Raw foods to boost your health

Consuming Raw Foods is not always a healthy concept, it has its own set of risk but not all raw foods come with the label of risk. This is the reason why people need to be enlightened with which raw foods to eat and why.

What are Raw Foods?

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A Raw Food is just a form of different food items that are not cooked or processed. For example, any plant based vegetables or fruits. Research claims that a person’s diet should at least consist of 3/4th quarter of uncooked food, given the fact that they have enormous benefits. It can also be a carnivore like oysters, fishes etc.

Benefits of having Raw Foods

Apart from the fact that they boost the health of a person, there are other benefits as well-known

  1. It makes the body immune enough to fight diseases.
  2. They make sure that the body never runs lack of vitamins or minerals.
  3. They keep the digestive tracts of the body on track.
  4. Moreover, it is a nature way to maintain a perfect balance along with the cooked food in a human body.

Types of Raw Foods to boost your health

Listed below are Food items that all of us can consume it Raw without having to fear any implications because they are only going to boost your health and all of them taste good: –

Pomegranate and berries

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These sweet fruits are so tasty that everybody has it raw and including them in your daily diet is going to keep your health in benefit. They are rich in antioxidants that keeps a person away from aging, balances their insulin levels, ensure good blood circulation and helps the brain stay sharp as well as focused. You can even mix both them to make a smoothie and have it or just add it to your fruit chart or other recipes.

Sweet potatoes

They are plant-based food which provide Vitamin A to the body and tastes good too. Adding just one sweet potato to your diet in an entire day will have so many advantages. It provides clear skin, prevents harmful diseases like diabetes or obesity or heart diseases, it provides immunity to the body as well.


Yogurt are often consumed as Raw and they taste great. Some people like it with a pinch of salt and pepper or sugar. Yogurt can help a person with so many things. They contain nutrients that provides calcium, protein, and minerals to strengthen digestive and immune system of the body. It also provides glowing skin.


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Watermelon are rich source of Water which ensures that the body remains hydrated even during tough weather conditions. They are also rich in Vitamin C, Potassium, Antioxidants. It protects the body against heart diseases and asthma attacks. It also prevents inflammation within the body due to excessive body heat.


Avocados are probably the tastiest raw food that you can actually add to anything whether it is your toast, smoothie or salad. Apart from its great taste they have huge potential in keeping a person fit and healthy. They prevent heart diseases and also help in losing weight. Always have them ripe that’s when they works best and taste equally great.


A healthy heart and a healthy brain is all you need for your body to keep working efficiently. Cacao are such Superfoods that make sure both stay healthy. Cacao are raw chocolates that you can add to your fruit juices, smoothies or to healthy pancakes and other such healthy recipes. They are available in the market in the form of powder as well. Better choose raw cacao powder or go for the organic one if the raw isn’t available.


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Raw Garlic has enough healthy properties for the health of any individual. They are proved to have medical properties and most of the Ayurvedic medicines have Garlic as their main ingredient. They are highly nutritious to recover a person from cough and cold, fever and reduce the risk of heart disorders. They have very less calories and reduce high blood pressure.


Turmeric is well known for its anti-inflammatory properties and they are rich in antioxidants as well. They have been used as a healing agent since years and it is also known as an important spice. Adding a pinch of turmeric powder to all the meals will provide better functioning of the Digestive system and Circulatory system.