Low cholesterol diet – Top foods to control the bad cholesterol

Cholesterol is a problem which is rising at a higher rate these days. There are two types of cholesterol-one is good cholesterol and the other is bad cholesterol. Cholesterol is that fat which stores around the heart and makes your heart weak and functions abruptly. This is a major cause of heart attack, cardiac arrest and stroke. Cholesterol can be very dangerous and needs to be taken care. There are various reasons why people get cholesterol and the most common reason is unhealthy lifestyle. Eating junk foods, excessive obesity and many more are the reason of getting cholesterol. It is very important to take care of your health so that you don’t get the problem of high cholesterol. One can look for various ways to fight with cholesterol and make sure that you follow them strictly and lead a healthy life.

[Top foods to control the bad cholesterol in Hindi]

Below is the list of foods which will help you to get rid of bad cholesterol which will help you to lead a healthy life:


Foods to reduce uric acid

Oats are one of the most amazing food items. They are healthy and low in cholesterol and also help you to fight with bad cholesterol. They make perfect breakfast item which will help you to stay fit and healthy. It has beta-glucan in it which absorbs the bad cholesterol.

Red wine

Most of you might know this that a little bit of red wine is good for health. The high-fiber Tempranillo red grapes which make the red wine will make sure that your cholesterol level gets lower with time.

Salmon and fatty fish

Omega-3 fats are known for their health benefits and can be found in salmon and fatty fish. These foods help in lowering your cholesterol with its constituents. Also, they taste amazing and are a good source of protein too.


It is absolutely a myth that consuming nuts contributes to fats. They are a perfect snack item and are loaded with health benefits. You can also consume nuts for various reasons and one important reason is that they help you gain good cholesterol. Apart from that they help you in boosting your memory and getting proteins.


Foods to reduce acidity and gas

Tea is another food that helps in lowering the cholesterol. It also tights with LDL cholesterol and give defense to the body. Black tea and green tea re the best for fighting bad cholesterol. Not only that, they are also full of anti-cancer oxidants which is also beneficial to your body.


Beans are another food that made it to the list of low cholesterol food. They are high in protein max are good for your heat and overall health of the body.


Chocolates are also another food that helps in lowering bad cholesterol. Dark or bittersweet chocolate ate much better than normal chocolate. They are not only good to taste but are also good for health also.


Another alternative to butter is negative which is made of vegetable oils amazing dairy product. The taste is same but the benefits are more. So, don’t call for cholesterol with butter and enjoy the taste with margarine.


Raw foods to boost your health

Another food that not only fights cholesterol bungalow fights blood clot, blood pressure, infection and many other health problems.

Olive oil

Consuming olive oil in your daily food is good for your health and gives you more health benefits than other oils. It also tights with bad cholesterol and doesn’t allow cholesterol to form.


Good to taste and healthy for your body, spinach doesn’t per your body store bad cholesterol and helps in fighting with it.


Avocado has many health benefits and are used in various food and cosmetic products. They are wonderful food products and help you stay fit and healthy.

These above mentioned foods are perfect downpour body if you wish to fight with bad cholesterol an want to stay fit. Health is not an option and staying healthy is a necessity. So consume those food that will give you a healthy life ahead and  will help you to stay fit. So, eat wisely and live a healthy life with a healthy body.

[Top foods to control the bad cholesterol in Hindi]