Do’s and don’ts of measles

Measles is a drastic disease caused by the measles virus. This is also a very contagious disease which spreads easily when the effected person coughs or sneezes. You get the symptoms of this disease through high fever, cough, nose that is floating and also through inflamed eyes. After you start getting the symptoms, this disease starts infecting the face and within 3-5 days, it spreads to the entire body, effecting badly with red rashes.

Harsh symptoms of measles may also show much negative impacts in the form of diarrhoea, partial or temporary blindness, in certain cases pneumonia as well. Over 90% people, who share the same environment and closeness to the infected person is likely to get affected and caught by measles. It is therefore very necessary that you take self preventive measures t save yourself against measles.

Since there is no particular treatment that can help you overcome measles easily, measles is cured as time passes and the right prescribed treatment is provided. Measles is usually caused in children who haven’t been vaccinated with the measles vaccination. So, if you ever come into contact with a measles affected person, you must instantly visit the doctor and get the measles vaccination without a further delay. Also, make sure, you don’t share the same glass and plate of the infected person, to prevent yourself from getting affected by the same.

[Do’s and don’ts of measles in Hindi]

On a far broader note, children who lack too much protein A in their diet are much likely to get infected by measles. Once you start getting those red rashes on your skin, consult the doctor for examining the rashes and matching that with other symptoms.

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Measles is extremely painful and it is always coupled with fever, rash, cough, congestion, watery and red eyes. These symptoms can last for as long as two weeks. Whereas fevers might last for a maximum of five days. Till date there is no particular medication for measles but we are recommending a few ways you can put your child at ease.

Medication for reducing the high fever

Acetaminophen, Advil or ibuprofen are few of the medicines that can help to cure the high fever. Never make the mistake of giving your child an aspirin. This might end up increasing the risk of developing Reye’s Syndrome in them. This illness has the power to severely damage the liver and brain.

Hydration is important

Pedialyte and water are the two sources you can have to cure the problems of dehydration. It is already a major problem that you or someone close to you is infected with Measles. Dehydration should not get in the way of increasing your sorrows.

Medications for cold shouldn’t be given

More than often people take medication for cold when they are suffering from measles. Although, the symptoms that you are facing because of measles, might urge you to take medications for cold. It is not advised by doctors.

Don’t miss out the danger and threats that measles pose

Children who are under the age of five or an adult who is above twenty years old can suffer from some serious complication caused due measles. Brain swelling, pneumonia, diarrhea, seizures, hearing loss, ear infections and even permanent loss of hearing. These symptoms must be noticed and immediately shown to a doctor. Abnormal behavior, irritability, high fever, lethargy, irritability, breathing problem along with seizure, headache, hearing or vision problem.

Take a note of all of this and mention it to the doctor.

Here’s a look over what needs to be done when you are infected by measles:

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  • The moment you notice you are getting rashes and are infected by the fatal measles, visit the doctor and get the post vaccination of measles within 72 hours. This can help in better curing procedure and you see that you are still affected and the symptoms haven’t drained, then you at least think of it to last a little shorter.
  • Make sure the diet you take has the necessary source of vitamins and is also rich in the protein content of vitamin A. And for people who feel exposed to the measles virus must get an injection of antibodies within a period of 6 days. This will eventually help in overcoming the symptoms gradually and preventing further contact with measles.
  • You must also consult the doctor to give you he needed medications to reduce high fever. Getting a prescribed antibiotic will also be beneficial when you are infected. So without any further delay, make your move to reach and consult the doctor as soon as possible.
  • Make yourself comfortable in a closed and warm room. Take rest and medicines and have diet which is mostly rich in protein. Have green vegetables and soup and take light and low spicy food.

Measles is infectious and extremely harmful and such, you must not share your things with others. You must also not take spicy and oily food and maintain cleanliness around yourself.

Here is a list of DON’T’s if you are suffering from measles:

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  • If your child is affected by measles, do not ignore and g for immediate medical attention as its complication can even lead to deafness, seizures, blindness, and developmental delays.
  • When the person has high temperature, sore throat, runny nose, and small white dots with blue centers as lesions, its called Koplik spots inside the mouth and measles treatment should begin immediately. Don’t mistake it as an ordinary infection.
  • Do not share your personal items with others and even stay indoors in one specific room to avoid infecting others. No public places for atleast a week if you have measles!
  • If you get measles during pregnancy, do not think it to be common pregnancy rash! Immediately get a blood test to get the assurance; your practitioner would inject immune globulin shot to prevent the further outrage of measles altogether. However, measles during pregnancy does not bring in chances for any birth defects in the child.

With the above pointers in mind managements of measles is sure to be more planned and effective.

[Do’s and don’ts of measles in Hindi]