Salt water flush recipe for colon flush

Toxins are unavoidable in modern life, but we can implement some measures to help the body eliminate them. Only colon cleanse is the solution. There is no need to spend a lot on detoxification medicines because you already have the powerful ingredient in your kitchen. Yes, you read it right! It is salt. Master cleanse or salt water cleanse is the best way to cleanse colon through bowel movement. Today you will get a whole idea about how salt-water detox works and how can you use it at the ease of your home.

Why to use saltwater flush?

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Improper elimination of wastes from the body leads to toxin accumulation on the colon. The main cause of toxins are indigestion, the food starts to rot in the body and makes room for a parasite to thrive in the intestine and other organs. These parasites kill tissues and excrete parasitic waste into the bloodstream. Toxins build up in the bloodstream and result in various diseases. The increase in the concentration of toxins can indirectly lessen our lifespan.

Salt-water flush is the easiest and effective way to cleanse toxins naturally from the body. Salt detox can refresh the body and treat a sore throat. This flushing process cleans the digestive tract, intestine and excretory organs, which help the body to facilitate proper elimination in the future. This cleanse is inexpensive and more effective compared to professional colon cleansing techniques. It does not have any harmful side effects.

Starting tips for salt water flush

  • Do this cleansing only when you have a holiday or when you are free because you will have to take frequent trips to the bathroom. Do it in a private space to avoid awkwardness.
  • Stress is the main cause for improper digestion and bowel movement. Many people are sceptical about this cleansing program. They get a wrong notion that it would spoil their health and be painful. You need to love yourself and trust your body before attempting this detox routine. You can always consult a professional for proper guidance and clear your doubts. Keep a peaceful and calm mind.
  • One day before cleansing drink 2 litres of warm water to enhance the efficiency of the flush routine.

Saltwater flush recipe

Note: Make sure to do the cleansing on empty stomach.

Things you need:

  1. Sea salt – 2 Tsps.
  2. Lukewarm water – 1 litre.
  3. Juice of half lemon
  4. A glass jar with cover

Directions for use:

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  • Put on flame and heat water in a vessel until warm.
  • Transfer the water to the jar.
  • Add Salt and lemon juice and shake it well. Make sure the salt dissolves completely in water.
  • Drink the mixture in one go. Set a goal to complete the mixture within 5 minutes.
  • Now lay down in one-sided posture and massage your tummy with your hands. Try to hold the solution in the body for 30 minutes to facilitate proper salt absorption.
  • After a few minutes, your urge to go to the bathroom will get stronger and you can no longer control it.
  • Go to the bathroom. You may have to go to the bathroom several times to expel toxins out. Do it.
  • After the cleansing process is over, you will feel fresh and clean.

What changes can occur during salt water flush?

  • Intake of the salt-water solution and massaging belly will push the liquid by contractions in the DI tract and intestine. Hence, the activation of bowel movement will start the urge to go excrete out the waste.
  • Extreme diarrhoea and frequent urge to go to the bathroom is due to the cleansing effect. The speed of cleansing may vary from person to person.
  • Some may experience vomiting and nausea during flushing out toxins but these symptoms improve with every use of this recipe.
  • One will feel uncomfortable until the cleansing process gets over. However, a little pain can give you impressive results.

After flush management

  • Once you flush out all the junk, relax for a while. Take a few deep breaths and stay in quiet space for 10 minutes.
  • Drink warm water and see if your trips to the bathroom have stopped.
  • You can start having some porridge or have some refreshing tea.