Natural and healthy benefits of paneer

As soon as we get pregnant; our brain starts to wobble with weird doubts about food and living habits. If you are overweight or suffering from gestational diabetes, or looking for a punch of calcium to compensate your body during pregnancy – Cottage Cheese (Paneer) is the ultimate food option.

Misconceptions about paneer

Benefits of eating greek yogurt

Milk-product variants such as buttermilk and Paneer (Paneer) help in maintaining higher bone mineral density in pregnant women. There are many misconceptions about taking Paneer during Pregnancy is not safe. This is because people often categorize Paneer to be a fermented food. Besides, Fermented foods generally constitute for body heating, inflammation and indigestion issues – Paneer does not fall into the fermented food category.

  • Paneer is no doubt one of the cheese forms – but the difference being it is not fermented to age like other cheeses do. It is just introduced to lacto-fermentation by introducing to acidic substances like lemon or vinegar to separate the whey water.
  • However, Fermented foods like buttermilk one of the milk product variant provide good bacteria to the stomach helping in good digestion and keeping inflammations away.
  • Many pregnant women are advised to take Iron and Calcium supplements while pregnant. However, it is not advisable to take calcium or calcium supplements and Iron at a time. Take iron in the morning and nights to avoid calcium interfering in iron absorption by the body which could adversely affect your fetus.

Pasteurized paneer

We often forget to boil the milk packet kept in the refrigerator and use that milk to make Paneer. This Paneer made from unpasteurized milk is likely to cause “listeria” a form of bacteria leading to health issues in pregnancy women.  If Paneer is made from pasteurized milk (boiling the milk properly) make sure you cook them well to avoid any bacterial infections out of raw Paneer. It is advisable for the pregnant women to make Paneer at home rather than buying them from the rack.

Calcium and cottage cheese

Paneer nutritional information:

  • Protein – 18.3
  • Calcium – 208mg
  • Phosphorus – 138mg
  • Fat – 20.8mg
  • Minerals – 2.6mg
  • Carbohydrates – 1.2mg
  • Energy – 265kcal

On an average, pregnant women require about 1300mg of calcium during pregnancy.

Moon and milk products

Raw foods to boost your health

There is a conception in ayurveda that milk and milk products are more beneficial when taken at night. If you have a lot of cravings especially at nights then, Paneer would be very much helpful in controlling your appetite and craves. The protein Casein in the Cottage cheese digests at a slower rate making you feel full for longer hours.

Many benefits of calcium during pregnancy

  • The full filling nature and amino acids present in Paneer helps sleep tight at night.
  • Immunity booster
  • Phosphorous helps in strengthening teeth and relieve from gum issues.
  • High fiber content helps in free bowel movements
  • Vitamin K does good for your brain
  • Magnesium enhances blood circulation in reproductive system

Snack it with paneer

Here I present you few mouth-watering Paneer recipes:

Palak paneer

Paneer cooked in fresh spinach gravy is a delightful meal packed with loads of green fiber and protein.

Paneer kaju

Paneer cooked in onion + tomato gravy along with chunks of Kaju gives a nutty flavor to your taste buds. Is a must try.

Paneer tikka

Paneer marinated in thick hung yogurt along with spices and fried in a pan works perfect for a evening crave for snacks.

Add boiled Paneer blocks to your veggie salad for the calcium punch.

Extra calcium sources

Drink two glasses of cow’s milk especially at nights. Buttermilk made with equal quantity of water and a hint of salt/sugar/spice of your choice is made to help digestion is preferably used in lunch after heavy meals and lots of ghee and Paneer for a calcium rich diet.