Top personal hygiene myths and facts

Personal hygiene is the regular habits and practices or actions to keep the human body clean and healthy. The good practices and habits make the humans healthy and free from health problems. As the people are moving towards modernization, the concept of cleaning and grooming has become essential integrated parts of life. It refers to clean and to care the body at the basic level. Different categories of people, maintain the personal hygiene with different concepts and levels.

Awareness about correct myths and facts of personal hygiene

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During reading magazines, it has been found that people are asking whether the particular habits or products are right for the specific persons with some specific problems. People may heard of some concepts or habits from magazines or from some friends, still there are some personal hygiene facts and myths. Though the people may try many practices of personal hygiene, still there are some important myths and facts which they are not aware of. The awareness of correct myths and facts about personal hygiene is required so that the adoption of the incorrect procedure may make harm to the health.

Some websites may give some fake promise with some conceptions on hygiene. But, if you are not aware of the real myths and facts, you may face problems. So, to know more about the real myths and facts about personal hygiene, more you will be benefited in your personal health. Some facts are given below in the form of statements about personal hygiene.

  • Soap can destroy the bacteria from the surface of the skin by lifting the germs and bacteria
  • Sweating does not cause the body odor, but it is the skin bacteria that cause the smell when the sweat rolls down the skin on the body surface.
  • Conception is there that hand sanitizer is the best for killing germs. But, fact is that the concept is disputed. It is still unknown whether alcohol based sanitizer or concentrated with minimum alcohol sanitizer is the best. But, the point is to be noted that hand sanitizer should be applied in hands after washing with soap only. But, do not depend on the hand sanitizer only.
  • It is generally thought that public toilets are very dangerous for getting infected from the germs of the others. But, the concept is not purely true. When the toilet is dirty, the germs generally sit on this and the possibility of getting infected by the germs is very poor. Our skin is actually has got the defensive power against the diseases. Only people should be habituated with good hygiene for maintaining good health.
  • It is generally said that when the toilet is flushed, the bacteria jumps at the height of 6 ft. This is true and to prevent the jumping, you have to cover the lid before flushing. If the bacteria jump at the height of 6 ft, it may roam about the toilet for two hours.
  • Usual concept within the mind of people that toilet seat is much dirty than the office table. But, the concept is wrong. The office table is occupied by major time by the people. But, toilet seat is occupied for short time. The office table may be covered with millions of bacteria. So, it is the correct thinking that the toilet seat is better than the office table. So, after using the office table, the people should make the habit of cleaning the hands before using food.
  • This was the concept in majority that westerners wash their hands after using the public toilets. But, survey has revealed that 62% of men and 40% women do not wash their hands after using the public toilets. Some counting methods were implemented and after this, using of soap in hands is increased after using toilets in western countries.

Some more concepts on personal hygiene

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  1. Sometimes, people may think that tey possess the oily skin and they don’t need the moisturizer any more to apply. But, the fact is not that. If you feel that your skin is oily and you do not apply the moisturizer or oil, the skin will produce the more oil in your skin to nourish. So, the oily skin also needs to apply the moisturizer to balance the skin tone. In this way, skin will not produce oil anymore and the balance of the skin tone will be maintained.
  2. People usually do not intend to visit the dentists. But, you have to be careful about your gum, cavities and you should take care of oral health. If the oral health is poor, you may be attacked by heart diseases, diabetes, and osteoporosis as per some clinic.
  3. When a pimple arises on face, natural tendency is to pick it and squeeze it. But, unknowingly, the great mistake is done. It will affect the skin and deepen the root with aggravating some more problems.
  4. People may believe that washing hair frequently will damage hair. But, as per dermatologists, washing hair will leave your hair healthy, clean and the roots are strong. It will remove the surface grease and leave the hair as healthy strands. In this condition, you may remove the hair care products and the dandruff.
  5. Showering everyday is basic necessity rather than the social obligation. Showering will keep your surface bacteria free from the skin. But, too frequent showering will keep your hair, skin dry. And you may face consequent problems.

So, it is proven that people should take their personal hygiene as per rules and necessity. But, actual knowledge about every aspect of life is needed. Though there are rules in every sphere, still people take their own choices to keep themselves fresh and free. People can have choices over shampoo, deodorant, soaps and the routine for own health. The time for taking bath and other habits may have their choices. People may use various cosmetics for taking care of their own health. Consuming of necessary supplements may be another aspect of own health.