Amazing health benefits of amla juice / Nellikai juice

Amla, the Indian gooseberry has been a very renowned fruit to us for many decades for its endeavoring properties and nutritional benefits. Known for its various antioxidants and antiseptic properties, this is a rich nutrient fruit that has proven to be the best herbal medicine for most of the body or skin issues.

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It is enriched with great vitamin C and is comprised of iron and vitamins too. Many studies have proven that consumption of gooseberry prevents many health diseases and empowers the strength. The regular intake of amla juice makes the skin glow and hair stronger. Here are a few health benefits of amla juice.

Treats the problems of gastric disorder

Health & beauty benefits of amla juice

Burning feeling in your abdomen or Hyperchlorhydria can be treated by Amla Juice. It also cures a variety of disorders that is related to gastric problem. Amla juice has the power of keeping your liver fit and healthy. It is the perfect remedy for dysentery and diarrhoea. Acidity and peptic ulcer can be cured and treated too. Taking Amla juice along with clarified butter or ghee will cure every problem. Take it daily to cure acidity and other such problems.

Oral health is enhanced

When Amla Juice is consumed on a daily basis it strengthens the health and quality of the gums and teeth. Bad breath is another problem that will be solved by this. You will not face uncomfortable situations due to bad oral health. If you are experiencing pain in your mouth, then gargle with a mixture of water and amla juice.

Cancer will no longer be a worry

Amla Juice is brimming with anti-oxidants. It also has superoxide dismutase that stops the free radicals from forming. That is when you consume Amla Juice on a daily basis, cancer is prevented. Try this inexpensive yet extremely effective remedy at once.

You will have relief during periods

Every remedy is welcome as long as it takes away those horrible cramps that ruin your days and nights. If you want something to help you get over the menstrual pain then Amla juice is the way to go. The richness of mineral and vitamins make Amla juice the best product.

Infections can be cured with the use of Amla juice

Severe infections can be cured with the properties of Amla juice. Astringent and anti-bacterial qualities of Amla juice will take care of every infection. Vitamin C in Amla Juice will increase the White Blood Cell counts in your body. This means the immunity system will be enhanced.

Helps in asthma and bronchitis

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Consumption of a spoon of amla powder or amla juice each day during the weather change can be extremely helpful as you can get rid of the havoc caused by the infectious viruses during peak season change time. Also, patients of asthma and bronchitis must take amla juice or powder in moderate quantities to ensure healthy balance in life. This can avoid any extremely health dysfunction in body by providing an immunity and hormonal control.

Shed those extra kilos

Amla juice is believed to work wonder for losing that stubborn fat accumulated in your body. Get rid of those obnoxious love handles and flaunt your flat gorgeous curves this wedding season by taking one spoon of amla powder or amla juice every night before hitting the bed. The goodness of nutrients loaded in this healthy mixture stimulates your body functioning like no other.

Helps in treating constipation and piles

Worried about your important meeting or presentation at work due to upset stomach? Not anymore. With amla powder, you can get a fix to all the stomach-related problems. Yes, talk about the lingering constipation and piles that trouble you all the way. It’s easy like that. You can regulate your bowel movements and handle the chronic constipation by amla juice.

Treat your eyes with the gift of amla

Nothing works as magic for your eyes as the miraculous gift of amla. Intake of amla a day will help you keep the problem pf cataracts and inocular disorders at bay. For people who suffer from reddening, itching and burning sensation in the iris of their eyes, treat your eyes with the holy goodness of amla or gooseberry to get your eyes on fleek.

Helps fight diabetes

The magical gift of nature restores faith in deadly diseases as it helps fight against diabetes. It further helps in controlling the sweeping blood sugar level and also regulates the secretion of insulin in your blood. So, for all the diabetic patients, here is an amazing natural remedy to deal with the chronic disease. You can mix amla powder with turmeric and consume the heavenly concoction everyday. The presence of chromium helps regulate the blood sugar level and keep your diabetes in control.

Perfect summer drink for summers

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When under the scorching and blistering sun for hours out and about during the summer, let yourself cool with the goodness of amla. Intake of cool amla juice helps in restoring the water content as it consists of vitamin C in good proportion, so you can consume the delightful drink. Enjoy the summers with amla juice and get rid of the packaged juices for once and all. It futher helps control the sun tanning by providing a shield from the harmful UV rays and controls your accelerated body heat.

