How to use horse gram / Kulthi for health benefits

Horse gram is a reddish brown legume with many health benefits. It is rich in taste and at the same time provides you many nutritional benefits. Hence it is one of the favorite food for all walks of people. As it is a grain with rich amounts of proteins, vitamins and iron it is believed that it can reduce the extra fats in the body along with the help of reducing weight. It is having good amounts of B-complex vitamin and proteins.  It aids in purifying menstruation and prevents and cures the arthritis. The high amount of dietary fiber present in the horse gram balances the blood pressure and sugar glucose levels.

[How to use horse gram in Hindi]

Health benefits of horse gram

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  • Horse Gram is great for the body especially in winters as it produces heat in the body protecting you from getting cough and cold which is a common ailment in winters.
  • Horse gram is great for diabetic patient as it reduces the high blood sugar level when taken after the meal. It reduces carbohydrate digestion lowering insulin resistance.
  • If you are suffering from jaundice or water retention, then Horse Gram will help you in curing it.
  • Being low on fat it aids in weight loss and comes out as a great solution for dealing with obesity because of its ability to attack the fat issues. You can easily lose around 5 kgs in a month by including Horse Gram into your diet. Especially vegetarians who are looking for a good source of protein can include it in their diet. Also, when you are gyming add Horse Gram to your diet as it is loaded with dietary fibre and aids in building muscles.
  • Consumption of Horse Gram helps in increasing the sperm count. Nutrients such as calcium, iron, phosphorus and amino acids promote the production of sperms.
  • The fibre content present in Horse Gram helps in curing constipation.
  • Helps in curing bronchitis.
  • It is a great answer to skin rashes and controls the boils.
  • Horse Gram is an answer to your ailments such as rheumatism, conjunctivitis, worms and piles.
  • Consume Horse Gram to deal with cholesterol levels. It can also heal fever.
  • Treat peptic ulcers with Horse Gram.
  • Take Horse Gram to protect yourself against diarrhoea.
  • The horse gram plant exhibits the properties of astringent, diuretic and antioxidant. It is used in the treatment of many health problems especially to treat diarrhea, hemorrhage and hemorrhoids.
  • In curing the menstrual problems, leucorrhea and bleeding during the pregnancy period horse gram plant works effective.
  • Horse gram plant treats the patients who are suffering from weak liver, spleen enlargement and colic with its medicinal properties. And to cure the kidney stones, gall stones and high blood pressure increase the intake of horse grams.



Soak two or three table spoons of horse gram in sufficient amount of water for a whole night, in the following day make the horse gram in to paste and consume it for two times a day. You can also drink the soaked water for the added benefits.

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In ayurvedic medicine horse gram has wide importance, it is suggested to consume to sort out the health problems such as gastric, worm infections, cough, ulcers, excessive perspiration and difficulty in breathing.

  • The regular intake of horse gram helps to flush out the worm infections, it regulates the digestive system and ward offs acidity and flatulence.
  • Grind the horse gram and make it into fine powder, add two table spoons of this powder to a cup of water and drink it. This mixture gives you relief from skin rashes and controls the boils.
  • Add some amount of horse gram to water and boil it, this boiled water will helps to regulate the fever.
  • Would you like to treat the menstrual problems like irregular periods and heavy bleeding, then horse gram is an ideal choice. Add horse gram to your daily diet whether in the form of sprouts, soups or boiled water to watch the results.

Similarly to control the bleeding after pregnancy horse gram works well. Women can daily intake one table spoon of horse gram powder in the early morning on empty stomach to improve the overall health.

Note: It is not recommended for pregnancy women.

  •  Boil a table spoon or two of horse gram in water and grind it to form a semisolid paste, now add this paste to pinch of pepper powder and swallow. This simple method will give you relief from common cold, cough and sore throat.

[How to use horse gram in Hindi]