Top best natural home remedies for mouth ulcers / oral ulcers

Ulcers are the open sore which can occur inside or outside of any body part. It is caused by the break of the upper skin membrane which fails to get heal. Any cyst or blister fails to heal in a day or two converts into ulcer. Similarly, if we talk about the mouth ulcer it is the most horrible and painful.

If you are suffering from a mouth ulcer, then this is the right place to treat you by simple home remedies.

What causes mouth ulcer?

By biting the cheek or the tongue accidentally

Home remedies to treat mouth blisters

Ulcer can be caused by biting your tongue or inner cheek accidently due to the sharp edges of the teeth. They are less painful and heals within 2-3 days with a simple remedy.

Brushing poorly

Brushing your teeth twice a day daily is a healthy way. Lack of brushing can easily cause ulcer which takes time to heal and are painful too. Use a soft and gentle brush.

Lack of dental hygiene

Visit your dentists monthly and rinse your mouth with warm water after every meal. Avoid extreme cold or hot diet. Ulcers caused by unhygienic problems are most painful and takes several days to get heal.


Mental stress can also be the reason of mouth ulcer as the stress hormones gives birth to various kind of blemishes and blisters. They are not painful but can take a long time to heal.

Food habits and allergies

People are allergic to various kind of foods that can cause ulcer which can be cured easily by a simple allergy test. These kinds of ulcer occur frequently.

Hormones imbalance

After sexual intercourse or during pregnancy or before and during periods ulcers can occur and are painful but get rid within 2-3 days.

Mouth to mouth kiss

Kissing can also be the cause of mouth ulcer which is equally infectious and painful too.


Bad food habits, constipation and indigestion is one of the major cause of ulcer. These are painful and takes a long period of time to heal.

Deficiency of vitamins

Ulcer can cause due to the deficiency of vitamin B12 or even iron in the body.


One the biggest cause is smoking which can further into a cancer if not treated properly on time.

Where mouth ulcer occurs?

  • On the gums
  • Side walls of the cheeks
  • On the tongue
  • Side of the upper or lower lip
  • Near the throat

Symptoms of mouth ulcer?

Natural remedies for blisters

  • Pain
  • Redness
  • Fever
  • Physical sluggishness

There are medical treatments for ulcer but however home remedies are the best as they are safe and more effective and be done easily at home.

Homemade treatment and prevention

Cabbage juice

Many people are unaware of the miracles that a cabbage juice can do to mouth ulcers. It has anti-inflammatory compounds that help to speed up the healing process of mouth ulcers. It is recommended to drink three to four glasses of cabbage juice in a day. To prepare this juice, you need one 1 raw cabbage and some water. First boil the cabbage to that extent that the water quantity is reduced to half. Strain the cabbage water and drink a glass of this juice to get relief from the painful mouth ulcer.


This Ayurvedic herbal powder contains a mixture of 3 Indian fruits which includes Amalaki, Bibhitaki and Haritaki. The Triphala herbal powder is readily available in the market. All you need to do is buy it and mix ½ teaspoon of the powder with 1 cup of water. Use this mixture to gargle regularly. While doing it, try to hold the liquid for about 1 to 2 minutes in your mouth and then spit it out. The healing and anti-inflammatory properties of Triphala are so strong that it not only helps to cure mouth ulcers but also heals many stomach related issues too.


Being one of the famous remedy for pain management, cayenne contains capsaicin. It is so hot that it will numb the pain and kill all the microbes present at the affected area. Use your Q-tip to apply a thin layer of cayenne on the mouth ulcer. After few minutes rinse your mouth with plain water and apply this twice a day. Always be careful while applying cayenne pepper.

Clove oil

This oil contains eugenol content in it which are effective in treating oral problems quickly. The antimicrobial properties of clove oil have the ability to heal mouth ulcers at the soonest. All you need are some cotton swab and clove oil. Before applying, rinse your mouth with warm water. Take the cotton and dip it in clove oil. Apply it directly on the affected area and leave to soak in for about 10-15 minutes.


Alum crystals exhibit anti microbial properties which helps to g=fight against microorganisms. Take alum crystals and crush them to get a fine powder. Use a wet cotton pad to dip in the powder. Place this cotton pad on the ulcer and leave it for a minute. Rinse your mouth and repeat this twice a day.

Baking soda

How to cure blisters on tongue

Baking Soda which is also known as Sodium Bicarbonate removes bacteria and neutralizes the acids causing ulcers. Though it can cause a burning sensation when one uses it but ceases the pain ulcers causes. Make a paste out of baking soda and water to apply it on the affected area, rinse it off well after it has dried up.

Mulethi powder

The toxins or indigestion in the stomach that causes mouth ulcers can be easily wiped out because of this Ayurvedic element, Mulethi. Use it with honey so that it tastes good and gulp it down with water. The actions are quick and good.


The swelling and itching are two main things that further stretch the time period a mouth ulcer stays. Crush some Camphor and Mishri (a mouth freshener) into a powder state and apply it on the affected area, for instance for 8 grams of Mishri take 1 gram of Camphor. Both are known to effectively reduce the appearance of the ulcers.  

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar is known to be acidic in nature which is best to kill the infectious bacteria that causes Mouth Ulcers. One needs a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to add to half a cup of warm water and use this mixture to clean your mouth focusing more on the affected area for 2 minutes then rinse your mouth with normal water.


