Natural herbal supplements for anxiety and stress relief

The passion for the things is also creating a pressure on the mind to give more focus on these things. Be it money, health, relations, love or any other thing. This type of tension is making human brain and body prone to anxiety attacks. This kind of attacks can be mild and can be a full blown anxiety disorder. Anxiety attacks are not a good thing as they can make you unstable and can cause various problems in your life.

[Herbal supplements for anxiety in Hindi]

Many people try to cure anxiety with various methods which include mind-body techniques, psychiatrist, prescription drugs which contain chemicals and natural ways to calm. All of these techniques can be good according to the state. But natural remedies and supplements can be considered as best because mostly they do not have any side effects on us.

Following is the list of some natural herbal supplements for anxiety:

Valerian root

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Valerian root is a flowering plant that was initially discovered in the parts of Asia, Europe. The valerian root is a multipurpose herb. This herb has been in use as a medicine for a long time. In old time valerian root was also used as perfume.

In the ancient times, it was used as to cure the sleeping disorders. Many studies have found out that it can be also used to cure joint and muscle pain, depression, migraine and stomach problems. Today it is also used to treat anxiety disorders.

It is also used to reduce the pain of menstrual cramps. In the manufacturing industry, valerian root is used as a flavoring agent in food and beverages.

Valerian root has a calming effect on the human brain and nervous system. It’s one plus point is that you can leave the medication of valerian any time and it does not have any side effect on the human body.

The usage of valerian herb is done in many ways which include the tea, capsules and oil extracts etc.

Kava Root

Kava Root[Buy it online]

Kava root is one of the best medicines available to cure most of the anxiety attacks, mood swings, and brain disorders etc.

Kava is an herbal plant found in the South Pacific islands. The people living there use this herb as a medicine. The root of the kava plant is used as a medicine. mostly the tea is prepared from the kava root. But nowadays powder is also available which can be used as a supplement or tincture and capsules. Kava herb has a calming effect on the brain and relaxes the nerves of the brain. It also has a calming effect on the muscles. It is very good medicine for the anxiety and mood swings. Its biggest plus point is that it does not have any side effects on the brain.

One important thing to remember is that when using the kava supplement one should avoid alcohol.

Passion flower

Passion flower[Buy it online]

Passion flower is also called Passiflora. It is widely used in the treatment of the patients suffering from anxiety, depression, mood swings etc. the plant of passionflower is grown in the parts of southern united states. It has been in the use there for many centuries.

Passion flower work in a very efficient way. It increases the count of neurotransmitters GABA in our body. The passion flower id also called kava lite because it is mild than the other herbal supplements that are used to treat anxiety.

This is one plus point of passion flower because of these properties, it can be used with other herbal supplements for anxiety.

Magnesium Supplements

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Magnesium is an important part of our body as it is required by our body to function normally. But due to bad food practice in the present world, many of us suffer from the deficiency of magnesium. The fast food we prefer today is deteriorating our health at an alarming rate. Other than this magnesium is also used to treat anxiety and mood swings in our body. Lower levels of magnesium can also lead to panic attacks.

Magnesium does not cure the anxiety disorder completely but it helps to keep the symptoms of anxiety at bay up to a large extent. Completing the daily diet of magnesium in our body can help us to keep us safe from the anxiety attacks.

[Herbal supplements for anxiety in Hindi]


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Ayurveda is the ancient Indian book on the medical sciences and it shows the way to remain healthy by using only natural herbs. In the book, various properties and uses of herbs are written. One of these herbs is Brahmi. Brahmi is grown in India and an herb which is largely used in Ayurveda to cure the brain related diseases. It also lowers the risk of the panic attacks and helps in anxiety disorders. Moreover, taking Brahmi on regular basis improves the concentration power of the mind.