Foods to reduce uric acid

High content of uric acid can lead to several problems, gout (a form of arthritis) being a most common one. Proper medication and a healthy lifestyle is important keep your body away from such issues.

A high uric acid level in the body can be known as hyperuricemia. Uric acid is basically a waste product that our body produces by breaking down the food particles such as purine. Though, the body functions to flush out this acid through urine, it can increase in content without showing any noticeable symptoms.

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The rise in uric acid in blood can cause several problems related to kidney as well. It is essential that you consult your doctor to find a suitable way to recover from the same. Also, bringing about a change in the eating habits can help in reducing the uric acid to large content. Below mentioned foods are found to be effective keeping its level normal:


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Bananas make for a great fruit which lowers the uric acid levels in our body. Make sure you include at least 8-9 bananas in a day in your diet. It also reduces inflammation and swelling of joints. You can continue to eat bananas for 4-5 days regularly and you are sure to notice the difference.

Dark chocolate

Dark chocolates are not bad as most of us think, they are really healthy but only the dark ones that is Cocoa. According to a study, cocoa beans can help put the muscles at relaxation and are very effective than a fruit. They reduce the uric acid levels just like coffee does which is also made of cocoa beans.


Potatoes if consumed raw are very effective to reduce the uric acid concentration from the body. Also corns are as effective as potatoes if taken raw. You can lightly steam then and then have them instead of cooking it like other vegetables.


Incredibly nutritious in nature, eggs are low in purines and are protein-rich, which make them great food for gout sufferers. In case you do not prefer meat, eggs can serve as a healthy alternative to keep your uric acid levels on check. However, you should remember that eggs contain high level of cholesterol, and therefore you should consume only about 2-3 eggs per week.


Whole grains including whole wheat breads, whole-wheat pasta, oats, brown rice, jowar and bajra provide your body with the necessary carbohydrates, which is necessary to lessen the uric acid content in your body. Grains that taste more alkaline are even better and healthier options!


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The most common kitchen ingredient in every household are onions and we are all aware of the various health advantages that they have! When we talk about lowering uric acid in the blood, onions play a significant role. Not only that, it helps to prevent hardening of arteries and hyperuricemia, and aids in lowering triglycerides and cholesterol too. Include them in your diet to reap its benefits.


Summer squash is a vegetable that is low in purines. This makes it a perfect food item to lower the uric acid level in your blood. For every 100gms, it produces 50 milligrams or lesser uric acid. Squash contains diuretic properties that helps in the production of urine and aids in eliminating uric acid from your body.


While red meat can give you gout attacks, chicken is a safe poultry option. Consume it in moderate quantity and prepare it in a healthy manner, and chicken will keep the uric acid level in your blood in check. Chicken is protein rich and has many health benefits. If you cannot do without chicken, boil, grill, bake or roast it before consumption. Refrain yourself from eating fried chicken!


These orange colored veggies are an ideal choice when you naturally want to reduce the uric acid level in your blood. They are low in purines, and a cup of freshly chopped carrots has only about 3.5 grams of fiber. They are alkalizing in nature and they help to flush out the excess chemicals, toxins from the body.If your body has excess amount of uric acid, carrots should mandatorily be a part of your daily diet!

Vegetable juices

We are already aware of how beneficial vegetables are, to reduce the uric acid level in our blood. In the same way, to make your diet chart more interesting, you can include veg juices to fight gout. Take two carrots, one cucumber and ribs of celery; blend them together to make a health drink. Alternatively, you can make a drink by mixing carrots, beet and cucumber. Sip a glass of any of these recipes every morning to lower your uric acid level.

Cold-water fish

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Fully loaded with high amount of nutrients, fish is considered to be one of the healthiest foods in the world. Talking about cold-water fish like tuna can prove beneficial to reduce gout inflammation. They are rich in essential acids and contain purines; therefore, only one serving of fish per day is appropriate for gout sufferers. Mackerel, Salmon, Herring and Sardines are fish that help to naturally reduce inflammation and swelling. Just be careful of the quantity that you consume.


While you should refrain from consuming high amount of sodium when suffering from gout, a li’l quantity of healthy nuts like, pine nuts, chestnuts, Brazil nuts, macadamias, almonds, cashews, peanuts, walnuts, pecans, hazel nuts, and pistachios will help to keep your uric acid content in check. Nuts are mostly low in purines and carbs.


Some research has shown that coffee drinkers have lesser chances of gout than non-drinkers do. Moderate amount of caffeine intake is related to having a lower level of uric acid in the bloodstream. Also, if you do not have arthritis, coffee helps to lower the risk of developing gout.

Low fat dairy products

Low fat milk, curd, or cheese will help to prevent high uric acid content in your blood. The risk of development of gout reduces by 40% when you consume 4 cups of milk in a day. dairy products should mandatorily be a part of your gout diet.


While there is a misconception that tomatoes cause gout attacks, the contrary of that is true. Tomatoes contain about 90% water, which is necessary for people suffering from gout. They are also low in purines, which makes sure the uric acid level in the blood is kept on check.


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Most of the cucumber is made of water and is therefore an excellent food for people with gout problems. They are also low in purines, which make sure they keep the uric acid content in your blood in check. They have excellent anti-inflammatory properties that will help to naturally reduce the swelling in your body.


Being low in purines, broccoli is a green veggie that should be a part of your gout diet! It is rich in Vitamin C, potassium, folic acid and fiber, which ensures you remain healthy, and it also lowers the uric acid content in your blood.

