Top best beauty and health benefits of jasmine

Jasmine is a white colored great aromatic flower which soothes your mind with in few just seconds, it has the power of wafting wonder scent in the air and is also finding its use in many places instead of the perfumes and scents. Jasmine famous for its fragrance also has many health and beauty benefits which are not known by many of the people.

Jasmine flowers are loaded with many oils, it contains essential oils and etheric oil. Apart from the oils, jasmine also consists of specific substances such as benzilic, jasmine, indole, benzilic acetate, benzilic alcohol and linalcohol which has the properties of an aphrodisiac.

[Beauty and health benefits of jasmine in Hindi]

Health benefits of jasmine

Balances blood sugar levels

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Consumption of jasmine water or tea is an easy way to prevent the diabetes. It regulates the blood sugar and glucose levels, which in turn it controls the diabetics.

Cleans the intestine

One of the great benefits of jasmine tea is that, it improves the health of the intestines. It reduces the stomach related problems including indigestion, constipation, irritable bowel stomach and bloating. It flushes out the bad through stool and urine so consume a cup of jasmine tea daily to cleanse your intestinal system.

Good for weight loss

People who are seeking for liquids to consume during the weight loss session can easily add jasmine tea to their diet plan. It burns  fat and helps in the reduction of the weight. It is encompassed with antioxidants and a specific caffeine named EGCG, which helps to reduce the weight.

Relieves stress

The soothing aroma of jasmine tea has tremendous effect on our brain, it soothes the nerves and gives relief from stress.

Beauty benefits of jasmine

Massage oil

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Take some amount of jasmine oil and use it to massage over the complete body. The mild sedative properties of jasmine work great. Also use it to massage your dried and cracked foot.

Body butter

Simply mix a tablespoon of coconut oil with a tablespoon of jasmine oil to get the body butter. Body butter is called as one solution to many skin treatments. It heals the cracks and wrinkles, you can use it as your daily sunscreen or night cream.

Skin care

Add jasmine water to any of the DIY skin care recipes, or add it with baking soda and scrub your face to get clean and glowing skin.

Shampoo and conditioner

To rinse your hair, use the mixture of baking soda and jasmine water as a DIY shampoo. Pour jasmine water on your hair as a final rinse to hold on the fragrance and moisture,  the same mimics the action of a leave in conditioner.

[Beauty and health benefits of jasmine in Hindi]