Top Android Apps for blood pressure

Health is the vital factor in human’s life. Ensuring its safety is everyone’s dream. In this modern world, there is no need to allocate our time to meet the doctor in person to check our health. This fast-growing technological development paves way for the easy-going environment and everything according to our convenience. The changes also occurred in the field of health and medicine. People can check their health by themselves. For that, they just need to download some mobile apps. These types of development are needed for some serious and crucial health issues like blood pressure.

Blood pressure is a most decisive disease which should be focused in a regular interval. If we don’t cure it properly then it may be turned into a monstrous one which will bring the heart attacks and highlight the other deadly symptoms. Android Apps are available to monitor the disease, helps to overcome and win the battle of life. These blood pressure apps will help to track your blood pressure level whether it is high or low and leave us to livee the normal healthy life.

General features of blood pressure apps

The world is nothing without the competitors. Here too there is so many blood pressure tracking apps available online. We have to choose the effective and accurate one in that and we can download it freely in Google play Store. These blood pressure tracking apps will also remind you of the doctor’s appointments and it enables us to record the medical reports on our mobile. It will record your blood pressure count, and also track heart beats.  Here are some Blood pressure checking apps and its features. The detection of cardiac disease and other problems earlier is the amazing feature. These apps are well equipped with the educational insights to efficiently monitor the blood pressure and more. Recording and sending those details to the doctors are the vital role played by these android apps. It also having hope to indicate the symptoms of heart attack.

Apps and its features

Among the numbers of apps, these are the famous and efficient ones.

Blood Pressure (BP)

Blood Pressure (BP)GET / DOWNLOAD LINK

This app will collect, tract, analyze and share your blood pressure records. It will also remind you about your report at a right time and the users can share their report with a single click. They can even take Backup using Google Drive, Dropbox. It will organize your records without any paper and records users BP, Pulse, weight all in one place. It will also include options like add comments, tag mood, weather, and activities for future reference.  It always has the user’s stuff like History, calendar, and body location. It also gives timeline and distribution graph. The users can share their record through email, google drive, drop box, and also through other files. It can create multiple accounts and manage record for the user’s family and friends.

Blood Pressure


The Blood Pressure should be remaining under control that will be ensured by this blood pressure monitor app. This lets their users record their Bp measurements along with dates and times. The users of this app can add and remove the tagged records, import and export the files, take the screenshots, analyze the charts set the reminders and more.

Blood Pressure Log

Blood Pressure LogGET / DOWNLOAD LINK

This Blood Pressure Log app will enable the users to save your systolic and diastolic blood pressure including their weight and heart rate. It can allow the users to make the categories and write the tagged information in exportable formats like CSV and XML etc. This also holds a lot of features like other tracking apps. It can tack and gives their users the possibility to quickly send their report to doctors by emails or by other means.

Blood Pressure DB


With the help of this blood pressure tracking app, one can enter their weight, body temperature, pulse, and diabetes. So it is easy for the user and the doctors to examine their health. The color-coded charts will be provided by this blood Pressure DB app and it also helps to manage the medical documents across multiple devices. It will give access to its user about the record details, whenever they want to see.

ICARE Health Monitor


ICare Health monitor app can permit the users to check their eyes, lungs, heart rate, blood pressure, and other sensitive organs. It can also display the health charts of the users, statistics of their reports and health alerts for them to recognize quickly about their disease on the initial stage. This can ensure the fitness and health of the user who uses it. It also other essential features for its better usage.

Blood Pressure Diary

Blood Pressure DiaryGET / DOWNLOAD LINK

This Blood Pressure Diary app for Android can efficiently record the BP and heart rate of the person with time and date. The user can see the clear graphs, measuring and charts to understand their BP level such as is normal, high, and low. It can record the accurate rating of the heartbeat and your changes in blood pressure with the indication of date and time.

Blood Pressure Monitor – Family Lite

Blood Pressure Monitor – Family LiteGET / DOWNLOAD LINK

This can use for iPhone or iPad to track the user’s pulse and give other health information. As like other tracking apps, it will show the graph of your status and warn you about the unhealthy BP. It can overlay the way to see our loved one’s health and also send our health status to the closed ones by sharing the data. The great special feature of this app is, it can help you to understand the correlations like how medication impacts the BP. It also provides the basic feature like setting reminders and alerts the users.

These are the top applications to track the overall health and blood pressure of its users. This is the useful and remarkable development in the field of technology. It allows the users to feel safe and secure about their health and it is available of no cost.