Reasons for muscle cramps and home remedies

Factors that lead to Muscle Cramps and popular home remedies to cure it

A muscle cramp is actually a sudden kind of contraction of more than one muscle.  This cramp can last for anywhere at any place. A cramp may be able to happen to any of your muscle, a part of your muscle also and will continue disturbing you unless it gets finally resolved. Though, these muscle cramps are extremely common. Though in the adults, these are more common and it will increase among people who are getting older. All the muscles, which are considered under voluntary control can actually cramp.

Causes of muscle cramp

Having not enough water

Home remedies for muscle cramps

It is important to have at least 8 glasses of water every day. If you are getting frequent cramps one of the possible causes is that you might be drinking less water. There are other problems which can happen like dizziness, headache. So, it is important that you keep your body hydrated.

High temperatures

Your body easily can able to lose fluids if you exercise or workout more. During this kind of time, you actually require more water because your muscles get dried up. Also, this also leads to sweat out important minerals from your body which helps you actually to work.

Intake of too many medicines

If you have too much cholesterol, it means that you are also having less fluid in your body. This point of time your muscle can cramp which is actually a side effect of taking too many medicines. You must consult a doctor if you are facing the same.

Poor circulation

If you are getting more cramps while walking then you must think that your blood circulation in the body is not happening smoothly. This actually happens when you become inactive and thus your arteries become very narrow to pass the blood.

Monthly cycle

Even women get muscle cramps during their periods and it’s very common. But, it is very important that it should not become very excessive otherwise it could be thought to be disastrous.

Depletion of minerals

If you have less of potassium, calcium, magnesium, and then it is important that you will get cramps more often.

Home remedies to use during muscle cramps

Herbal supplements for muscle building

Medicines actually are not the right treatment for muscle cramps and you definitely need home remedies for its speedy recovery. The first thing which you can begin with is stretching as well as massaging those affected muscles.

Cold compression is useful

If your pain is improved then make sure that you must use some cold compression on the sore muscles so that you can get a complete relief. The best thing you can do is to wrap handful ice cubes in a very thin towel and put it over there for more than 15 minutes.

Applying Epsom salt

Epsom Salt helps in muscle relaxation and also healing. The best way to take Epsom salt while bathing but make sure those who are having heart problems must not use the same.

Applying cider vinegar

This also helps to get relieved from muscle cramps. If you have low potassium in your body then you might get frequent muscle cramps. There is a different form of minerals in cider vinegar which helps to control the entire fluid balance in the body.

Yellow mustard

Also, you can have yellow mustards to treat those muscle cramps. The main reason is that mustard contains acetic acid that helps to promote acetylcholine in the entire body. This also helps to relieve pain and soreness.

Clove oil

This ingredient has an anti-inflammatory property that actually helps to reduce down muscle cramp while swelling. Also, clove includes anesthetic property that helps to alleviate pain. You can repeat the same procedure again and again.

Other remedies

Natural home remedies for muscle pain

If you stretch your muscle then most of the cramps can easily be stopped. But, if you have a calf muscle cramp then you must lean on the wall and place the forearms against the wall with the help of your knees. Also, you can put your toes up toward the head, lying on the bed making your leg straight as much possible. Also, if you massage the muscle it will make you feel good.