Treats inflammation

You can always consume amla juice to treat the burns and itching sensation. The anti-inflammatory property infused in the holy amla powder helps in reducing the swelling on joints caused by arthritis and vericon pains.It further protects and eases the pain of digestive tract.

Heals insomnia

If sleeplessness is keeping you awake all night long or you’re quite perturbed by the idea of insomnia, then you must start consuming amla powder for all the good reasons. It helps in airing your sleep away by giving you a sound baby sleep. You can take amla powder with nutmeg powder for effective results and get charmed away.

Fights signs of ageing

To all you pretty ladies braking your bank and splurging on expensive anti-ageing creams in the market, feed on amla juice and get surprised by its effective results. The collagen present in the bounty of natural goodness is here to woo you with fresh brighter and youthful supple skin. The presence of vitamin C further helps in preventing the fine wrinkles, sagging skin and pigmentation of skin.

Improves muscle elasticity and bone health

In the rut of chaotic and busy lifestyle, we often tend to ignore our health which is not only harmful for our inner body but our muscles, tissues and bones are deeply affected. Intake of amla powder will help repair your tissues, improve the bone mass density and bone health which otherwise sabotages  over time.

Source of vitamin C

Amla juice contains vitamin C that is twenty times more than in orange juice. Vitamin C present in the amla juice improves the tannins, which are required to shield the heat and light. Amla because of being rich in Vitamin C improves your skin texture and brings a glow to it.

Blood purification

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Amla juice when taken with honey everyday, twice helps in relieving asthma and bronchitis complications. It also works wonders for blood purification. Eat the same mixture to get rid of the acidity problem. You can also use pure ghee instead of honey for acidic troubles. Amla’s antioxidant properties helps the body purify the unwanted products from your blood and makes it healthy.

Retains body temperature

In the summer season, juice from amla retains our body cool and sorts out the heat from the body. Amla also works as a shield to the radiation and it protects from harmful UV rays, thereby saving our skin from getting exposed to the harsh weather conditions and keeps it hydrated and cool.

Life span of a person

Ayurveda states that eating amla on regular basis increases life span of a human. The fresh amla comprises of more than 80 per water, fiber, minerals, proteins and carbohydrates which, when consumed makes you strong and healthy thereby increasing your life span.

Facial glow

Drinking amla juice with the addition of honey in the morning hours brings to your face a new glow and it also makes the skin free from blemishes.

Lowers osteoclasts

People who suffer from bone and calcium problems should consume amla. As amla juice lowers the osteoclasts – the cells which break down the bones. It also reduces the chronic cough, allergic asthma and tuberculosis.

Removes blemishes from skin

Amla juice works perfectly for the removal of pimples and acne scars from your skin. If you apply the paste made from amla for 10 to 15 minutes it will heal the spots and decrease the acne affected skin. This way the antiseptic properties of amla helps make your skin look more beautiful and fresh.

Stronger hair growth

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Applying amla juice that is mixed with water to the scalp can restore the spirit and energy of the hair. To make your hair stronger and shiny, add amla powder and lemon juice, apply over the scalp and retain it for 20 to 30 minutes and rinse off with warm water. You can also use the amla oil for scalp massage. It will strengthen the hair from roots and brings the natural glow to the hair. Few people use this to get relief from stress. So, it is better to choose it as Indian gooseberry juice health benefits.

Urinary tract cleanliness

If you are suffering from urinary tract infection and wants to get rid of with nature, you shall consume amla. Try to dry 30 ml of amla juice two times daily to get the relief from burning urination.

Source of nutrients

Amla is one of the major ingredients present in triphala and chyavanaprash. It also comprises of many minerals and vitamins such as Carotene, Phosphorus, Calcium, Iron, and Vitamin B Complex. Amla is also known to be a powerful antioxidant.

Increases red blood cells

For people having a low count of hemoglobin or red blood cells are recommended to have amla juice. Amla juice is responsible to increase the count of red blood cells in the body.

Indian gooseberry juice health benefits

  • Amla juice provides strength to heart muscles, which is a good remedy to treat heart problems.
  • Amla juice helps in giving relief from constipation.
  • Amla juice stimulates bowel movements and helps to cure chronic constipation.
  • Amla juice gives birth to the body and prevents the signs of aging. It can also be used as an anti-aging remedy.
  • Amla juice mixed with turmeric powder, few amount of honey controls diabetes problem.

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