Natural foods that fights gas

You are with someone or in middle of some kind of important discussion and suddenly out of nowhere your tummy starts to make some funny sounds wouldn’t that be embarrassing? Or in front of everyone you can’t help but Fart! Gosh! All these are very embarrassing. But do you know why such sounds are produced by your tummy or why do at times fart? Well these things mainly happen because the food that we intake at times do not get properly digested, though gas problems aren’t harmful but still it can be quite uncomfortable. People who suffer from Gas problems feel their stomach are always bloated and tight, do not feel something to eat, feel as if their stomach is full. These things can make a person grumpy.

[Natural foods that fights gas in Hindi]

Now one can ask how to minimize these gas problems one is facing. Well may be getting completely rid of the problem is bit tough but one can lessen it to an extent. The most basic thing one can do to fight gas is that while one is having food, one should chew the food properly making sure that you don’t swallow whole food morsels. Because if you do so it would be difficult for your stomach to break down the whole morsel of food you’d just swallowed and thus resulting to gas problems! Instead if you chew the food properly it does half the work of your stomach by breaking down the food in to smaller bits thus making it easy to digest food.

Still here are four foods that one can have if one wants to get less of gas problems.

Grilled chicken

List of foods that cause gas

The mere name of it makes you drool, isn’t it? Well apart from being a lip smacking cuisine, grilled chicken has other benefits. Like as it is a high protein stuffed food which makes it all easier to get digested. And the best part is this food doesn’t have much fiber in it so one wouldn’t possibly face gas problems if one haves this!


Well every other person loves to have an egg for breakfast, may be in the form of Omelets, or Boiled Egg or Scrambled Egg! Like chicken they too are high in protein thus making the digestion process all easier and can have soothing effect on your Gas problems. But do remember not to take more Eggs at a time as this can upset your stomach and make the condition worse. So, one egg a day is just perfect!

Baked potato

Well we do love to have baked potatoes but as a side dish, right? But if you start including this item in your main dish and having it every day, it will help to minimize Gas Problems! As this particular food is free of fats and thus can be digested quite easily. Try having these baked potatoes with a spoonful of mustard or pepper; it will provide a lip smacking as well as relieved effect on your stomach.


Now this isn’t actually a food but it is something more essential and mandatory thing we keep on brushing aside even when we know how important it is to our body! Not only water helps the stomach to break the food that we have every day but also flushes out the extra waste that gets accumulated in your stomach! As Gas problems can also be caused as the waste generated by our body doesn’t properly get out from our body. Having 1 liter of water everyday can minimize gas problems to a considerable extent.

So, these were some points that one should keep in mind if one needs to minimize her/her gas related problems. These are natural hacks so they might take time to show their effect but they will. Last but not the least, never ever skip your dinner or lunch; because it will worsen the gas problems you are having. Even tough at times people who suffer from gas problems feel their stomach full and do skip their lunch/breakfast. Don’t do so! Even if you feel you are full, try to have these foods, as not only it will fill your stomach but also help you!

[Natural foods that fights gas in Hindi]