Best health benefits of eating the vegetable radish / mooli

You must have heard about radish and its utility. Radish is rich in vitamins, fiber and anthocyanin. It is available in different types and different shapes such as white radish, red radish, purple radish, black radish and yellow radish. It can be eaten, directly as raw or boiled. Radish has a strong flavor that makes the vegetable tasty. You can easily add it in green vegetables or cook with fish and make it delicious. Radish is even used in preparing pickles. The health vegetable has of lot of health benefits. It is a good treatment for all the health problems.

[Health benefits of radish in Hindi]

Health benefits of radish

Respiratory problem

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With the change in season, we are affected with variety of health issues. Common cold is one of the common factors. Problem in breading due to nasal congestion are also viewed. You can feel these more among kids. Radish is good in reducing the congestion of respiratory system. It prevents the cold, infections, and fever and throat problems.


Do you have anyone in your family suffering from diabetes? Is the rise in blood sugar level bothering you? People must have consumed variety of medicines and treatment. But, the blood sugar increase keeps on coming back. Radish helps to control the sugar levels. It regulates by absorption of sugar in blood.


Jaundice may not be a favorable condition for any individual. During this disease the bilirubin level of individual body rises. As a result their eyes, skin and urine become dense yellow. Radish is a good detoxifier that purifies blood and eliminates waste. Black radish is more beneficial for jaundice. Leaves of radish are used for treatment of jaundice. It helps in increasing the supply of oxygen to blood.

Weight loss

Intake of radish reduces the hunger and helps to level calories. Radish is good diet with rich fiber. It helps to reduce the body weight. Radish increases the efficiency of metabolism. As a result you can get a beautiful and well shaped physic. You will look like an either an athlete who carries on with gym work regularly or a celebrity with zero figure.

Blood pressure

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High blood pressure level is quite common among individuals. This can be due to stress and tension. Radish is rich source for potassium helps to reduce the blood pressure. It reduces the blood pressure and increases the flow of blood and widens the path for blood flow.


Do you have a tendency of drinking less water during the day? This can give rise to dehydration and variety of other health issues. Radish contains high water content that protects your body from dehydration. It influences the digestive system and improves the digestion efficiency.


Some of us have healthy liver. But some have improper functioning of liver. A group of people also develops liver problem during the course of the day. Radish is more beneficial for liver functioning and removes excess bilirubin from blood. Regular intake of radish protects your liver from infections.


Radish avoids the gallbladder problems. They regulate the flow and production of acids and enzymes. It contains enzymes such as amylase, esterase and diastase. Intake of radish protects from ulcers and infections.

Blood circulation

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Getting proper blood circulation is an important consideration. If you have proper blood circulation in your body, no pain or inflammation can take place. Even the negative health conditions will be really low. Intake of radish in normal amounts helps to improve the blood circulation and regulates metabolism.

Good source of antioxidants

In the present days polluted environment, antioxidant is an important consideration within our body. Due to dust and pollutants that enters our body, it becomes really difficult to stay healthy. The amount of oxidants in our body increases. As a result we come across variety of diseases. But radish is a good source of antioxidant that will wash away the oxidants from your body and keep you healthy.

Muscle repair

Wear and tear of our muscle can take place now and then. This can be due to too much stress to muscle with heavy weight gym. Another reason can be physical workload. You must have heard people complaining about muscle tear now and then. Now, you can get a natural way to get rid of muscle tear. You can simple get your muscle repaired with the natural food named as radish. Have it regularly in your diet and see how well it recovers your muscle.

Work on heart problems

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The main cause of heart disease in these days is improper food habit. People are consuming heavy fat and more oils in cooking. As a result the fat deposit around the heart becomes more. Several types of heart problems are shown. We can now resolve this heart issue with the naturally obtained radish in your diet.

Radish helps to prevent some of the health problems such as acidity, obesity, head ache, cough and gastric problems.

[Health benefits of radish in Hindi]