Flax seed oil

Containing about 50% of omega-3 fatty acids, flax seed oil has properties that helps to reduce cholesterol naturally. It also has anti-inflammatory properties, which is excellent for people suffering with gout. It also helps to reduce uric acid from the blood.

French bean juice

The healthy and nutritious French bean juice is nothing but the green bean juice readily available in the markets in packages. The high content of Vitamin K, magnesium, potassium, calcium, manganese and fibre helps in detoxification of your body. Moreover, it helps in reducing the content of uric acid in body and therefore, flushes out the toxins throughout. They are also high in carotenoids such as lutein, zeaxanthin and beta-carotene which makes it a well-rounded staple diet. So, add this amazing drink for your breakfast basic and relish the health your way.

Celery seeds

These seeds belong to the family of vegetable plant Apiaceae with an incredible power-source of anti-oxidants and enzymes that are beneficial for your body. It helps protects your body from several diseases due to the Vitamin K, Vitamin C, folate, potassium, and Vitamin B6. Consumption of celery seeds regularly helps in clearing your body from the unwanted microbes and therefore, flushes away within. It reduces high uric acid which is a result of abnormal lifestyle that includes excessive oily foods, no gym or workout, irregular sleep cycle.

Pinto seeds

These rare seeds are often available in exotic supermarkets. You can alternatively switch to lentils of sunflower seeds for they also contain high level of folate which is extremely helpful in regulating metabolism in your body and reducing uric acid drastically. It is the common bean in the United Sates and New Mexico city. However, pinto seeds have a plethora of health benefits, so dig into these and say goodbye to a ton of health ailments

High fibre foods

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Intake of high-fibre foods is what every doctor will advise you to consume. They are amazing foods that help in de-cluttering the uric acid alongwith several toxins in your body. You can include foods like barley, cucumber, strawberries, blueberries, pears, broccoli, celery, carrots, oranges etc. to your diet. High fibre foods absorb the uric acid from the bloodstream and therefore, eliminate them from the kidneys. So, the more of fibrous foods, the merrier.

Green tea

Infused with the goodness of anti-oxidant and nutritional properties, green tea greatly helps in reducing the uric acid content in your body. It helps fight against the uric acid which keeps increasing otherwise. It has got several nutrients that help in controlling hyperuricemia. So, sip the healthy drink for overall fitness.

Omega 3

Foods rich in Omega 3 fatty acids like fish, salmon, mackerel, herring and sardines greatly help in controlling the inflammation and burning sensation caused due to increase in the level of uric acid in your body It also reduces the redness.

Olive oil

Infused with mono saturated fats, olive oil is a great home remedy to keep your uric acid in control. Cooking food regularly in olive oil will only help you reap a zillion health benefits in the future.. So, toss those green leafy legumes in the goodness of olive oil and taste your way to healthy and fit life naturally and effortlessly.

Lime juice

A lime a day will keep your uric acid at bay. No kidding. Lemon juice is the most sought-after natural remedy to alleviate your uric acid troubles. So, squeeze a lemon every morning and add a spoon of honey, mix it in the lukewarm water and drink away the healthy glory.

Apple cider vinegar

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This vinegar is thought to do wonders for people looking to lose weight. But what is more interesting is that its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties can help in lowering the levels of uric acid too.

Apple cider vinegar breaks downs and helps in removing the uric acid from the body. However, one should not drink it as it is. It is advised that you mix it well with eight ounces of water and consume it twice or trice each day on regular basis.


Cherries are one of the best foods that help in reducing the uric acid level due to presence of compounds such as anthocyanins, proanthocianidins and bioflavonoids. It mainly works to prevent the chances of uric acid crystallization in joints. You can canned cherries or 1000mg extract of cherry fruit if you have been diagnosed any such problem.

Vitamin C

There are several sources of vitamin C, easiest way to consume one is by squeezing a fresh lemon in a glass of water and drink it daily. The presence of citric acid in a lemon can help in lowering or controlling the uric acid in body. It will also work to stimulate the formation of calcium carbonate.


This fruit has malic acid present in it. This acid neutralizes the uric acid and reduces the inflammation and other irritations experienced by the people having high uric acid content. All you need to do is add an apple in your regular diet to see the improvement.


Cranberries, blueberries, goji berries and strawberries are rich in bioflavonoids that help in collagen destruction and reduce the inflammation. You can pick some blue or dark colored berries for your evening snacks or even have it in breakfasts to have lowered uric acid content.


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If you are not too fond of fruits then you can opt to have some vegetable juices in your diet. Just add cucumber, beetroot and carrot to create a magical drink. It is going to fetch you many other health benefits other than controlling the uric acid formation in the body.

Lastly, without saying drinking loads of water is essential for those suffering from the problem. Mainly because this acid is supposed to flow out from the body through urine only. If you are not habitual of drinking plenty of water each day, then it is something you need to work upon. Also make sure you go for regular urination after drinking water and not put pressure upon your bladder for too long.

This is why many watery or hydrating food items like cucumber and tomatoes that are alkaline in nature are also recommended to the sufferers. The food items that are alkaline in nature can help in fighting and neutralizing the acidic content in the body. If you are not really sure with what food to pick then you can consult your doctor before bringing a change in your existing diet plan.

Also, if you have been already diagnosed with an increase in uric acid then try to avoid foods containing caffeine and alcohol to a large extent. Both of them are stimulators of purine production that ultimately increases the uric acid formation in the body. You will need to have a regular habit of consuming such food items to control the acid formation in long term!

[Foods to reduce uric acid in Hindi]