Top health benefits of eating sweet potatoes / mitha alu

Sweet potato is a root vegetable and family of potatoes. It contains beta-carotene. Sweet potatoes are rich in fiber and nutrients. Sweet potatoes are highly nutritious food with good source of vitamins. Sweet potatoes have the excellent source of vitamins, proteins and fiber. Sweet potatoes contains high amount of anti-oxidants.

[Benefits of sweet potatoes in Hindi]

Benefits of sweet potatoes

Cell damage

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It contains anti-oxidants that are needed to our body to prevent cell damage.


Sweet potatoes are more beneficial and help to control the cholesterol levels. It reduces the risk of heart problems.


Sweet potatoes reduce the stress levels. Sweet potato plays major role in regulating the functioning of body in proper way.  It sends oxygen to brain and balance the water levels in the body.

Immune system

By eating sweet potatoes we gain the resistance to overcome the all type of infections. The immune system gets strengthen by eating the sweet potato.


Sweet potato lowers the insulin and stabilizes the sugar level.


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Every one prefers to eat sweet potatoes regularly to boost the energy and prevent injuries and mus`cles problems


sweet potato is rich in fiber. If you eat sweet potato along with the skin it helps to prevent the digestion problems.


colon cancer caused by the uncontrolled cell growth in large intestine. By eating the sweet potato along with skin you can overcome from this colon cancer.

[Benefits of sweet potatoes in Hindi]