Foods rich in calcium and iron

Iron and Calcium are two very essential nutrients for the human body. Be it growing children, women or childbearing mother’s both Iron and Calcium are needed throughout the life. Wherein Calcium takes care of the growth of bones and tooth whereas Iron transports oxygen to the blood. One who wants to absorb most of the nutrients should actually consume food items that are in rich of the nutrients. There are food items that are solely rich in one of the two nutrients either Iron or Calcium and then there are food items that apart from the mentioned nutrients also contain other essential nutrients too and such foods are called Super foods.

Foods rich in calcium

Here is the list of food items that are rich in Calcium: –


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Seeds seem tiny as far as their size is concerned but they are an epitome of Calcium nutrients. Along with calcium, seeds also contain essential minerals which are beneficial for the body. Poppy, chia, celery and sesame seeds are some of the Seeds that are rich in Calcium. Consuming a tablespoon of the seeds on a daily basis will make sure your body doesn’t lack calcium.


Consuming a cup of yogurt daily will make sure your body gets the source of Calcium that is needed. Yogurt that has low-fat is more good for the health than plain yogurt. Even Greek Yogurt is good for a person who is on a diet but they don’t have as much Calcium as regular yogurt has.


The amount of Calcium a dairy product has to give to your body is more than regular foods that contain Calcium. It has been found out that our body easily absorbs Calcium when it is coming from diary products. Cheeses are very good source of Calcium and they prevent the risk of heart and diabetic diseases too. Parmesan cheese contains the most of Calcium than Soft Cheeses.


Some varieties of Beans have a good source of Calcium for the body among which are Winged Beans and White Beans. Apart from Calcium, Beans fulfil fiber and protein requirements of the body. Consuming a cup of cooked winged beans or a cup of cooked white beans in a day will fulfil the Calcium requirement in the body.

Fortified foods

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Look for food items to look how much fortified foods is contained by checking their label. There are Cereals, Flour, Cornmeal and Grain based foods that contain maximum of Calcium in the form of Fortified Foods.

Fortified drinks

This one is for all those who don’t like drinking Milk and Fortified Drinks account towards non-dairy Calcium providing foods. They include Soy Drinks, Orange Juice and all kinds of Nut and Seed based Milks.

Foods rich in iron

Here is the list of food items rich in Iron: –


Without the need to load extra calories in the body one can get the required amount of Iron by having 100 grams of cooked Spinach daily. Vitamin C is known to boost the iron absorption capability of the body and Spinach is rich in Vitamin C.

Red meat

For those of you who love eating meal should go for Red Meat, not only it tastes delicious but also is very nutritious. People who have meat on a regular basis do not face iron deficiency problems. It is also rich in several other important minerals and vitamins.


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One of the popular grains to provide Iron to the body is Quinoa so, consuming a cup of cooked Quinoa regularly is always a good choice. This grain provides protein, copper, folate, and so many other nutrients. This grain is completely gluten free.


Another green vegetable that makes to the chart of Iron rich foods is Broccoli. It contains most of the Vitamin C in order to help the body absorb iron better. Apart from that Broccoli also provides Vitamin K, Vitamin C and Fiber to the body. It reduces the risk of Cancer.

Dark chocolate

Studies have found out that Dark Chocolate is very healthy and contains essential nutrients reducing the risk of heart diseases. Not Milk Chocolate or any other chocolates are of help but just Dark Chocolate contain good amount of Iron. Consuming an ounce of it in regular intervals nourishes the health actively.