Natural foods to boost your thyroid health with nutritions

Disease due to the problems of thyroid hormonal level may be termed as thyroid health. The thyroid gland may over function or under function depending on the secretions of the thyroid gland. The hormones secreted by thyroid glands are essential for the human body. If the hormonal levels are mismatched, then some problems may arise in the human body. If the secretion of hormone is more than the limit, then it is termed as hyperthyroidism. Most common problem with the thyroid gland is the excess secretion of thyroid gland and is known as hyperthyroidism. Hypothyroidism is caused by deficit amount of hormone secretion from thyroid gland.

[Foods to boost your thyroid health in Hindi]

Most common disorders related to thyroid

Herbal supplements for hypothyroidism

  • Goiter
  • Hyperthyroidism
  • Thyroid nodules
  • Thyroid cancer

Thyroid cancer

The following symptoms appear in case of thyroid cancer:

  • At the neck swelling appears
  • Lump at the neck , sometimes may grow quickly
  • Pain in the neck , pain may be raised up to eyes
  • Permanent nature of voice change
  • Breathing trouble
  • Trouble in swallowing
  • Cough is of constant nature

Home or natural remedies for thyroid problem

Take some sea foods

Sea vegetables, sea food which includes fish, kelp, shellfish, may be consumed. These foods help to reduce this problem gradually. Include butter cutting off other dairy products in your diet. Consume cruciferous vegetables in cooked form rather than salad form.

Try different supplements

Consume any supplement or vitamins which include iodine, Herbal supplements, and Iodized salt. Eat your food slowly, so that mind and body can ordinate

Avoid constant us of cell phone

Put down your cell phone and speak. Better you can use a headset and can speak with this. Cell phone held near ear which is very near to thyroid gland and can damage the gland with the radiation of the cell phone.

Try Yoga everyday

You can practice yoga which stimulate the endocrine gland and can support organ functions and functions of thyroid

Take some Brazil nuts everyday

Hormonal imbalance in women

Brazil nuts can be consumed. This is the source which can put thyroxin in active form. The Brazil nuts can put your thyroid to function in normal form.

Consume vegetables and fresh fruits more

Apples, grape fruits, oranges are the fruits which are the sources of pectin. So, consumption of these fruits will have healing effect for thyroid problems. Pectin is gelatin like fiber and can help in detoxification. This gelatin can stick to the toxic compounds in blood and can remove from the body through urine.

Eat chicken

Consume chicken which is animal protein specially enriched with amino acids. This contains specially tyrosine which can build the thyroid hormone. If the diet is deficit of tyrosine, then thyroid gland can function in underactive way. So, tyrosine enriched diet like chicken or animal protein can be helpful for functioning of thyroid gland.

Eat yoghurt

Yoghurt can be included in the diet for functioning of thyroid gland. Actually, yoghurt act in protecting the thyroid gland. Specially, it is enriched with vitamin D. Deficit of vitamin D puts the humans in risk hypothyroidism. Sunshine produces vitamin D within humans and sunshine has got the anti-inflammatory properties. This vitamin D protects the thyroid gland. So, yoghurt at least one spoon daily to keep your thyroid gland proper functioning.

Drink daily green tea

Green tea can act well in the human body .Green tea can decrease the belly fat and works well in the body. People who drink 3-4 cups of green tea, they are actually work outs for 25 minutes. Green tea acts as effective fat burner. Green tea contains catechins, an anti oxidant which triggers to release fat from the cells and enhances the liver functioning. In this way, fat is transformed to energy rapidly. If fat burns, thyroid gland will function well.

Use olive oil for cooking

Olive oil can act well in the body. Humans require dietary fat which will be healthy and can perform metabolism in right manner. Olive oil is healthy and can burn your calorie. Olive is enriched with antioxidants and can fight against diseases. Olive oil can fight against cancer, brain deterioration, and osteoporosis. So, consumption of olive oil will have positive effect on thyroid gland.

Take daily eggs

Raw foods to boost your health

Consumption of egg can do well on the body. It is fat free, low calorie and enriched with protein. Actually egg helps in metabolism. Egg contains fats which are soluble in fats. It contains essential fatty acids. Two whole eggs per day can be consumed by humans and there is no bad effect on the body. Ultimately, it will be effective for thyroid activities.

Drink daily milk

Consumption of full fat milk can do well on the body. Milk contains calcium and milk can help in metabolism of fats more efficiently. So, dairy product like full fat milk can act well in the body and with thyroid gland also.

Try whole grain

Whole grain will be helpful for the diet in humans. Actually, the body has to work harder to digest. In turn, this is good for the body. Whole grains like oats are better than refined and processed grains. So, ultimately, it acts well on the thyroid gland also.


From the above discussion, it is clear that people who are suffering from the thyroid diseases like hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism may opt for the natural remedies and can expect good results on functioning of thyroid gland. Medicines will work well for thyroid. But, natural remedies may support the medication and the recovery may be earlier. People with thyroid problems may keep the solutions in mind and act accordingly. Ultimately, the natural solutions may keep you to move healthy life.


[Foods to boost your thyroid health in Hindi]