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Metal Therapy: What is Metal Therapy?

Metal Therapy is all about the therapy one needs in his or her life for proper functioning of the body since the Vedic times in the rich Ayurvedic Culture. It has gained prominence after the Buddhist Period, explaining the list of seven such metals which have been beneficial in the functioning of our body and how. Metal Therapy explains how to live a perfect life with zero health problems all the seven metals are required to be consumed in optimum quantity.

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Ayurveda mineral food: Importance of minerals for our health

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Minerals are the basics to our life; they are like prime elements which add the spark or rather boost up the functioning of our body in a manner, as required.

  • They maintain the pH level of our body.
  • They help in contraction and relaxation of muscles.
  • They are the support system of our body both functionally and structurally.

Ancient traditional technology mineral food: 7 Minerals to the rescue


Gold isn’t just limited to jewelry; it is instead present in different parts of our body as well. Blood, eyes, layers of skin, semen and intestines have gold, and this gold is natural so it comes for free. In the Vedic age, Gold was used in medicines to cure arthritis as it has a special ability to fight back pain, acting as a relief to all kinds of painful symptoms related to muscles, limbs or tender. It has a great impact on the immune system as deficiency of gold leads to weakness issues. It also causes loss of imagining power and vision.


Do you know that the formation of organs like Liver, Bone Marrow and Spleen has been because of the intake of Silver in our eating habits? As silver is somewhat like omnipresent and exists everywhere right from brain to the spinal cords including lungs, blood vessels, pancreas, etc. Since the ancient times it has been serving to treat so many disorders related to both health as well as skin.


Lead is a very important mineral and is serving profoundly in the modern times where we humans are so prone to health issues, as absence of lead can cause anemia and gastrointestinal tract. Lead is present in the human body in our bloods and lymphatic tissues.


Nobody can survive without formation and circulation of blood and without copper the production of red blood cells doesn’t takes place and it also causes disorders related to skeleton system, hair, cardiovascular system and nervous system. Its intake as one of the traditional mineral food holds prime importance for our body, as it is present in our pupils, within layers of our skin, hair and large glands. It strongly helps to fight back skin and hair pigments, and promotes healthy arteries due to healthy formation of blood.


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Tin holds importance in better functioning of our body so that the health remains in its better state as it’s deficiency can cause urination, perspiration, reproductive disorders, bone malformation and such is the list. Intake of tin as a mineral food holding importance since the traditional times is beneficial because tin is present in almost every tissue in our body, it exists in our muscles, uterus, in our blood.


Can you survive without oxygen? Well no living creature can, so is the importance of Iron in our intake of food being one such traditional mineral that is solely responsible for the transfer of oxygen to the blood, without which there will be no circulation of blood. If the blood transmission doesn’t take place then one is sure to lose his or her immunity or strength, will become weak leading to bad health conditions. Iron is very much needful for the brain as it enriches the learning power of a brain. It is present in one’s hair, pupil, intestine, and body tissues.


Zinc exists in our brain- an integral part of human body; muscles- for strength; nerve tissues and blood- ultimate powerhouse for efficient functioning of the body. Use of Zinc is more or less like a healer for joints pain, wounds, diabetes, acne and defects right from birth.

[Mineral foods for health in Hindi]