Any Toothpaste with antimicrobial properties is the best formula to get rid of Mouth Ulcers. It is so easy to find this remedy at home and all one has to do is take some toothpaste and directly apply it on the area, then rinse it off after sometime daily.

Aloe vera

Apply fresh aloe vera extract from the leaf on the affected area. You can even consume aloe vera for better results.

How to apply

  • Take a leaf of aloe vera.
  • Peel of the skin.
  • Wash the extract.
  • Apply directly or can consume.
  • Can use this method thrice a day


  • Aloe vera plant can be found at any nursery.
  • It can be grown at home.

Hot and cold water

How to treat blisters on tongue

Gargle with hot and cold water in mouth alternatively will reduce the effect of ulcer.

How to apply

  • Take a 2 glasses of fresh water.
  • Boil one glass of water.
  • Refrigerate the other glass for 10 minutes.
  • Now hold both the glasses in each hand and gargles alternatively.
  • Make sure the water should not be too hot or cold.


  • Use filtered water you use in kitchen.

Coconut milk

Gargles Coconut milk in your mouth for 2 minutes daily which can sooth the pain and reduce ulcer effectively.

How to apply

  • take half cup of coconut milk and mix it with a boiled water.
  • Gargles for 2 minutes twice a day.


  • Coconut milk is easily available in market and can be made at home too.

Saline rinse

Gargle in mouth with salt water that will keep ulcer away from bacteria and will reduce it naturally. You can use of pinch of baking soda instead of salt.

How to apply

  • Take a glass of water.
  • Add one T spoon of salt into it.
  • Boil the water.
  • Gargles twice a day in mouth.
  • Can take just a pinch of baking soda instead of salt.


  • Salt is always available in the kitchen.

Coriander leaves

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Natural remedy for mouth ulcer. Take some clean coriander and boil in water, take that water and it will reduce the effect of ulcer.

How to apply

  • Take fresh 5-6 coriander leaves.
  • Rinse them with fresh water
  • Take a glass of water and put leaves in that.
  • Boil the water.
  • Gargles with the water in mouth


  • Coriander leaves can easily available at any grocery store.
  • It can sow at kitchen garden also.

Basil leaves

You can chew some fresh and clean leaves of basil. Its juice is affected for ulcers. It reduces inflammation.

How to apply

  • Take 4-5 fresh leaves of basil.
  • Rinse with clear water.
  • Take a glass of filtered water and boil leaves.
  • Gargles 2 times a day.
  • You can chew fresh and clean leaves of basil whole day.


  • Basil can be found at any grocery store.
  • Basil plant can be grown at home.


They are rich in antioxidants which reduces pain and inflammation. Apply tomato juice on the affected area with the help of a clean cotton ball.

How to apply

  • Take 1 fresh tomato.
  • Wash it with clear water.
  • Grind it in a mixer.
  • Now apply the juice with a clean untouched cotton ball.


  • Tomatoes are the main ingredient of every kitchen.

Apply honey

Home remedies for dry mouth

You can apply honey on ulcer it is quite effective.

How to apply

Take honey on clean cotton and apply.

Fresh honey is more affective.


Honey is available at every general and medical store.

Suck on ice cubes

Hold ice cubes in your mouth with the help of your tongue against the ulcer.

How to apply

  • Take ice cubes of filtered water.
  • Can hold the ice cube hold day if u want against the effective area.
  • U can use chilled water if ice cube is not appropriate for you.
  • U can add basil or coriander leaves in an ice tray with to freeze and can apply that.


  • Refrigerate the filtered water for ice cubes.

Use mouth wash

You can rinse your mouth with a mouth wash after every meal and even before going to bed.

How to apply

  • Take any of your suitable mouthwash.
  • Rinse in your mouth after meals and before going to bed.


  • It can be available at any departmental or medical store.

Tea tree oil

Apply oil using a clean cotton stick or a ball on the effective area.

How to apply

  • Take tea any tea tree oil.
  • Put it on clean cotton.
  • Apply on the effective area.


  • It can be available at any departmental or medical store.


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Turmeric is most commonly natural home remedy used for any bacterial attack on the body.

How to apply

  • Take turmeric and mix it with coconut oil,
  • Apply on the effective area with the clean cotton.


  • Turmeric is one of the most important ingredient found in kitchen.
  • Can take from any general store.

Do’s for mouth ulcers

  • Always use a soft brush.
  • Brush twice daily.
  • Rinse mouth with water after every meal.
  • Go for a routine dental checkup every month.
  • Add juice in your meal.
  • Use straw while drinking any beverage.
  • Eat food that comforts you.
  • Drink plenty of water.

Don’t for mouth ulcers

  • Never use a hard brush.
  • Avoid spicy food.
  • Avoid alcohol.
  • Stay no to smoke.
  • Avoid beverages like cola, tea or coffee.
  • Avoid too hot or cold beverages or food.


  • If the ulcer is taking long to heal up and none of the above given remedy is helpful to you then you should consult your dentist immediately.
  • Reoccurring of ulcer frequently can damage your mouth with serious diseases.
  • Ulcers can cause mouth cancer also, so consult your doctor for better results.