Natural ways to increase vigour and vitality in men

Having sexual vigor and vitality in men is essential to lead a happy and fulfilled life. Many men have claimed they lack sexual energy and drive which is very prominent in men above 30 years of age. Generally, the cause of this is decline in the secretion of testosterone as one’s age progresses into late adulthood. To keep up the testosterone level high like one had during early adolescence and puberty one has to follow a lifestyle that stimulates the glands and body to keep the sexual drive and vitality alive.

There are obviously many other benefits of keeping the testosterone level at an optimum level in the body. Studies have shown that people with the right amount testosterone do not suffer from stress, anxiety, weak bones, lean muscle, weight gain and heart-related disorders. Frequent mood swings and irritable behavior are common symptoms of low testosterone in the body. There are many artificial ways to increase testosterone in a male body involving surgery and injections, however, these on a long run leave side effects. The best way is to stimulate natural testosterone which can be done by adopting certain life practices and ingesting herbal supplements.

[Hindi natural tips to increase vigour & vitality in men]

What are the natural Viagra foods for men?


Herbs to increase vigour & vitality for men

It is one of the natural supplements and consuming it after extracting its root is going to build the libido and vitality in men. One can mix a tablespoon of Ashwagandha powder in milk or just water and have it daily.

Avoid alcohol and caffeine

Alcohol directly affects the vitality in men since it brings hormonal imbalance and disrupts the sex life. If you are too much dependent on Caffeine then reduce it since it affects the sperm count and disable its capability.

Get rid of stress

Don’t stress too much and if there is something that doesn’t just leave your head then try meditating. Meditation soothes the mind as well as the body and in this manner stress is likely to occur.

Don’t consume dietary drinks

The processed dietary drinks that are usually available in the market should be avoided because they have artificial sweeteners and chemicals which can be harmful. It is noted that these drinks have a direct effect on the sperms of men thereby affecting vigour and vitality in men.

Food supplements

Choose consuming food supplement that have been made out of natural extracts like that of plants. Supplements made of ingredients like beet root, fenugreek, etc. increase strength, vitality and energy in men.  


Herbal supplements to increase vigour & vitality in men

Almond is rich in the properties that help you to stay healthy as well as boost your sex power. Almond has the fatty acids omega 3 that powers the testosterone hormone OR you can say it is the major sex hormone needed in men. There are other properties of magnesium, vitamins E and B2, and calcium helps you to improve your overall health.


Now you must be thinking how is it possible to increase sex power with chocolate let you know dark chocolate has a chemical that is called phenylethlamine which boost the sex power. Dark chocolate also increases excitement, passion, love, and ultimately it enhances the sex drive. Dark chocolate is also good for your immune system that maintains your health. Make sure, you intake moderate amount of dark chocolate to keep your private life happier.


Garlic is one of the best remedies to increase sex power in men and it is easily found in the kitchen. Garlic has the properties that increase the blood flow to male sexual organs and result in improved stamina as well as performance. This commonly found ingredient works magically to improve body’s defense capacity to fight off the bacteria and viruses that cause diseases. You can consume it in your food OR few raw cloves can be taken.


An egg is a quite economical source of proteins and other nutrients that are important to maintain not only sex life but also overall health. An egg is rich in vitamin B5 and vitamin B6 that help your body to get stress free OR you can say it helps you to prevent stress that causes low sex drive.


Study proves that watermelon is a natural Viagra that helps men to improve their sex drive. Watermelon contains the ailments like vitamin B6, A, and C as well as it contains lycopene and amino acid that increase the sex power. The best way of using it, drink a glass of juice before making the beautiful moments with your partner.


Herbal supplements for male fertility

When we talk about Ayurveda then the uses of ginger definitely discussed for its capacity of dealing with several health issues. Ginger is one of the best remedies to increase the sex power in men by increasing the blood flow in whole body as well as raise the temperature and the sensitivity of sexual organs of men. Ginger is quite effective to increase your sex performance and make it prolonged that helps you to make beautiful moments with your partner. Just you need to take a cup of ginger tea before you jump up on the bed.

[Hindi natural tips to increase vigour & vitality in men]

Pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds are rich in vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin D, vitamin E, and vitamin K as well as it is rich in zinc, calcium, potassium, and phosphorus all these properties help you to increase sex drive by promoting testosterone that plays a vital role in the fertility of men as well as make the sex timing long.

Below are different natural ways to increase vigor and vitality in men

Perform muscle building exercises

Sexual stamina is closely related to upper body strength. So performing muscle-building exercises such as push-ups, deadlifts, squats, military presses, rows etc will increase the build-up of testosterone in the body.  If you are not used to doing tough exercises start with cardio workout involving treadmills, jogging and agility exercises. These will prepare the body to take up muscle building exercise.

Eat healthy

Exercising regularly is one thing, but supporting it with a good diet is also important. With a balanced diet, you will be alive and energetic while performing tough exercises and will experience less weakness. Also, a good diet helps to build and repair the body. To increase sexual vitality and vigor, in particular, consider taking protein-rich diet including dairy, eggs, lean meat, fish and poultry products. But do not give up on veggies. Consume raw vegetables and fruits along with animal protein-rich foods. One of the important nutrients essential for the creation of testosterone is omega 3 fatty acid. This nutrient is found in only a few foods, so consider taking an omega 3 fatty acid supplement. Avoid foods rich in complex carbohydrates and sugar. In real life, avoiding junk foods completely is unrealistic, so whenever for some social reason you have to consume a good donut or burger have in small portion to minimize the effect.

Sleep well

Good sleep is essential for the body to recover from fatigue and get the time to create testosterone in the body. Lack of sleep disrupts the hormonal cycle and decreases the level of testosterone and HGH in the body. 8 hours of sleep is adequate for every adult. No surprise after a good night’s sleep many experience erections in the morning. Also, meditating for a few minutes before going to bed is considered good for bringing sexual healing in the body.

Have more sex

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Having frequent sex with your partner urges the body to replenish lost testosterone level. This boosts and increases the testosterone level in the body. Also, the body gets into a habitual cycle of having sex which increases sexual drive and vitality.

Herbal supplements

Most herbal supplements contain nutrients and herbs that boost the production of testosterone. A typical herbal supplement will include B complex vitamins, D Aspartic acid, Ginseng, Mucuna Pruriens, Tribulus Terrestris, Oyster Extract, Vitamin D3, Zinc, Selenium, Vitamin K2 etc. These ingredients naturally boost the testosterone level and do not give side effects that come along with invasive treatments such as hormone replacement therapy. Other than boosting the production of testosterone these supplements also stimulate the production of HGH which overcomes the effects of aging. Consuming herbal sexual energy supplements have shown to increase penis size, give long lasting erections and boost libido in men. Herbal supplements also treat the problem of low sperm count and address the root cause of decreased sexual vitality. Men who are used to living a modern lifestyle often fall short in vital nutrients needed for promoting sexual health. So taking herbal supplements is the easiest and efficient way to replenish them.