Home remedies to treat the irritable bowel syndrome

Irritable bowel syndrome is the process of movement of bowel through the large intestine either slowly or rapidly. It can affect the large intestine and may show other symptoms like vomiting, constipation, gas, cramping in abdomen, nausea, headache, depression and diarrhea. It may be also termed as irritable colon. These problems may not damage the large intestine in broad way, but the problems may be severe in most of the cases.

[Hindi tips to treat the irritable bowel syndrome]

But, irritable bowel syndromes can be managed efficiently by treatment and may also be prevented by some natural home remedies. Treatment for the problem should be carried out by the doctors. Still the natural home remedies can support the medication and the healing will be better. Home remedies can manage the condition in better way without any side effects.

Some natural home remedies


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It contains omega 3 fatty acids. It supports the digestive system as well as the immune system. So, the food may be consumed incorporating the flaxseeds which may be the source of omega 3 fatty acids to control the irritable bowel syndrome. This is also helpful for constipation and diarrhea. You can consume one table spoon of fresh flaxseed with water directly or can consume with the food.

Another method of consuming flaxseed is to boil one table spoon with water for about ten minutes. You can take it before going to bed like having green tea. You can also take roasted flaxseed of one tablespoon and drink with water. Next day, you can expect smooth bowel movement.


This plays vital role against irritable bowel syndrome. It is very much effective for treatment of diarrhea. When yoghurt is consumed during diarrhea, a thin protective layer is distributed along the sinner surface of the intestine. As result of it, lactic acid is generated and helps to flush out all the bacteria from the body. So, yoghurt will make your bowel smoothie several times a day and the condition is upgraded within a day.


The irritable bowel syndrome may show the bloating problem or digestive problems. Ginger may help in this situation. Ginger can be helpful in reducing the inflammation and can relax the muscles of intestine. Another method of taking ginger is to boil it in a cup of water and then take the water with honey according to your taste. This type of tea can be consumed three to four times a day to reduce the abdominal cramp or pain. You can also grate some ginger and add some honey as per your taste and have the mixture before lunch and dinner. You may be relieved from diarrhea. Your digestive system may be improved in this way.


Irritable bowel syndrome may be helpful with peppermint. It has got some antispasmodic property which can relax the muscles of intestine. But, some studies are not clear about the opinion. Peppermint may cause some sort of heartburn. So, before trying it out, you may consult the doctors. Still, it may give some positive healing effect towards the irritable bowel syndrome.


There may be some relaxation with the therapy of acupuncture. It is suggested to go for the therapy with the belief that acupuncture will relax the muscles of the intestine with helping out irritable bowel syndrome. But, some investigations cannot suggest any conclusions.


Raw foods to boost your health

You can consume some food with content of fiber which may be good for the people facing problems with irritable bowel syndrome. It can be helpful for some symptoms like constipation. But, the method may be painful for cramping and gas. Still, the fiber content fruits, vegetables and beans can be recommended for getting relief from irritable bowel syndrome. The people with the problems may consume fiber for several weeks and can overcome the problem gradually. Sometimes, it may be suggested that fiber supplement may be consumed rather than the dietary fiber.

Dairy products

People with lactose intolerance may be attacked by irritable bowel syndrome. They can try out yoghurt as dairy product rather than milk. Otherwise, you can try out enzyme product, so that lactose can be processed in your body. But, if you have to avoid totally dairy products, then you have to consume lots of calcium and protein in your diet from any other sources.

Include vitamin D

Researchers have noticed that the people with irritable bowel syndrome may have deficiency in vitamin D. If they consume vitamin D, the level will increase and they can get the relief from irritable bowel syndrome.

Relaxation technique

People can adopt few relaxation techniques if they are suffering from irritable bowel syndrome. It may help relaxing the muscle of the intestine also and the sufferers can get some relief from IBS.

Fennel seeds

If you are suffering from irritable bowel syndrome, you can try out consumption of fennel seeds. It can reduce the spasms in the intestine which is related to irritable bowel syndrome. Further, fennel seeds help in reducing fats from digestive system. In this way, mucus is produced more and it is helpful in prevention of irritable bowel syndrome.

Cabbage juice

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The people suffering from irritable bowel syndrome can consume the juice of raw cabbage which contains sulfur and chlorine. These components have got the capacity of deep cleansing. Mucus membrane in the stomach is cleared and this help in reducing IBS. The intestinal tract will also be cleaned in this way.

The process of taking cabbage juice:

  • Wash the cabbage and cut in small pieces
  • Place the pieces on the mixer to make juice
  • Take the juice in glass and drink it
  • You can have one glass as soon as you start constipation
  • You can have three to four times daily

From the above discussion, it is clear that if you are suffering from irritable bowel syndrome, you undergo treatment by doctors. Still, you can try out some home remedies to give support the medication. Some fruitful results are revealed out of the home remedies. So, if you face the similar problems, you can also try out home remedies which will be suitable for you.

[Hindi tips to treat the irritable bowel syndrome]