What are the benefits and side effects of Oleander Flower

About oleander flower

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We often hear about a flower that is Oleander. Oleander is such a plant which can grow anywhere in any climate. All over the world, it grows in different climates. There are two types of oleander we can see. One is Thevetia oleander that is yellow oleander and another one is Nerium oleander that is white or common oleander. The scientific name of this flower is Nerium oleander. This flower has got several benefits. Here we will see the benefits and side effect of oleander flower;

Benefits of oleander flower

Oleander is a very common flower that we know. It is a beautiful flower which is also known as sweet-scented. In Ayurveda, this flower is used to make medicine. This flower not only uses in Ayurveda but also in Chinese therapy, naturopathy for various treatment. Oleander flower is a treatment for many diseases. The benefits of this flower are mentioned below;

Helpful to reduce heart pain

Oleander flower act as a magic medicine to reduce heart pain. Just take 100-200mg of the bark of the root.  It will help you to have heavy urination after a meal which reduces the heart pain. If anyone has any disorder in heart the flower is a great medicine for them.

Helpful to reduce a headache

This flower is well known for a headache. In kanji which is a fermented liquid made of mustard, beets, and carrots you need to grind the flower with the Indian gooseberry. After making the paste apply it on your forehead, it will give you a great relief from a headache

Beneficial in piles

Oleander flower is good for piles treatment. Just take the root of the oleander and grind the root with cold water, and apply on your boil. It will help you to cure the boil.

Make a face pack of oleander flower

You can use this as a face pack. Grind the white oleander and apply on your skin. It will remove pimples, improve skin tone, and improve the skin complexion.

Cure snakebite

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It can treat snakebite also. You need to take 125-250ms of the root bark or you can take one or two leaves of oleander flower. After taking this the victim vomit which allows the poison out from the body of victim

Reduce joint pain

Oleander flower help to reduce joint pain also. Just grind the oleander leaves and apply on the joint where you feel pain. It cures the pain like magic.

Side effects of oleander flower

If there is plus point there should some negative point too. Here’s also same. We have seen that the flower has many benefits now we will see the side effects of the oleander flower. Side effects are mentioned below.

  • It has been seen that oleander tea or its extract can be the cause of death or poisoning.
  • Honey which is prepared from the nectar of the oleander plant has dangerous side effects.
  • Some time rashes are occurring due to the uses of oleander leaves.
  • Women who are pregnant or feed their child are not allowed to take oleander

Precautions that you can take to avoid the negative side

We know that oleander flower has many benefits but we cannot disagree the side effect of the flower. So should we avoid this? No, we can take some precaution to avoid the side effects. Below mentioned are the precaution that one can take;

  • Never take oleander as raw. The extract of the flower has high toxic.
  • If you are thinking to take oleander extract as a supplement always consult your doctor or you can take advice from a trained herbalist. They will guide you properly when to take and how much to take. Because time and quality differ from human to human. Everyone does not take this for the same purpose. So it is good if you consult your doctor before you take.
  • Do not take the extract as a daily supplement take it as to support disease.


Here we have seen this flower has various benefits and some side effects too. This flower also uses some drug and in some herbal medicine. So it is advisable whenever you are taking this consult your doctor. They would refer you a right amount of taking this. You would be under their guidance and supervision.