List of foods that cause gas / Gastritis

Do you have burning sensations in your stomach, stomachaches or suffering from burps and flatulence? The gastritis ulcer or inflammation causing bacteria has definitely hit your stomach. It’s been long your bad food habits are just rubbing off your stomach’s soft tissue lining.

If you want to treat gastritis then you must consider simple dietary changes and avoid few foods listed below to soothe your stomach. Kill the real cause of gastritis have fresh Leafy vegetables, Fresh fruits, Wheat bran, Whole grain products, millets, Unpolished – brown -para boiled rice, Pasta/macaroni, Noodles, organic Eggs, Fish/lean meat, Tofu/paneer. You will see, ah-ah FEEL the difference!!!

Acidic foods

Do’s & don’ts of gastritis

Tomatoes, Lemons, Pineapple, Oranges and other tangy fruits expel hard to digest acid sources adding on to digestive acids of HCL (Hydrochloric acids) causing more Gastritis inflammation trouble. You will end up burping tangy with tomato juice, Cranberry juice and other citrus based juice.


To make up for a delicious dish we generally end up adding too many spices into our recipes. Adding too much or too many spices such as Ginger, Turmeric, Ajwain, black pepper, cloves, corianders, mustard, cumin and other could elevate burning sensation in your stomach. Stick to simple or one spice on a go.

Don’t expect herbs to cure your problem in a day or two. It’s the lining of stomach that has worn away. Have patience!!

Energy drinks

Yes you need a lot of energy to breakdown the carbohydrates filled in them. So, say no to packaged energy drinks as they are not pure and have loads of preservatives and carbohydrates accumulating toxins in your gut.

Processed/packaged foods

These foods are loaded with preservatives that constitute packaged food into unhealthy category making the digestion process tough for the stomach. Avoid bakery foods like heavy chocolates, cookies, Dry butter biscuits, cakes, donuts, that stuck to your gut and mess up things.

Spicy foods

Many of us today crave for those super spicy street foods at roadsides!! Gastritis causing foods like fried rice, fried eggs, or noodles cooked in adulterated oils and in unhygienic condition is making their ways to unleash the tender tissue lining of the stomach causing stomach aches, burning, bloating and flatulence.

Guy’s yogurt here’s for rescue!!! Buttermilk works wonders!!

Fruits and veggies

Gestational diabetes diet/meal plan

Every vegetable and fruit has a unique benefit that helps in integrally work various organs of your body.  People often neglect to categorize the food that actually cause Gastritis and eat everything and anything making the stomach grow more bacteria and cause more inflammation.

  • Pungent and sour tasting vegetables and fruits must be avoided.
  • Don’t overload your stomach – a simple soup will help you retire from the burning.
  • Apart from this gastritis food diet menu abstain from eating at nights as these foods tend to cause more discomfort and recover from the disease to prevent its recurrence.
  • Try to eat vegetables without frying in oils or marinating in spices
  • Don’t eat more of raw vegetables too; Balance is the key, steamed or boiled veggies works great.

Dairy products

Except organic yogurt avoid Digestion-depressing dairy products like heavy milk shakes, creams, cheese and ice-creams especially at nights.

Except cow’s milk avoid others;

No to high

Avoid high fat and high cholesterol foods as they are pretty hard on the digestive system and can certainly aggravate the condition

  • Say no to non-veg for a while; avoid gorging on high protein foods like beef, fish (fried one), pork and others in the meat category.
  • No to fatty and greasy foods

The list of foods to avoid gastritis inflammation mentioned above is categorized on a general basis. Categorize them according to your unique body type and figure out what works well on you. Proper food combinations, spices and herbs together improve digestive strength and decolonize the Gastritis conducting environment.

People often depend on medications, antacids and antibiotics to treat the gastritis inflammation. Over the counter medications can work for a day or two but in the long term they cause low stomach acid complications.