​​List of foods, fruits & vegetables to avoid in diabetes

Whenever a person suffers from a chronic disease, it is needless to say that there will be
restrictions in certain foods, fruits and vegetables. Diabetes is one such chronic disease which has now reached proportions of an epidemic both among children as well as adults
worldwide. When diabetes goes uncontrolled, several serious consequences are to be faced.

These consequences include blindness, kidney disease, heart disease and various other kinds of complications. Consuming wrong foods raise the level of blood sugar as well as insulin. These situations may also cause inflammation. So, the food is to be chosen very carefully when one is suffering from diabetes.

Let us now discuss about the foods, fruits and vegetables that are to be avoided while
suffering from diabetes.

[​​Hindi foods to avoid in diabetes]

Foods to avoid in diabetes

Sweetened sugary beverages

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Beverages that contain a lot of sugar are the worst choices for people with diabetes. These beverages contain high amount of carbs. These are also loaded with a high amount of fructose which is connected with insulin resistance. Conditions such as fatty livers become common when these sweetened beverages are consumed. The
high levels of fructose in these drinks results in various kinds of metabolic changes
which result in belly fat. The levels of cholesterol and triglyceride also become
potentially harmful. The insulin resistance increases manifold on consumption. Drink
water, iced tea that is unsweetened and club soda instead of these sweetened

Trans fats

These fats are very unhealthy. These fats are formed when hydrogen is added to the
unsaturated fatty acids for making these even more stable. Trans fats are available in
peanut butter, margarines, creamers, frozen dinners and spreads. It a common practice
among food manufacturers to add these to muffins, crackers and many other baked
foods for extending the shelf life. These fats are not directly responsible for raising
the levels of blood sugar. They increase inflammation, belly fat and insulin resistance.
This also results in impairment of arterial function. All of these highly concern people
suffering from diabetes because they increase the risk of suffering from a heart
disease. To sum up, these unsaturated fats are altered chemically for increasing their
stability. It is best to avoid a product that states “partially hydrogenated” in the list of

Pasta, rice and white bread

These are processed foods which should be avoided by people suffering from
diabetes. Eating these and various kinds of refined flour foods greatly increases the
level of blood sugar. Pastas which are free of gluten raise the level of blood sugar. In
case of type 2 diabetes patients, brain function is decreased due to consumption of
these as well as mental deficits are caused. These have a very low fiber content that
helps in slowing down the process of sugar absorption in the bloodstream.

Yogurt of fruit flavor

People suffering from diabetes can go for plain yogurt, but when it comes to the
favored ones, it is best to avoid them. These flavored yoghurts are made out of low fat
milk or non-fat milk but these are full of sugar and carbs. There are people who
consider that frozen yogurt is a healthier alternative over ice cream. It is best to go for whole milk yogurt that do not contain sugar. These are also beneficial for
controlling weight, gut health and appetite.

[​​Hindi foods to avoid in diabetes]

Flavored coffee drinks

Coffee is known to bring about a number of health benefits which also includes
reducing the risk of diabetes. However, the case is not the same for the flavored ones
which should better not be considered to be a healthy or beneficial beverage. These
drinks contain a huge amount of carbs which can cause a rise in the levels of your
blood sugar. The same applies for even the ‘light’ ones. So, in order to put a check on
your blood sugar level and for prevention of gain in weight, go for plain coffee or
even espresso.

French fries

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No matter how much you love them, you need to cut them off completely from your
diet if you are suffering from diabetes. Potatoes contain a high amount of carbs.
French fries are deep fried and they generate a very large amount of compounds that
are toxic like aldehydes and AGEs. These greatly promote inflammation. Eating these
also increase your probability of suffering from a heart disease or even cancer. You
can go for a little amount of sweet potatoes if you cannot absolutely live without

Fruits to avoid in diabetes


This fruit is loaded with fiber as well as vitamins. However, bananas have a very high
content of sugar. The blood sugar level increases, making the condition of a diabetic
patient even more severe. However, it is not too harmful to have a small banana or
split up a big one. This will help you to keep a check on the carbohydrate intake.


The melons also contain a high content of sugar. They have a medium value of
glycemic index. So, it is best to go for small portions because the large ones might
prove to be harmful.


The only problem with grapes is that they have a very low value of glycemic index.
Thus, only a handful of them can be a source of a high amount of carbohydrate. It is
difficult to go for only two or three grapes, so it is better to avoid them because a
handful can prove to be harmful.

Vegetables to avoid in diabetes


You might already know this, potatoes are the most harmful vegetables for a patient
suffering from diabetes because we have already discussed that French fries must be
avoided by you. These vegetables are sweet and starchy. Potatoes also lead to gain in
weight. Gain in weight can lead to obesity. It is best to avoid them.


Top foods to avoid diabetes

These are not sweet but beans are extremely starchy. You do not need to cut out beans
altogether from your diet. However, you can go for the boiled and baked ones in
limited portions.


These vegetables, growing under the earth are equally bad to your blood sugar levels
as potatoes are. It is best to avoid them.

Beet root

This grows under the earth and are very sweet. They have various health benefits to
offer. It is suggested to have them only once a week for a diabetic.


Corn has a very high content of starch. It is best to avoid corn in all forms for a