What is tinnitus? Point out its symptoms, causes and remedies

Tinnitus is the name given to a peculiar type of health condition that is associated with feeling of noise in ear unnecessarily. It is not so common problem faced by individuals. Rather, it affects every 1 in 5 people in a group or a family. A group of researchers says that, Tinnitus is not a condition itself; rather it is a symptom of an underlying condition. This can be related to circulatory system disorder or that of the age related hearing loss.

People are bothered about tinnitus as hearing is one of the applications in human body which holds prime importance. Yet, tinnitus is not at all a serious problem. With age, people can even get worse with regards to hearing issue. There are some treatment procedures that will easily treat the underlying cause of it.

[How to treat tinnitus in Hindi]

Symptoms of tinnitus

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People might wander about the exact symptoms of tinnitus. Phantom noise in your ear without any source of noise here and there can be related to this health condition. Some of the symptoms include:

  • Hissing
  • Roaring
  • Ringing
  • Clicking
  • Buzzing

According to the severances’ of the impact, the phantom noise can vary from the low roar to that of high squeal. Some may listen this phantom noise in one ear where as others gets the noise in both the ears.  Some people get the sound so loud that it lacks the ability of hearing the actual sound.  For some people tinnitus becomes really irritating as they can even be not in a position to hear or concentrate the real sound. For a group of people, tinnitus comes and goes but for others it remains for a longer period of time.

Types of tinnitus

Two types of tinnitus are viewed by the medical science and research teams. The types include:

Subjective tinnitus – This is a particular type of tinnitus where you can hear. Maximum people are seen to have suffered from this particular type of tinnitus. The main cause of this variety of tinnitus is ear problems in inner, outer as well as middle of the ear. If you have been suffering from the problems of auditory or hearing nerves, you probably have the problem of subjective tinnitus.

Objective tinnitus- This type of tinnitus is quite rare as only doctor can hear it when examination is carried on.  The main cause of this variety of tinnitus will be problem in blood vessels.  This will be probably an inner bone condition or that of muscle contractions.

Causes of tinnitus

There are varied number of reasons for which people suffers from tinnitus.  Doctors also may not get the exact cause of tinnitus in maximum cases. Due to damage of inner ear cell, some people might have the problem of tinnitus. Some causes are as follows:

  • Exposure to loud noise

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Generally the running of heavy equipments in factories causes a lot of noises. The firearms as well as chain saws are those instruments that bring out good noise. Also the music devices such as MP3 player, iPod etc are one of the sources of creating noise. If you are hearing to the music with the help of those devices, there will be a good chance that you can suffer from tinnitus.

  • Ear bone changes


If your ear bone gets stiff in the middle of your ear, this may affect your hearing capability. This can also be due to abnormal bone growth which might have hereditary reasons.

  • Age related problems

With age every individuals face some or the other complications. Hearing imparity can also be one of the causes behind aging. You can get tinnitus due to your seniority in age. This can probably start when you are of 60 years age. There is also a medical term for this particular type of hearing loss, presbycusis.

  • Ear wax blockage

Ear wax is a wonderful phenomenon present in ears which restricts the dirt and bacteria to enter inside your ear. There is a chance that sometimes too much of ear wax gets collected in your ear. This is the stage when you might feel ear was to be a problem in hearing sounds clearly.

Treatments and medications of tinnitus

It is possible to get variety of treatment measures and medications to eradicate the problem of tinnitus. These include:

  • Changing medications


Since one of the reasons behind tinnitus is the side effect of some medications, it is important to change your medication completely.

  • Removal of ear wax

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If you can see excessive ear wax formation inside your ear hole, it will be important to remove them. But do not use hair pins to do this which may even harm your ear. You must try this with medicated buds.

  • Masking devices

You can now use masking devices to get rid of tinnitus problem. You can easily wear this in your ear as the production of low level white noise in the device is quite likely to suppress the effect of tinnitus.

  • White noise machine

These are the devices which produces stimulated environmental sounds such as ocean waves as well as rainfall. Some people might not be aware but this can be one of the important treatment procedures for tinnitus.

You can also find variety of other medications to treat the problem of tinnitus. You can consult your doctor and avail the best treatment to get rid of tinnitus.

[How to treat tinnitus in Hindi]