from neurological problems. So, it is recommended that you have a limited intake of the same. Always it is recommended to have the canned variety of Tuna rather than choosing to have the albacore version. You should have a limited intake of 12 ounces of Tuna per week. You can use Tuna to make salad sandwiches and you can even use the same in pile or you can even use the same as a snack on whole wheat crackers. One can even make use of Tuna steaks to be grilled and used in burgers.

The goodness of barley for diabetic patients

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Barley is an extremely healthy grain constituent and it comes with the sort of soluble fibre which is called beta glucan. There have been lots of researches to show that beta glucan can really lower the level of LDL cholesterol and this it does by causing a prevention of the body’s ability to cause absorption. In case you have 3 grams of barley everyday you can lower the level of cholesterol by eight percent. Barley is the best fibre you can have and it can really make steady the level of blood sugar. Barley is also the kind of weight loss bonus. The intake of the grain helps you have a moderate amount of calcium. It is best that you opt for hurled barley. This is not so refined as pearl barley. You should collect the barley and soak it for the entire night. Then it is time for you to cook the same. You can use barley to make soups and stews and the same can be used in making rice pilaf.

Berries of all sorts

Berry is the kind of natural candy and the same comes with lots of fibres and antioxidants. Berries contain polyphenols. In one cup of blackberry you have 7.6 grams of fibre. In one cup no blueberries you have 3.5 grams of fibre. The presence of antioxidants in berries is best for the kind of ticker. In case you have heart diseases it is best that you have regular intake of berries. Just within eight weeks you are sure to find that drop in the level of blood pressure and berries act best in boosting the amount of good cholesterol. Berries taste best when combined with oatmeal. You can even have berries in ice creams and salads. You can well refrigerate fresh berries. So in case you are not having all the berries at the same time you can store them at best to be eaten later on.

Dates can help in combating diabetes

Date is a kind of chewy fruit and it looks so simple and unimpressive. It has a simple brown colour and it is a bit chewy. Once you pop a date inside the mouth you can feel the sweet taste of the same and the texture of the fruit is so delightful. Dates have lots of fibres and this is the reason they are the best for diabetic patients. Dates have lots of antioxidants and they can serve better than oranges, grapes, peppers and broccolis. You can well prepare a snack item with dates and you can even toss the same within cookies and breads.

Green is good for diabetes

Best food for diabetic patients

For diabetic patients it is good to eat greens. When you prepare lettuce with mustard, beet and curd it turns to a dish rich in all the natural fibres. These are all fabulous fibre sources and they even supply with adequate amount of calcium. Greens are also good of the heart and this is the reason you should have the same in adequate amount and this will help you stay fresh and healthy. Now, you would even receive the energy to work for the entire day. Greens have folate and this is extremely good for the humanhealth. Greens even have vitamin B content and this can lower the level of homocysteine. This is the form of amino acid and can really take care of your heart. There are several ways by which you can cook greens and make them taste palatable. Greens are delicious when taken in sandwiches and they taste great when included in salads. Just cook beet greens, with mustard and collard and you are sure to love the taste of the food. It would be great if you use olive oil to prepare the food.

Tasty lentils if you have diabetes

Just like the beans, lentils too come with lots of fibre. A cup of cooked lentil contains 16 grams of fibre. The same cup will deliver you with 360 mcg of good content of folate. This is the amount of folate an adult needs each day. In case you don’t prefer to have meat, you can eat lentils instead as these are good sources of protein. Lentils also have the best amounts of minerals and vitamins. To make lentils tastier you can cook them with pastas and you can even add lentils to soups. One can even prepare lentil with pulses and to the same you should add garlic and green chillies.

Flaxseeds doing good to health

If you want a huge health punch in a small package then you can make the best use of the flax seeds. These are tiny seeds but they are loaded with multiple health benefits. Flaxseeds are extremely good sources of alpha linolenic acids and it is even the best source of fibre. Flaxseed can take care of variety of diseases and these are heart related ailments and variety of other cardiovascular disorders. This is the magic seed and can even lower levels of blood sugar and cholesterol. You can add flaxseeds to variety of foods. You can add the same to oatmeal and you can even add flaxseeds to the kind of low fat cottage cheese. This is a good treat to delicious fruit smoothies.

Walnut is the best for a diabetic patient

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Walnuts are healthy nuts and these are good for diabetic patients. The right amount of walnut everyday will help you have 2 grams of fibre along with 2.6 grams of ALA. This is the kind of omega 3 precursor. In case you feel that a regular intake of walnut is making you over weight, you can decrease your protein intake. This way you can create the sort of dietary balance and feel so good in the long run. You can have walnuts just like that or you can use the same as toppings over smoothies, cakes, brownies and cookies. Walnuts can even make great salads. It instantly changes the taste of the food to which it is added.

