Onion juice – Top benefits for health and beauty

As we know, onion is a must ingredient in our day to day life. It is widely used for preparing various kinds of delicious dishes and salads. Apart from this onion is also very much helpful in keeping us healthy. There are a number of health and beauty benefits offered by onion. Raw onion is much more effective than cooked onions as is has the highest amount of sulphur content in it when it is raw. It is a natural antimicrobial, antiseptic and carminative element. Onions are packed with vitamin B6 and C, copper, potassium, manganese, folate, quercetin, etc.

[Health & beauty of onion juice in Hindi]

Health benefits

Regulates blood sugar

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Blood sugar or diabetes is such problem which is quite normal nowadays. Most people are detected with diabetes after the age of 28 to 30. Onion is one remedy to reduce the chances of diabetes. The presence of allyl propyl disulfide which is a sulphur compound in onion helps enhance the production of insulin. It also reduces the glucose levels in blood. The chromium compounds helps in improving the levels of glucose tolerance. For reducing the body weight and the plasma glucose concentration levels, the onion juice is an effective remedy. A study published in the journal of Medicinal Food in the year 2009 stated that onions have anti diabetic effects.

Prevents cancer

Onions holds a large amount of antioxidants as well as flavonoid and phenolic contents which helps in preventing various types of cancer like ovarian cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, lung cancer, mouth cancer, liver cancer, stomach cancer, bladder cancer, etc. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition published a study in the year 2006 which proved that frequent use of onion and garlic can reduce the possibilities of occurrence of various cancers.

Treats asthma

Onion is also known for treating various breathing problems among which asthma is the common one. It gives relief from the symptoms of asthma by keeping the airway muscles relaxed. The sulphur content present in onion acts as an anti inflammatory agent for this condition. A 2013 study which was published by the American Journal of Physiology approves the genuineness of onion acting as an effective remedy for asthma.

Beauty benefits

Makes skin healthy

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One full raw onion per day is effective enough to keep your skin healthy. Raw onions can effective limit the appearance and reappearance of acne, dark spots and skin pigmentation. Onions are rich in antioxidants, sulphur, vitamin B6 and C, quercetin, etc. These components help in keeping the skin healthy, wrinkle free, rejuvenated and safe from all kinds of skin infections.

Extract some raw onion juice and mix it with ½ spoon of plain yoghurt. Blend well to form a paste and apply it directly on your skin. Rinse it off with lukewarm water after 10 minutes. Apply it two times a week for effective results.

Kills head lice

Among several benefits of onion, one is killing head lice. It is an amazing remedy for killing head lice and nits because of its high sulphur contents. The Journal of International Academic Research for Multidisciplinary published a study in the year 2014 where they have shown that raw onion juice is a brilliant solution for killing lice. Grab 2 or 3 onions and extract the juice from it. Massage it on your scalp and use shampoo to wash it off after almost 3 hours of applying the juice. Comb your hair once it’s completely dry to remove lice and nits.

Promotes hair growth

Onions are mostly used for enhancing hair growth and reducing hair loss. It has the efficiency to promote blood flow to the scalp due to its high sulphur content. It effectively boosts up the collagen production which enhances hair growth. The Journal of Dermatology published a study in 2002 where they showed that the alopecia areata patients have experiences certain amount of hair regrowth by using raw onion juice on their scalp after a span of time. Take one raw onion and draw out all its juice. Add 1 teaspoon of honey and few drops of lavender essential oil to it. Blend it well before applying the solution on your scalp directly. Wash it off with shampoo after 1 hour of application.

[Health & beauty of onion juice in Hindi]