Foods that triggers or avoid migraine

Migraine is one among the headache disorder. You get headache due to variety of reasons. One of the reasons is none other than migraine. This is a typical condition when your head is not fully occupied by pain. Rather only the half portion of your head stays painful. The duration of the pain lasting may vary from one individual to another. For some people it lasts for 2-3 hours where as for others it stays up to 72 hours. The cause of migraine is not one. Some gets migraine due to hereditary reason. Even due to the environmental issues people gets migraine. Sometime the mixture of genes and environmental problems can give rise to migraine. Another reason of migraine can be due to change of hormonal level. There is a tough controversy about whether a particular group of food causes migraines.

[Foods that help avoid migraine in Hindi]

Whether or not the following food cause migraine


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This is a controversial food that remains in the mid way to answer its positivity or negativity to migraine. Some people say that chocolate triggers migraine. According to the research, cocoa being the main source of chocolate protects migraine affected nerve cells. But some people who suffers from migraine has the opinion that chocolate is one of the cause of migraine. Rather, this is the food which makes the pain bitter.

Mono-sodium glutamate

Mono-sodium glutamate is one of the staple ingredients consumed in Asian continent. There is a confusion among people about whether this is a reason of migraine. But, according to the study the fact becomes totally opposite. Some individuals are asked not to consume this ingredient as this can act as a stage for migraine attack in individuals. However there is no proof that Mono-sodium glutamate is a reason for migraine. Rather it cannot be considered as culprit.


Beer is an alcoholic beverage that is drunk by many people. According to people, this gives enjoyment after a stressful schedule. There exists a sense of hallucination which people enjoy. But does beer actually a reason of headache? If you are suffering from migraine or headache, have some beer and get your nerve relaxed. This will help you stay away from headache instantly. However if you drink too much of beer this can also give rise to negative effect. Yes, you will be totally out of your mind. Normally people become senseless. Once the senses come back headache or pain through migraine takes place once again.


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Cheese is one of the food ingredients that make the bread, pizza, pasta etc tasty. Kids love to have cheese as it has a different taste. If you kid is not having his food or is pitting the healthy food, add some taste to it. Cheese is one of the way through which taste will be added to their food item. Now it is important to find out whether cheese triggers migraine. According to the report published by many researchers, cheese is not a reason for migraine trigger.


Salami is one among the food items which are added to curries and continental dishes. But these have nitrates. People say that nitrate is a reason behind the trouble of headache. But not all individual suffers from headache or the effect of migraine after consuming salami. Those who are not having such trouble can easily consume this particular food item. It is delicious in taste and can be added in variety of food items such as sandwich, burger etc.

Red wine

One among the alcoholic beverages that is extracted from grapes is none other than the red wine. It is generally considered as a drink for ladies. These days almost every individual drinks alcohol. There is no harm if they have it in an occasional basis. Now the question is whether the red wine is a reason behind headache. There is a specific way of consuming red wine. It is absolutely fine if you have 2 to 3 glasses of red wine. But, some individuals’ wishes to have bottled filled with red wine. If you have it recklessly there will be a chance that you get headache. In such a situation the red wine would trigger the pain and increase headache.


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Coffee is one of the favorite beverage for us. Some people prefer coffee to tea. It is especially a wonderful way of comfort during winter. This is the time when you want heat inside your body. Coffee will give you enough warmth and boost in energy. It is totally a wrong concept if you think that coffee can increase or develop migraine. Rather it is the one of the drink that will reduce headache or migraine. Most of the people wishes to have a cup of coffee once they come back home from work. It is just because they want to stay relax and stay away from stress and tension. Sometimes coffee can also resolve the issue of migraine.

[Foods that help avoid migraine in Hindi]