How to unclog ears after swimming?

Swimming is a fun activity people from almost all ages love to indulge in! It is a good outdoor sport during summers and for fitness as well!

However, clogging of ears after swimming can really spoil the enjoyment and also form a threat to other problems. Thinking how does clogging happen? Well, this can happen with anybody, even with people exceptionally skilled at the sport. So, do not overthink or try to find what you did wrong while swimming. It is quite usual to come out of the water with clogged ears.

[Hindi tips to unclog ears after swimming]

Clogging is nothing but trapping of water in the ear, you might also feel echoes and drum beating with that little drop of water resting inside your ear. This condition when left untreated can give rise to swimmer’s ear, which is a medical issue caused by infection of bacteria upon the water stuck in the outer ear during swimming. The ear of the infected person experiences inflammation, redness, itching, swelling, discharge and pain.

So to avoid such consequences, it is better that you unclog the ears quickly after swimming using any of the below mentioned techniques:

Try to yawn, chew or blow that drop out

Home remedies to treat swimmer’s ear

Thinking how do these movements help in getting away from the water stuck in there? Eustachian tubes are a pass way that regulate the pressure of air and connect the back of nostrils with the middle ear.  These motions of yawning and chewing can help in pushing the fluid that gets trapped in this tube, eventually helping to release the water out from the ear.


Apart from chewing and yawning, you can try to make the Eustachian tube wide open through steam as well. It is one of the easiest methods that you can try at home by just heating a bowl of water on the stove. After the water begins to boil, take it down and place on a table.

Next what you need to do is only cover your head with a towel and put the face downwards and above the bowl. The aim is to inhale the steam after which you can tilt the affected ear down to allow the water to come out soon.

Blow it out

Strange but useful, a blow dryer can also make the water come out from the ear. All you need to do is set the dryer on the lowest heat setting and move it around the ear to let the warm air reach the moist place. Make sure you have held it at least 1 foot away from the ear because excessive heat can be dangerous for the canal.

Just as the heat evaporates water, the warm air thrown by the dryer can make the ear moisture free.

Olive oil

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The amazing benefits of olive oil are not hidden from anyone of us. This widely used ingredient found in every kitchen can do wonders both before and after the swimming. You can put few drops of this oil before going to swim to avoid the trapping of water in the ear.

Secondly, if you already have an ear affected then heat some olive oil and insert few drops with the help of cotton or a dropper into the ear. Let the oil penetrate inside and do its work for nearly 10 minutes. After that bend your affected ear to allow the liquid to exit smoothly. Olive oil is rich in antibacterial properties.

All these methods of getting rid of the clogged ear are quite easy to perform. However, they only work if you take the action instantly after feeling the presence of water in the ear after swimming.

Also, clogged ear might be irritating for you in the beginning but you need to keep patience to get away from it. Make sure you do not panic and opt for any sort of aggressive alternatives of treating the clogged ear. Many people try to use their ear buds and nails or fingers to get relief from the situation. Inserting anything or everything in the ear can damage the canal and become a route to other problems. So, be calm and seek the help of a doctor if needed!

[Hindi tips to unclog ears after swimming]