Peanut butter can control diabetes

It is true that peanut better can make you less prone to diabetes. It is hard to believe so but this is the actual truth and the kind of butter is so good for the health. Peanut butter has the perfect fibre content and this is a classic treat to your health. The kind of butter contains monosaturated fat. In fact, it has everything to keep the heart so healthy. You can have peanut butter each day for your breakfast. However, peanut butter delivers with high rate calorie and this is the reason you should stay conscious regarding the amount of intake you are having. A small amount of butter can do lots of good to the heart and can even help in combating diabetes.

The diabetic advantage of dark chocolate

The intake of dark chocolate can cure diabetes. This is the right food element to have the perfect amount of antioxidant flavonoids and the sweetness of the chocolate encourages good cholesterol and at the same time controls bad cholesterol. It is even the best component to control the level of blood pressure. Thus, dark chocolate can treat both pressure and sugar at the same time. You can prepare a healthy desert with dark chocolate. For the same you need to collect some raspberries or strawberries and then you can melt the dark chocolate and then apply on the berries.

The good taste of the avocado sandwich in relieving the effects of diabetes

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You can take to avocado in case you want to have less diabetic effects. The fruit is both creamy and rich and it is best packed with the kind of monosaturated fat. Avocados make the digestive system slow and now when you have your meal the level of blood sugar is sure not to shoot. You can smash the avocados and use them for sandwiches. You can use the avocados and not use butter instead. Apply lemon juice and wrap the sandwich in a plastic. When you open the pack and eat later the sandwich is sure to taste the best.

Beef is a qualitative diabetic food

Beef is definitely a diabetes friendly food. Beef will help you have the right amount of protein and it even makes you capable of maintaining the amount of muscle mass. So, at the time when you are having a loss in weight, try beef at once. This will help in increasing the rate of metabolism and you are sure to feel energized and healthy in the process.

The foods mentioned above are great to control diabetes and also to ensure a better cardiovascular health which is a common point to worry for the diabetic patients. If you have been diagnosed as pre-diabetic or if diabetes runs in your family, then it is really important for you to include some particular foods in your diet as well as changes in your lifestyle to not to get to the diabetic range. Being pre-diabetic means your blood sugar levels are already above the normal but is yet to reach the diabetic level. You can take it as the right time to take the best precautions so that you can avoid diabetes. Some of the foods that are ideal for pre-diabetics and can be most helpful to help you avoid the condition include,

Whole grains

Foods rich in calcium and iron

If you are trying to avoid diabetes, banking more on whole grains is the key. Studies have shown that consuming three servings of whole grains in a day reduces the risk of developing diabetes considerably. So, shift to whole grain products and discard the processed foods from your diet all together to avoid diabetes. Whole grain bread, brown rice, whole grain pasta, steel cut oats can be the best foods for you to bank on if you are trying to avoid diabetes.

Fruits and vegetables

For people who are worried about getting diabetes due to their family history or the people who have been diagnosed as pre-diabetic, should include more fruits and vegetables in their daily diet. The key reason for including more of these is that, fresh fruits and vegetables help in the natural detoxification of the body which can reduce the stress on the liver and pancreas. Moreover, the anti-oxidants present in the fresh fruits and vegetables also help in reducing the oxidative stress on the cells of pancreas, helping in promoting better insulin secretion as well as better insulin sensitivity. You can easily include fruits like apples, oranges, banana, berries, kiwi, grapes or plums in your daily diet in sufficient amount.

Nuts and fishes

Nuts and Fishes are one of the most important sources of unsaturated fats which can be helpful to deter the progress of pre-diabetics to the diabetic range. The good fats have been found to reduce the risk of Type 2 diabetes considerably and they can also promote better heart health as well as weight loss benefits.


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Studies have shown that spices like Cinnamon and Turmeric might be able to give the body the needed protection from diabetes. The active compounds present in these spices enhances fat metabolism and also promotes proper secretion of insulin from the pancreatic cells. These spices can be helpful to promote better insulin sensitivity in the body. Another spice which is believed to be highly effective in keeping your blood sugar levels low is Fenugreek. However, still more studies are needed to find out the exact reasons or compounds present in these spices that give protection to the body against diabetes. So, if you are trying to avoid diabetes include more of these spices in your regular diet.

When you are looking out for a diet plan that can reduce your risk of getting diabetes, focus on a diet that help you lose weight instead of bulking up. Body weight has been directly related with an increased chance of getting diabetes and your diet has a direct role to play in your body weight. So, if you want to avoid this condition, whatever foods you are including in your diet make sure that it is low in calorie and does not come with a high dose of bad fats.

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