Simple exercises to get rid of gas and bloating

We all love spicy foods and tasty foods. But little do we know the effect of these junk foods. Post the tummy full food, we often feel uneasy and uncomfortable. This leads to many diseases and we have to bear the brunt of the foods that we enjoy the most. Suffering from gas is very common and the trend is to take medicines normally a tablet or some acidity diminishing powder. It gives a momentarily relief but then day in and day out one becomes a patient suffering from gastric problems.

[Hindi tips to get rid of gas and bloating]

Causes of bloating

Natural foods that fights gas

There are certain causes such as medical causes, dietary problems and many more which lead to swelling of abdomen

  • The abdominal bloating can be caused when the gastric tract is filled by gas.
  • Gas builds up inside the digestive tract and when you inhale the air once the food is broken down inside.
  • Due to medical conditions, there can be bloating like due to heartburn.
  • Weight gain and food intolerance can also lead to bloating.
  • Inflammatory disease or bowel disease side effects can also lead to bloating.
  • Abrupt or unhealthy diet can also lead to bloating.
  • Mental stress, depression often lead to swelling of abdomen.
  • Accumulation of pathogenic fluid in the abdominal cavity.
  • Celiac diseases.

Causes of gas

  • When you chew gum, gas enters heavily
  • Aerated and fizzy drinks
  • If you have your food in a hurried manner
  • Passive smoking often leads to formation of gas
  • Some veg foods like asparagus, broccoli, cabbage, kidney beans, mushrooms should be avoided
  • Fruits like the apples, peaches, pears help to form gas
  • Milk products like the cheese, ice cream and yogurt also increases the level of gas in your body
  • Some packaged foods like the bread, cereal and salads which have been dressed form gas inside your body
  • Apple juice and pear juice affect the body heavily by forming gas
  • Carbonated drinks with high-fructose corn syrup and fruit-punch increase the level of gas inside the body

Preventive measures

Regular exercises should be performed in order to prevent bloating and gas formation inside your body. Some are:

Seating in a twisted position

If you are twisting your torso in one side, it helps to prevent bloating. Often you must sit on the chair with the knees bent. Then slowly twist your upper portion to left and again to right. You must hold the same position for 30 seconds.

Downward facing dog pose

List of foods that cause gas

In order to prevent bloating or swelling of abdomen, try practicing yoga by facing downwards. Try lifting your body n your hands and knees and form and upside V-shape.

Reclining hip stretch

Stretch your hip and groin by bringing the soles together. Stay in the same position for at least 10 minutes

Gas relief

Gas formation is very common and it is now very usual in the tender age as well. All this happens due to the poor diet and also often empty stomach leads to the formation of gas. You may feel uncomfortable and uneasy due to this and there can be pain in the abdomen which can be very painful. Often the pain from the gas leads to the major head ache. In order to prevent all this disorder, you must work out to stay healthy and fit.


It is the best way to get a relief from gas and gas pains. The doctors also recommend to go for walking if you are suffering from gas problems. You have to walk at least for half an hour. This will help to improve your digestive system as well.


You must perform yoga in order to be fit and healthy. This asana will help to create pressure in the belly and then expel it. Hold for at least 5 seconds and then release the leg.


Gym requires crunches in order to make packs on your abdomen. So you have to perform crunches in order to reduce the size of your belly. This will help to release the gas as well. By performing crunches on a regular basis, you can prevent any sort of stomach problems. Start with 5-8 crunches and you can increase slowly.

[Hindi tips to get rid of gas and bloating]