Vitamins for breast growth

Breasts can be of different size in different women. It totally depends on the hormones, diet and genetics of the woman. it also depends on the race. It is a common belief that woman with large breasts is sexier than the woman having small breasts. Dissatisfaction with the breast size is a common problem with all the woman. the one having large breast wish to have small breast and vice-versa. But there is always a concern with the woman having small breasts.

A woman who has small breasts face mental problems like the lack in confidence etc. then the process of searching the ways to increase the size of breasts starts. Many times lack of knowledge and eagerness leads them to the wrong treatments. There are many factors that determine the growth of breasts in the women. These factors include age, hormones during puberty, weight, genetics etc.

[Vitamins for breast growth in Hindi]

As we all know that puberty in women starts earlier than the men. During puberty growth hormones are responsible for the development of the sexual organs. In this time another important factor is diet. A good diet can result in the good development and bad eating habits can have adverse effects on the body.

Having small breast should not affect the inner confidence of the woman.

Is it good to take the specific vitamin for breast growth?

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It can be a very common question in your mind. Before we undergo any types of treatments OR the supplements we have to think about the side effects of that process and especially the result that we are going to get after going through the process.

Vitamins and healthy diet

A healthy diet is must for the proper growth and the development, and vitamins are essential to get the good growth and health. A balanced diet is must to develop the breast tissues while intake vitamins. Alone vitamins can not promote the growth of breast for increasing breast you need to make a balanced combination of vitamins and healthy diet.

Folic acid

We also call it as Vitamin B9, and it is known for its capability of healthy tissues and cells in our body. It is present in liver, asparagus and dried beans. The researchers have found that this Folic acid is also effective at developing newer tissues in the boobs. At the same time, this is helpful for the reduction of breast cyst symptoms.


You can find foods, contain natural estrogen. The scientists have proved that the consumption of these foods regularly will help you in increasing the size of your breast. This is now available to us in the form of a supplement. However, you have to speak to the physician to consume it. Remember that intake of high amount of estrogen can cause breast cancer. Thus, although it makes your boob size bigger, you have to control the consumption to keep away from the risks.


No health specialist will ask you to ingest preservatives. However, when you think of inflating your breasts, you can rely on these preservatives. Almost everything that you consume contains preservatives. With the accumulation of preservatives, you will find larger size of your breasts.

There are some other reasons for the breast growth as well as the shape of the breast.

Heredity and weight

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Breast size is also genetic. The size of breast comes from the combination of both sides of the families genes. Weight also matters in your breast size as you increase weight ultimately there will be changes in your breast size. Fat makes the breast tissues; therefore, increasing weight can promote the breast growth.

Age matters

There is a strong link between age and breast size and growth. Estrogen is the hormone that promotes the development of breast in puberty. It is essential intake good and enough nutrients in puberty for better health and development.

Temporarily increased the size of the breast you may notice during the menstrual cycles due to the fluctuation in hormones. Getting enlarged breast is quite common during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Menopause is the period OR I should say after menopause you may experience shrunk breast and lose sag breast. Menopause causes the reduction of estrogen that results in shrinkage of the breast. If you think about the breast sagging so it depends upon age because the fibrous structures become less supportive to the breast.

What are the precautions?

There is no certain vitamins OR supplement that can alone promote the size of the breast. Vitamins help to get the development along with the healthy foods as well as exercises. As if you are not satisfied with your breast size then consult with your healthcare provider it is quite possible with simple steps and the proper guidance can help you to get rid of your problems.

There are other good steps that can help you to feel good like wearing a supportive bra and other dresses that make your figure look better. A good body language also matters to improve the appearance of your breast as well as physical fitness ultimately improve your figure and body appearance.

There are many plus points of having small breasts that are listed below:

  • They do not have to waste time and energy to find the right size of bra.
  • One of the major plus points of having small breast is that they do not have to carry extra weight and suffer from back pain.
  • They do not have to suffer to find the right type of tops and clothes.
  • Large breasts have the high possibility of getting breast cancer as compared to the small ones.

These were some of the plus points of having small breast. But if still, one wants to increase the size of the breasts then there are many treatments available in the market to increase the breast size. Some are healthy and safe and some have side effects.

  • Breast implant surgery.
  • Herbal supplements containing vitamins and minerals
  • Massages and cream
  • Chemical pills

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Out of these herbal supplements are safe and do not have any side effects but are time-consuming. Breast implant surgery should be avoided as if not done properly it could leave you with problems for rest of your life.

Chemical pills and tablets should also be avoided because they also have adverse effects on our body. Chemical tablets can damage the working of your internal organs and can release various harmful toxins in our body.

Massages and creams alone are not that beneficial and might or might not show results. So best option here is to look at your diet and herbal supplements. If combined with proper time to time massages this therapy gives very good results.

Mainly, herbal supplements contain herbs that are rich in vitamins and help to increase the breast growth. Another plus point of having the vitamin based herbal supplements is that they also make your skin and body healthy.

Vitamins that help in breasts growth are:

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is an essential part of our diet and should not be left. Deficiency of vitamin A can cause various disease like night blindness. Vitamin A helps in the good appearance of the breasts. As we know that free radicals in our body are harmful to us. Vitamin A keeps these free radicals away and protects the breast. It also repairs the damaged tissue and increases the production of new cells. Vitamin A boosts the production of collagen. It helps to keep your breasts firm and in shape.

Vitamin A is mainly found in the milk, fish, sweet potato etc.

Vitamin B6

Pregnant women are given doses of Vitamin B6 to increase the production of the blood cells. It prevents the neurological damage of the new-born. It also helps in keeping the heart diseases at bay. By keeping heart arteries clear for the blood flow vitamin B6 helps in increased blood flow to the breasts and provide oxygen which in turn help in the growth of breasts.

Vitamin B6 is found in Sunflower, nuts, fish etc.

Vitamin C

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Vitamin c is another vitamin that increases the production of collagen. Adding the Vitamin C with Vitamin A to your diet can help you in many ways. Also, vitamin C also helps in balancing the hormonal levels of our body during puberty. Also, vitamin c is also very helpful in preventing risks if getting breasts cancer.

Vitamin C is mainly found in the citrus fruits like lemon, orange, guava etc.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E helps you to give a proper shape to the breasts internally as well as externally. Many creams come which contain the herbs which are rich in vitamin E. applying these creams to the breasts can help you in increasing the size of the breasts. Moreover, the vitamin E also helps in keeping the skin healthy.

Vitamin E is found in spinach, sunflower seed, almonds etc.

These were some vitamins that help in the process of increasing breast size.

NOTE: taking vitamin based diet alone cannot help in increasing the breast size. The proper diet should always be accompanied with proper exercise to get better results.

[Vitamins for breast growth in Hindi]