Amazing health and beauty benefits involved in drinking peppermint tea

More than half of the population is a tea addict and why not after all it tastes divine. It has the power to refresh the mood, but it has its own set of demerits as well. But there is a way you can keep up this habit if you add some healthy ingredient to it. Yes, we mean Peppermint. Its use is not just restricted to food dishes and other drinks. It can be added to your daily dose of Tea as well. It has a lot of benefits for Health, Hair and Skin.

What is Peppermint Tea?

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Peppermint is an herb which has a cooling as well as tempting aroma. It is a multipurpose herb of the mint family. The Tea which is prepared after adding Peppermint Leaves is called a Peppermint Tea. There is a wonderful scientific theory on Peppermint Tea.

Health benefits of Peppermint Tea

Boosts the immune system

Not everybody has a strong immune system which saves them from catching cough, cold or fever quite frequently. Peppermint has antimicrobial properties that not only cures cough and cold but also kills the germs that are responsible for the same. It also makes the body immune against other diseases.

Helps with sleeping disorder

Peppermint has a very cooling as well as calming effect on the body. Mostly people are addicted to Caffeine which increases the anxiety level of the body. Peppermint tea on the other hand helps to get rid of all the pressure from the day. It helps you to sleep better during night.

Helps women in breastfeeding

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Peppermint Tea has anti-inflammatory and anti-septic properties because of which they reduce itchiness, redness and infections from the skin. Generally, women who are Breastfeeding face problems as they see their nipples turning sore, irritated and itchy. Peppermint Tea helps such women get rid of this problem.

It lowers the cholesterol levels from the body

Although there are so many cooking oils available in the market that are known to decrease the cholesterol level of the body, but it is better you find an affordable way to do that. Start drinking Peppermint Tea on an everyday basis and you will see how the bad cholesterol takes an exit from your body.

Improves the breath

Some people struggle so much with their breath because of its awful smell. They always have to chew freshening gums and use mouth sprays but even those last for a few hours. It is suggested by doctors to drink Peppermint Tea at least twice in a day, daily and you will notice how your problem of bad breath has vanished permanently. Peppermint Tea also reduces the problem of bleeding and swelling gums.

Helps in weight loss

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Yes, you can lose considerable amount of weight if you inculcate this healthy habit of drinking Peppermint Tea instead of other Caffeine products. They help to burn the calories and suppress the need to have junk foods all the time.

Beauty benefits of Peppermint Tea

Protects against sunburn and tan

Peppermint Tea in rich in Omega 3, Vitamins A and C which are all necessary for the skin. They keep the skin immune against sunburns as well as tan that makes the skin look weird. They act as natural de-tan and sun protection remedy for every skin type. Apply some Peppermint Tea on your skin by mixing it with your regular cleanser or face pack will bring good results.

Works as natural toner for the skin

Peppermint Tea helps in toning the skin. They bring a balance in the skin tone. Even individuals who wants a lighter skin tone should consume Peppermint Tea regularly. You can even use Peppermint Tea to wash your face regularly. It ensures there are no dark spots, scars or acne marks on the skin which bring the skin tone down.

Reduces hair fall

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The main reason behind decrease in hair growth has been increased hair fall. Peppermint Tea not only helps in hair growth but also prevents unnecessary hair fall. It makes the hair strong from the roots. Use a few drops of Peppermint Tea in your regular hair oil or shampoo to apply it on your scalp thoroughly.