Causes, symptoms & Home remedies for urinary tract infection

Basically, a urinary tract infection is one of the critical bacterial infections in women. Most of the women’s are suffering this problem. To stop this type of problem, they have to follow some basic home remedies. If they will follow home remedies, it will provide good impact on their health. If you will use home remedies for UTI’s, then it helps to reduce the bacteria completely and decrease the risk of increasing regular urinary tract infections. In this article, we are going to provide you complete details and top home remedies which help you to prevent this type of health problem completely.

What is UTI and causes of UTI?

UTI or urinary tract infection is generated from microbes. These are very tiny organisms unable to see in bare eyes. But, these microbes are visible only under the microscope. Mostly these types of urinary tract infections occur due to the bacteria. But, some of the UTIs may occur due to the fungi or some rare infections may appear due to viruses. The women are mostly affected by the diseases.

[Home remedies for urinary tract infection in Hindi]

Upper tract and lower tract urinary infections

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The urinary tract contains the kidneys, ureters, bladder, and urethra. The UTI or urinary tract infections start with the urethra i.e. the lower tract infections. The kidneys, ureters may also get affected by the microbes and UTI may occur. But, this type of upper tract infection may be severe and rare in nature.

Symptoms of Urinary tract infections

Symptoms of UTI depends on the portions of the urinary parts are affected or infected. Here are the symptoms of the lower urinary tract infections:

  • The frequency of urination enhanced without much flow out of urine.
  • Burning sensation during urination.
  • The urgency of urination is increased.
  • The color of urine may be like blood.
  • Nature of urine may be cloudy.
  • The color of urine may be like tea or cola.
  • Urine may bear some strong nature of odor.
  • Women may bear the pelvic pain.
  • Men may have the rectal pain.

The upper tract infections affect the kidneys. But, this type of infections is very severe in nature. The infections may penetrate in the blood and then it may be life-threatening. The condition of penetration of infections is termed as urosepsis. The symptoms of upper tract urinary infections may reveal the following symptoms:

  • Fever
  • Chills
  • Nausea
  • Pain the upper back with tenderness
  • Vomiting

UTI symptoms for both men and women are similar for upper tract infections. But, for lower tract UTI, the men can have rectal pain. Otherwise, all other symptoms are similar for men and women. But women with UTI for lower track may have pelvic pain.

Treatment of UTI

When the symptoms like above are felt, doctors may be consulted for treatment. Tests have to be carried out for detection of the part of the urinary system is infected. After the proper diagnosis, treatment may be started. In the most of the infections, it is caused by bacteria. In such cases, antibiotics are applied. In some cases, UTI may be caused by fungi or viruses. In those cases, UTI will be treated with an antiviral. But, UTI with fungi will be treated with the medication of antifungal.

Choice of medicines for UTI treatment

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The treatment of the UTI depends mainly on the part of the urinary system infected. If the lower urinary tract is infected, then oral antibiotics may be applied for treatment. But, if the upper UTI occurs, then intervenes antibiotics have to be applied. The technique implies that antibiotics will be applied directly to the vein. Sometimes, some bacteria develop immunity against the type of bacterial group. The doctors may carry out the urine culture and can detect the type of bacteria. According to the class of bacteria, the doctors can select the antibiotics. An alternative treatment of the bacterial UTI may be carried out by application of cell chemistry. Here, cell chemistry is applied where the interaction between the bacteria and the body is changed.

Home remedies for UTI

There are no such home remedies that can cure the UTI without medication. Only thing is that home remedies can support the medicine to work well in the body. Cranberry juice may be supportive for treatment of UTI. But, once the infection is started up, Cranberry juice can’t stop it. Still, the chemicals in Cranberry can help in treatment for a certain category of bacterial infection. The juice can help in the prevention of the infection. The following ways may be followed to get cured soon with the support of medication.

  • Drink plenty of water and frequent urination will support to remove the infection.
  • Consume probiotics to help to reduce infections.
  • Can consume garlic to give support to medication.
  • You can load yourself with vitamin C for a healthy urinary tract.
  • Adopt healthier habits to get well soon.
  • Only consumption of water will not help you. Empty your bladder as soon as possible.
  • Use essential oils.

To continue the home remedies for women

The women are very prone towards the UTI as 50% of women repeat the infections during their lifetime. The antibiotics are the medication for major UTIs. But, some antibiotics are resistant to bacteria. Therefore, the women may face the recurring UTIs during their lifetime. Therefore, the women should continue the home therapy for their fitness to be free from UTIs. The following methods should be adopted by the women as home remedies. They have to consume plenty of water as well as fluids. This will help to flush out the bacteria from the body.

Researchers have revealed low fluid intake may be the cause of multiply the bacterial infections in the urinary tract. Therefore, it is always desirable to stay hydrated to prevent the UTIs. With consumption of plenty, water will flush out the bacteria with urination. Ultimately, it will prevent further getting infected in the urinary tract.

Often urination is required

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It has been proved that to hold the urine for a long time may help the bacteria for UTI to multiply in the bladder and the urinary tract may get infected. For this purpose, often urination may save from getting affected by UTIs.

Staying dry and clean

The humans should keep themselves dry and clean. Especially, after the bowel movement, you should wipe out the urethra from front to back, so that no bacteria can stay there. Always, you should wear loose fitting dresses with inner garments in loose conditions. In this way, the air will flow through the body and you may feel dry and the bacteria cannot stay on the body.

Some additional home remedies

Sometimes, home remedies can make you well with the support of medication. You can drink baking soda with water; it can fight against the UTIs. But, it has shown that it may be risky if you drink an excess amount of it. You can soothe your UTI pain by the application of heat. You can use a heat pad to the parts around urethra gently so that your pain can be relieved. Allow the heating maximum fifteen minutes at a stress.

Cut your diet for prevention of burning

When you are attacked by UTIs, you may cut your diet from spicy food, caffeine, chocolate, alcohol, nicotine, carbonated drink. These may increase the burning sensation in the bladder or urinary tract. It will further irritate your track. You should focus on healthy food and healthy drinks to soothe your urinary system.

From the above discussion, it is clear that humans have to maintain some healthy habits to get rid of the UTIs. Repeated infections are very common. So, you maintain to consume plenty of fluids with frequent urination to avoid the UTIs. Some home remedies can save you from facing bigger problems.

[Home remedies for urinary tract infection in Hindi]