Measles symptoms, diagnosis, causes, and treatment

What are measles?

A respiratory disease that is extremely contagious through even a minute infection from a simple sneeze or cough by air.

Why only children are prone to measles?

It’s because children below 10 years of age have very low immunity powers to withstand viral infections than adults. The viral causing Measles – Paramyxovirus – easily targets children with low immunity or vitamin-A deficiency.

Adding on, the virus causing measles is EXTREMELY CONTAGIOUS as it thrives in air. Children are the one who play, sit and eat anywhere – with onset of monsoon and winter seasons – more the chances of children affecting with measles.

Measles symptoms

Do’s and don’ts of measles

  • Red-pinkish rashes on body
  • Acute sneezing
  • Watery discharge from the nose
  • Bleeding from the nose
  • Dry cough
  • Fever
  • Rapid pulse
  • Thirst
  • Headache
  • Restlessness
  • Drowsiness
  • Diarrhea

How to diagnose between measles and common cold

Once the measles causing virus enters the body it takes about 10-13 days to show up measles in the form of rashes. Common cold like symptoms start to show off first with running nose and watery red eyes accompanied with high fever with temperature running up to 104 degrees. The red-pinkish color rashes consist of small rounded spots start to show up on cheeks after 2 days of common cold symptoms and may progress down towards chest, back and limbs.

Your doctor will definitely ask for your medical records to see if you are immunized against measles (MMR vaccine shots – Measles – Mumps – Rubella).

Your doctor may ask you to undergo blood test to diagnose measles and check for active functioning of immune system antibodies over the measles causing virus.

Complications with measles

  • If untreated Measles can probe life threatening issues.
  • The measles virus can directly affect the fetus of pregnant women when contracted with Measles leading to underweight baby, premature labor, miscarriages, still born baby, baby born with low immunity and other medical issues.

Measles treatment at home

Antibiotics are not used to treat measles. Measles heal naturally. However, antibiotics should be taken to control feverishness, pneumonia and ear infections. The Measles causing virus directly attacks the digestive system causing Diarrhea, Pneumonia and Ear infections (otitis) treat them with proper medications.

  • Maintain Hygiene for fast recovery
  • Keep the patient isolated from the rest of the family members for at least 3-4 days
  • Tie a handkerchief around your nose when communicating with the affected person
  • Persons affected should take rest at homes to avoid spreading of infection to others
  • Wear warm garments
  • Wash garments worn by person affected using hot water separately
  • Use dim lights in the room as bright lights can probe sensitivity to eyes
  • Take proper medications to reduce fever and chills
  • Use cool mist humidifier to warm up respiratory passages and relieve discomfort
  • Persons should be given adequate bed rest
  • Cotton cloths soaked in water can be used to clean the body
  • Good nutrition

Home remedies for measles


Do’s and don’ts during chicken pox

Garlic has anti-inflammatory properties and a lot of times heals the skin problems instantly. The use of garlic during measles proves beneficial as it helps in preventing from the rashes and aids in healing it faster. Just powder the garlic and mix it with a little of honey to make it into a smooth paste. One tablespoon of this paste is to be consumed daily to get rid of the measles.

Coconut water

Measles is an infection that makes the body very warm from inside. The patient might as well catch fever, have dehydration and this will only cause in more spreading of the infection. To cool down the body and flush out the toxins the coconut water is a good aid. Consuming coconut water or the flesh can help in maintaining the body temperature, getting rid of infection as well as hydrating the body from time to time. In a controlled diet practiced during measles coconut water is a blessing!


The continuous itching and burning that comes with measles can be both stressing and painful. If scratched the measles leaves scars too. Hence Indian Gooseberry can be used to calm down the itching. The dried gooseberry in powdered form is to be used to mix with water and turn it into a paste. This paste can be applied on the itching areas to get rid of the continuous scratches. It is a big relief!

Orange juice

The loss of appétit and control of diet leaves very less things to eat for the measles patient. Orange juice is hydrating, fights with the germs and gives a taste to the patient to rejoice the food again.

Bitter gourd concoction

Bitter gourd is a rather sour but effective way of treating measles. The paste of bitter gourd mixed with a little of turmeric and honey when given to the patient daily helps in curing measles faster.

Bathing during measles

The patient affected with Measles should abstain from bathing.

Neem leaves

Home remedies for vomiting & headache

Neem is anti-viral and reduces infection from spreading. If the patient suffers from itchiness by boiling handful of Neem leaves in to the water and use lukewarm water to wipe the body with a soft cloth or can even used for taking bath once in every 5 days.


Use tablespoon of lemon juice to soak and wash the clothes.

Taking adequate lemon juices helps hydrate the body and clean the digestive track off the toxins.


Paste apply on targeted areas to give soothing and cooling effect


Age-old remedy to treat skin issues. It provides great relief from the rashes for its cooling properties.

Marigold (Gainda)

This flower helps soothe the rashes on skin.

Diet during measles

Children suffer from loss of appetite during the period. So make sure people affected with measles have loads of fluids and nourished bland foods. Avoid spicy and heavy foods that could still worsen inflammation.


Measles causes dehydration as most of the fluids are washed away from cold, running nose and watery eyes. Drink plenty of boiled and warm water.


Measles treatment should be mostly aimed at bringing down the fever and eliminating the toxins and infections off the body.

Fruits should be your first choice of treatment. Use lemons and oranges to drench thirst and balance for the loss of water in the body, dry mouth and loss of appetite conditions. Have plenty of citrus and high water content fruits such as oranges, lemons, apples, grapes, etc.

Vitamin – A

Remedies to cure chickenpox

Children with vitamin-A deficiency are more prone to measles.  Foods rich in Vitamin-A such as carrots and Papaya helps fight body temperatures and fever.

Prevent measles

The best way to fight measles virus is to get the MEASLES VACCINATION done before it affects.

  • Two doses of MMR vaccine should be given to the children between 12 – 15 months and the other dose at 4-6 years at least 28 days following the first dose without the evidence of Measles.
  • This MMR vaccine may even be given within 72 hours of the exposure to provide protection against Measles.
  • IG (Immune Globin) containing antibodies to prevent Measles can be given to minimize the symptoms if the person is exposed to measles infection between 3-6 days earlier.

Hope this article helps!!!