Turnip / Rutabaga and its best health benefits

Turnip is a cruciferous vegetable with many rich properties. The regular servings of turnip helps to prevent several health problems. It restricts the occurrence of heart attack and various heart diseases. It regulates cholesterol levels in the blood and controls blood pressure, more over it is good for proper eye vision and skin health.

Add on turnip to your diet to get enormous health benefits, toss the turnip cubes in your salad, mix it with your juice or flavor your soup to hitch-hike some health disorders like rheumatoid arthritis, cataracts and bone disease-osteroporosis, infact it helps for the maintenance of the bone health.

For the fast reduction of the weight and to stay in fitness, turnip helps you in a natural way. This low calorie veggie makes your tummy feel full and balances the metabolism rate.

Health benefits of turnip

Heart health

Health & nutritional benefits of vegetable

Turnip is a heart friendly vegetable. Turnip with its anti-inflammatory properties restricts heart diseases. It also fuels our cardiovascular system with the presence of rich amounts of folate and vitamin B.

Prevents cancer

Turnips are loaded with high scales of antioxidants and phytonutrients which helps in the prevention of various types of cancers including colon cancer and breast cancer. Some specific compounds such as plant compound and glucosinolate inhibits the growth of tumors like rectal tumors.

Cures asthma

Apart from the asthma medication, the regular intake of the turnips are highly recommended to cure asthma. Turnips gradually gives you relief from the asthma through its antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.They are effective when they are consumed in a regular manner.

Boosts the immune system

Eat turnips to boost your immune system. It consists of potassium that helps to assist the proper functioning of the muscles and nerves. The betacarotene compounds of turnip helps for the production of the healthy membranes.

Reduces weight

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In place of your oily snacks have a bowl of turnips, with its low calories it will help you reach your weight target. It regulates the metabolism rate and make you feel full with its fiber amount. So, consume turnips in a daily manner to cut down the fat and calories.

Controls blood pressure

If you are looking for a magical natural way to control the blood pressure turnip is your exact choice. It consists of magnesium and vitamin B which are known for controlling blood pressure. In addition, magnesium works good for the healthy bones and heart.

Good for your skin

Some of the studies have proved the best skin care results with the consumption of turnip. Daily intake of turnip juice keep away the regular skin issues such as patchy and dry skin. If you wish to increase its taste carrot can be your best choice to merge with.