How to get rid of mosquitos at home?

Mosquito bites are not only irritating but intimidating as well because it can be the source of a serious mosquito borne illness. Mosquitoes work as a vector for a bunch of serious diseases, namely, malaria, dengue, chikungunya, zika and even more. These names are enough to scare anyone because of their graveness. Hence, no matter how small these tiny organisms look, it is important that you take sincere steps to ensure to not get bitten by mosquitoes.

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Mosquitoes are more common in warm and humid regions. If you are living in a part of the world where the weather is considerably warm and moist, it is expected that your area has a high population of mosquitoes. To get rid of mosquitoes at home you can take the following measures,

Keep your surrounding clean and well lighted

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If you are trying to keep your home free from mosquitoes, you have to ensure that there are no easy breeding and living place for the mosquitoes around your home. You should take the following steps to kill mosquitoes in your area,

Clear the drains

Clogged, uncleaned drains often become a preferred breeding ground of mosquitoes. So, in order to get rid of mosquitoes at home, make sure that all the drains in your neighborhood are well cleaned and not clogged.

Clean any stagnant water

Mosquitoes breed in stagnant water and even if there is some clogged water in an old flower tub, it can become a preferred breeding spot for the mosquitoes. So, remove all and any containers or ditches where water can get stagnant. A dry area is least likely to become the breeding ground of mosquitoes.

Prune the grass and shrubs

Mosquitoes prefer dark and shady areas. They do not fly around much in well lighted and aerated places. Pruning the shrubs regularly and mowing the grasses in your lawn at frequent intervals will ensure that your yard or the parks in your neighborhood are not becoming a living place of mosquitoes, which can be most helpful in reducing mosquito population in your area and home.

Plant mosquito repellant shrubs

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Planting mosquito repellant shrubs like citronella, garlic in your neighborhood and yard can help you immensely to get rid of mosquitoes. The smell of these plants repels the insects and mosquitoes always prefer to stay away from these shrubs. It is an effective and side effect free way of biological control of mosquitoes that can give you immense benefits in this regard.

Spray organic oil or essential oil

Spraying mosquito repellant organic oil or essential oils in your neighborhood can be a good option to repel the mosquitoes. Different chemicals with pungent smell can also be effective to serve the purpose. However, it is best to not to use harsh chemical compounds in your surroundings to get rid of mosquitoes, rather sticking to organic or essential oils is a much better option.

Burn eucalyptus leaves in your yard

A very effective and easy way to get rid of mosquitoes is to burn dry eucalyptus leaves in your yard and neighborhood. The smell as well as the fume created due to burning of the eucalyptus leaves repels and kills the mosquitoes. It is not harmful for the body either.

Guard your home from mosquitoes

Once the mosquito population in your neighborhood has reduced, automatically the risk for your home will come down considerably. However, it is also important to take the following measures to ensure that the problem of mosquitoes comes down to nil,

Clean and well lighted home is not preferred by mosquitoes

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Have you noticed that mosquitoes always hide in the dark corners of your home, in the dark attics and under the sofa? So, to get rid of mosquitoes at home simply get rid of these dark and uncleaned places. Make sure that every corner of your home is well lighted and ventilated. To keep your attics free from mosquitoes use essential oils.

Get rid of any stagnant water

There might be stagnant water in your home without your knowledge. Clogged water in the flower tub, stagnant water from defrosting the refrigerator, water in an old bucket everything can become a breeding ground of mosquitoes. So, remove all these stagnant water and keep the places dry and aerated. Adding drops of organic oilin the drain openings as well as on the water in the toilet can be a good way to make sure that these places does not become the favorite place of mosquitoes.

Decorate your home with smelly herbs

Citronella, lemon balm, marigold, catnip, lavender, basil, peppermint are some of the common herbs that repel mosquitoes. These herbs are easy to grow and you can easily grow them even in smaller pots. So, plant these herbs and decorate your home with these herbs to make sure that mosquitoes prefer to stay away from your home.

Add nets to the doors and windows

Fixing nets on the windows and doors of your home can be an effective physical way to get rid of mosquitoes. Many people living in areas with high mosquito population are choosing this option in order to safeguard themselves and their family from mosquito borne diseases. Adding a layer of netted blinds in the windows is considered as one of the best physical options to get rid of mosquitoes at home.

Use a mosquito trap

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There are a number of machineries or systems available that claim to work as a mosquito trap. These systems usually create a type of light or sound frequency that attracts the mosquitoes in your home towards it. Once the mosquitoes get close enough to these traps, they are either killed by heat or some chemicals. Using a mosquito trap in your home can be effective but it should not be the only way of controlling mosquitoes.

Use a swatter or electric racket

Swatters and electric rackets are some of the common and popular equipment used for killing mosquitoes. These tools essentially come with a hand and a head with which you need to flap or touch the mosquito. These swatters or electric rackets can be useful to kill mosquitoes quickly and can be used along with other measures to get rid of mosquitoes at home.

Essential oil diffuser can help

Mosquitoes are repelled by the smell of the essential oils. Using an essential oil diffuser in your home along with citronella, eucalyptus, lavender or peppermint essential oil can be effective to keep the mosquitoes away.

Personal protection to be taken at home

The above measures can reduce the mosquito population in your home considerably. However, in order to be absolutely sure that you are safe from these tiny menaces you can take the following measures,

Use mosquito net while sleeping

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Most of the mosquito bites happen while the host is sleeping. Using a mosquito net every time you are going to sleep or even take a nap can reduce your risk of getting a mosquito bite considerably. Be it during night or the day, whenever you are going to doze off use a mosquito net and also make sure that your body parts do not touch the net.

Wear loose and covering clothes

Another effective way to ward off mosquito bites is to wear lose fit and body covering clothes. Loose fit clothes make it difficult for the mosquitoes to reach your skin. On the other hand, body covering ones provides a layer of physical protection on your skin saving you from mosquito bites. Wearing lose fit and body covering clothes gives effective protection from mosquito bites.

Apply mosquito repellant on your skin

If you are still not happy with the level of protection, you can always opt for using mosquito repellant creams and lotions on your body. These creams and lotions are formulated with ingredients that repel mosquitoes and insects. While making the buy opt for the herb based and natural compositions. Also do not forget to reapply the cream or lotion after few hours for effective protection.

To get rid of mosquitoes at home, you need to destroy the breeding and living places of these insects. Warding off mosquitoes from your neighborhood certainly reduces mosquitoes in your home. Taking the right measures to keep mosquitoes away from your home as mentioned above will ensure that your home is free from mosquitoes or has minimum number of mosquitoes. The personal protection measures ensure that even if some mosquitoes get into your home, you are safe from the bites.

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