What are the benefits and side effects of krill oil?

Krill oil is made from the extract of Antarctic species krill, a small shrimp like animal Euaphausia Superba. One component of the krill oil is Omega 3 fatty acids similar to the content in fish oil. Another component of krill oil is (PLFA) or Phospho lipid derivative of fatty acids.

What are the health benefits of krill oil?

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Omega 3 is one of the best fatty acids which are long chain fatty acids with EPA and DHA. Omega 3 is very much essential for healthy functioning of the brain, heart and body. It has been proved by the scientists that omega 3 can control the heart diseases by reversing the heart activities. It can also prevent the serious condition of heart. It has also been proved that omega 3 particularly may be helpful for whole life. In pregnancy also; it may be helpful in many ways.

So, many people consume varieties of fish oil per day to cover the supplement of omega 3. But, the potential benefit of fish oil may be lost due to the poor absorption capacity. But, there is another search for the source of Omega 3 and that is surely Mimi creature krill from ocean. The extracts of krill possess the potential component omega 3. Obviously; you know the benefits of omega 3 to prevent heart diseases.

How is the krill oil helpful for humans?

The krill oil has got tolerable after taste. The fish oil has got fishy taste after the digestion also. The krill oil is marketed with packages of small sized gel like 500 mg. This small gel packs are easier to swallow. In the case of krill oil, absorption rate is higher than fish oil. So, the dosages can be consumed in lower rates rather than fish oil. As absorption rate is higher in krill oil, dosages may be taken in lower quantity of EPA and DHA.

Krill oil contains strong nature of antioxidants and it does not affect your stomach and the cabinet also. The antioxidants also protect the tissue, cells and organs of the body as there are no free radicals out of this.

It is available in pure form

Krill oil does not contain appreciable amount of mercury but, only in traces. But, in the cases of fish oil, mercury is available in appreciableamount. Krill oil is available from Antarctic which is the cleanest ocean and for this purpose krill is the purest source of Omega 3.

It is considered as the largest bio mass in the world. As krill is the pure source of omega 3, it is harvested every year to get the profuse amount of krill.The harvesting of krill in Antarctic is strictly monitored by the CCAMLR i.e. Commission or the Conservation of the Antarctic Marine Living Resources. It has already been proved that krill stock will not be finished and it will be sustainable product. The krill is verified sustainable product.

Health benefits of krill oil

Promotion of cardio vascular health

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It is proven criteria that krill oil improves cardio vascular health and prevents heart diseases. It can lower the bad cholesterol and can increase the good cholesterol level. It has also shown the positive effect on diabetes by reducing inflammation and blood sugar level. It can also lower the blood pressure level an can control the artery clogging causing the stroke or heart attack. It holds the anticoagulant property.

It may reduce inflammation and controls arthritis

It has been verified that it reduces the existing inflammation and ultimately reduces inflammation. The cause of the reduction of the inflammation is the transformation of Omega 3 into the potent hormones which are the cause of the reduction of inflammation. Omega 3 triggers the secretion of anti inflammatory secretions to control many functions of the human body.

It may develop the neurological parts in new born babies

Studies have revealed that if omega 3 is consumed during the pregnancy period, Then the child’s neurological parts like brain, eyes or other neurological parts are developed strongly. In the deficiency of the DHA, it can develop autism during the childhood. If the krill oil is given to the child with autism; it can show the positive effect.

It may have effects for anti depression

Some researchers have revealed that EPA and DHA are effective in controlling depressive mood. It is responsible for reducing the inflammation in brain and can be helpful in changing the brain in healthy way. DHA enhances the secretion of hormone responsible for changing the mood in positive way. So, ultimately krill oil can reduce the depression.

It can improve the gastric health

Studies have explored that krill oil can improve the gastric health by reducing inflammation. Initially the dosage can be started with 500gm per day and then can be gradually be enhanced as per symptoms of PMS. Composition and brand should be checked before buying medicine. Krill oil can decrease also swelling.

Treatment for osteoarthritis

It has been found that krill oil used for treatment of osteoarthritis as shown positive results. It can be used as natural remedy to reduce the symptoms of the disease.

Rheumatoid arthritis treatment

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Rheumatoid arthritis can be cured by the application of krill oil. The drug can be used as natural therapy and it has been observed the positive results for curing the disease.

PMS treatment

Krill oil may be applied naturally to reduce the PMS symptoms. The natural therapy with omega 3 may be useful for the disease. The application of natural therapy may reduce the symptoms.

Side effects and warnings

Some marine fishes may contain some toxins like methyl mercury and the people who consume the fishes due to Omega 3 may face problems. FDA has declared some safe level of contaminants from sea water. But, the level of mercury in krill oil is low tan the other marine fishes. Krill oil contain mercury at lower level due to the lower chain fatty acids. Still, the pregnant women should not consume the krill oil in appreciable amount. But, can consume at safe level as per physician.

Krill oil does not show the fishy effect or taste after the consumption of this. But, after the consumption of fish oil, the fishy effect remains and the people may feel some uneasiness with odor. The fish oil may have the after effect like bad breath, nausea, stomach upset

FDA has declared the krill oil as safe for consumption without prescription. FDA has declared the safety and the effectiveness of the drug on human body. It has also been declared that krill oil may be used for many other purposes not listed as per recommendations by physicians.

One survey has exposed that krill harvested in Antarctica may contain high level organic pesticides.

The above discussion reveals that krill oil contains Omega 3 which is very much essential for humans to cure many diseases or reduce the symptoms of the diseases similar to fish oil. But, krill oil is better in many aspects than the fish oil. Absorption level is low in fish oil, but in krill oil, absorption is higher. Contamination level is higher in higher in fish oil. But, krill oil is very safe and very little amount of contamination may be present.