Is rice contain any health benefits?

Rice is the important cereal grain that plays major role in Indian economy. It is low fat food with good source of energy. It is an antioxidant and one of the healthiest foods consumed all over the world. Rice is the cereal grain with different categories such as brown rice, wild rice cultivated all over the regions.  Rice contains nutrients, iron, fiber, proteins, calcium, minerals and different types of vitamins. Rice is the resistant food that strengthens your heart and prevents heart diseases. Rice contains carbohydrates that energize your body. It also help to perform various activities. The health benefit of rice can never be overlooked.

[Health benefits of rice in Hindi]

Health benefits of rice

Low fat

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Rice is the balanced diet beneficial for health. High cholesterol food items effects the health. Rice is low fat substance with less sugar.  Sodium present in rice reduces the obesity. You will not only stay slim but also stay healthy. But, it is better to have rice in balanced quantity along with complex carbohydrates to reduce fat.

Good source of energy

Rice contains carbohydrates that boost your body. Carbohydrates are essential for your body for functioning especially brain. Rice contains organic components that improve the body functioning, metabolism for all the organs.

Prevents cancer

Brown rice is good source of insoluble fiber that protects from various diseases. Rice contains natural anti-oxidants, flavonoids, vitamins that fight against the development of cancerous cells. Rice also plays an important role in preventing cancer. It is better to go for preventive mechanism before the cancer cells become too boosted.

Blood pressure

High blood pressure can be really dangerous. Especially for those who have crossed 50 years of age. Rice contains low sodium which is the best food for blood pressure. When the blood pressure increases it affects the cardiovascular system due to increase in stress. Reduce the intake of excess sodium food items.

Immune system

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Rice is the rich source for vitamins, minerals, iron, calcium and fiber. Vitamins are the most essential food for the body. It helps to function the body metabolism and immune system properly. The natural staple food will be an important way to keep you away from all types of diseases.


Your heart health is related to cholesterol inflation. You need to stay away from all types of fatty food. The snacks that are available in streets should be avoided as well. Rice contains antioxidants that reduce the cholesterol levels and strengthen heart. Brown rice is more beneficial when compared to other category.


Brown rice contains nutrients that stimulate neurotransmitters. Wild rice stimulates the enzymes in brain that inhibits the harmful toxins that cause the brain disease dementia. Dementia has symptoms such as memory loss, confusion, change in behaviour, personality.

Skin care

Are you willing to get spotless clear skin? Do you have a terror of getting wrinkles and other signs of aging? It is the time for you to depend on the natural substitute. Rice contains antioxidants that protects skin from anti-aging and delay the wrinkles.

Good for bowel movement

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Rice is a good form of cereals grain that will provide better bowel movement. If you have problem of constipation, this is the wonderful food that can help you stay away from it. But, you need to go ahead with the rice selection of rice. People have a tendency to have white and polished rice. But those are really harmful. It is always better to go for unpolished and brownish variety of rice. Your system will stay clear as the bowel movement will be proper.

Iron and zinc

Each mineral plays an important role in your body. Iron and zinc is going to be an important mineral that will help you get beautiful physic and strength. For female this mineral is really important. Female are going through loss of blood during every month during the menstrual cycle. Even if these are excretory blood, they lose lot of blood during that time. Pregnant women also go through the same trouble. But the rice can help you out by replacing fresh blood with iron inclusion.

Control of diabetes

Physicians ask the people with diabetes attack not to have rice in meal. But, it will be true in case of white and polished rice. If you can have unpolished or medium unrefined rice, the diabetes patient won’t be affected. Even the chance of raising the blood sugar level will be reduced. Thus, you can easily depend on rice while you have diabetes. You can easily have a control of diabetes if it is consumed.

[Health benefits of rice in Hindi]