Top benefits of apricot in health and beauty

Dried Apricots are very beneficial for the Health as well Beauty of individuals and are obtained when the Apricot fruit undergoes a drying process. Apricots contain Calcium, Iron, Vitamin C, Potassium, 158mg of Vitamin A and many other vital nutrients that a healthy body longs for. It prevents diseases and its consumption makes you look naturally beautiful as it focuses on the important strings of one’s beauty.

Health benefits of Apricot

Enhances the digestive system

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Dried Apricots acts as mild laxatives for the digestive tract which removes the waste from the digestive system. Since they contain Alkali to neutralize the acids so, it creates an alkaline environment in the digestive system to clear the digestive tracts. This entire process is very important for the proper functioning of the digestive system.

Acts as a relief from constipation

If Apricots can enhance the Digestive system of the body they can duly provide relief to people who suffer from the problem of Constipation. Being rich in dietary fibres and laxatives they stimulate the digestive process. The Dietary fibres help in smooth bowel movement so that the unwanted waste can be easily flushed.

Keeps cardiovascular system healthy

This is one of the best benefit that any person would want to reap from Apricots which is keeping their Cardiovascular system healthy. Apricots are rich in Potassium and they help in regulating the heartbeats. Any kind of Cardiovascular diseases like Heart Attack and Strokes can be easily prevented if you include Apricots in your daily diet. Apricots being good source of dietary fibres prevents straining of heart by excluding the bad cholesterol from the body.

Treats Anaemia

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Apricots are rich in Iron which is very much lacking from your body if you are suffering through Anaemia. Not just iron but they contain Copper too which duly helps in absorption of the iron by the body. Iron further helps in regulating the blood flow as well as the flow of energy. Even women who have heavy flows during their menstrual cycle should consume Apricots regularly.

Provide healthy eyesight

To have healthy eyes so that you don’t face problems of macular degeneration after reaching a particular age or problem of Cataract; it is very important to have Vitamin A, C and E presence in the body. Apricots are rich in those minerals and carotenoids which prevents the risk of eyesight problems and provides the eye good health.

Beauty benefits of Apricot

Reduces formation of wrinkles

You can actually use Apricots to prepare a scrub out of it because of their exfoliating and replenishing qualities. It is this exfoliating feature that makes them very helpful for women who want to get rid of wrinkles. Their replenishing feature makes sure the skin cells grow out to be firm and healthy.

Treats acne

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Acne and Pimples are a stage every person has to go through but sometimes they just become more than a stage and continue to live on our face. Other than relentlessly trying chemical products you can choose Apricots over them. Prepare a scrub out of it and use it on a daily basis to get a clear skin.

Improves skin tone

Skin tone is another issue each of us deal with unless we are just too fair. People have this habit of trying creams that makes them a shade brighter or makeup that gives them the look. But what if we say you can have the skin tone you desire permanently, you can do so by using Apricots which are known to improve the pigmentation of the skin. They improve skin tone to a higher level of brightness and glow.

Best hair conditioners

Apricots are best natural Hair Conditioners for every woman because they contain Vitamin A and Vitamin E which not only conditions the hair but hydrates them as well. They make the hair silky, soft and smooth.

Promotes hair growth

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If you feel that your hair just doesn’t grow up to be long and strong as much as it should then we suggest you use Apricots. They are known to keep the scalp healthy because of Vitamin E and healthy scalp alone is enough to promote hair growth.