Best Android apps for stress relief

Stress management is a necessity in modern times. Be It a battle of everyday life or an occasional outbreak, stress reduces one’s mental energy and makes them less productive. Stress has a tremendous influence on one’s health. It directly influences one’s feelings, thoughts, and behavior. When stress is left unmanaged it can cause major health problems like – blood pressure,  obesity,  diabetes, heart diseases etc.

Smartphone has become an artificial oxygen for almost every generation not only adults. In our day to day life, we are so much filled up with work and stress that we are completely drained out of breath by the time we reach back home and get to bed. We need to balance your mind and body to get in tune and prepare for the next morning.

Therefore, stress management is the need of the hour. It is an indispensable need because of the hustle and bustle around. The most advanced and convenient way of keeping control of the stress levels is through phone applications. By following the activities and steps of these phone apps one can get maximum benefits.

Many android apps are available these days that give guidance for better and effective stress management. Some of the most helpful ones are listed below:



It’s a smartphone app with gives detailed and diagrammatic interpretations of how stress affects one’s body and mind. Also, it’s a pool of good and effective breathing exercises that are really good to burn stress in the body. The instructions are easy to follow and very much adaptable in the day to day life. One can open the app anywhere at its convenience and extract its maximum usage. It gives tips on how to do breathing exercise with maximum results. It tells about meditation techniques. Its a really effective app for stress management.



It’s an app that guides one on how to stay calm, peaceful and happy in life. It includes activities in which one can get involved to stay happy and cheerful and for forget about pains and worries. Happify aims at bringing the readers to a world full of positivity. The reviews on the App Store tell how people have been successful in combating negativity,  stress, and fears through this app. There is a huge list of activities one should get indulge in for a breakthrough in the same monotonous life, something that will make you feel more light, lively and full of vigor. And proves a really applaudable stress controller.

Personal Zen


Personal zen is an application developed and run by a professor of neurosciences and psychology. In this app, there is a series of mind indulging games. These game are specially designed on the basis of medical findings of stress and anxiety reduction. The games are really enjoyable and have proven effective for the purpose. There are many games options available in the app. One can switch between the series of games available according to choice and comfort.

Pocket Yoga


Pocket yoga is an application with good poses. Yoga has always been a great way to stress reduction and peace. Yoga is believed to release such hormones in the body that give relaxation and a stress-free mind. Pocket Yoga is an app that teaches step by step about yoga poses specifically meant for brain, mind and body relaxation. Pocket yoga helps you take benefit of yoga anywhere as per comfort and time restraints. Really a good app for stress management.

The Mindfulness App

The Mindfulness AppGET / DOWNLOAD LINK

The mindfulness app has a variety of meditation programs. One can select according to its choice which meditation program to opt for. The meditation programs have music and nature sounds that are really healing to mind and body. The mindfulness app teaches best meditation practices for burning stress and anxiety. The description is easy and user readable.

Power of calm

Power of calmGET / DOWNLOAD LINK

The most simple, scientific and much enjoyable app came across to fight your stress. It is not only balancing your mind it also focuses on certain exercises which enhance the body to gain more concentration power.

This app is so simple that following certain tips you’ll start reducing your stress it is as much easy and much enjoyable.

In addition to the above, it has specific program courses of 1 or 2 weeks. This relaxation program is beneficial in a way that it can be used in any available of free time whether you are at office break, while at home or anyplace as this is all the place where your android smartphone is. It only takes a few minutes not hours of yours.

As you aware “health is wealth” it clears your mind and calms the body which enhances focus power, performance entirely. It is recommended for all age groups. It keeps on tracking the performance day wise so that your improved results you can check and compare it will boost your motivation to work and play more with the app and their exercises plan.

Stress Tracker


Stress Tracker is free of cost app that lets you track the levels of stress at a particular point in time. One of the keys to managing stress and anxiety is by tracking what stresses you the most. By knowing what increases stress levels, one can sure avoid it. Stress tracker is a systematic app that will allow you to know when you are most stressed out and accordingly one can choose ways to combat it and stay relaxed. It helps one change those conditions and actions that are causing problems and adopt ones that make you light and relaxed.



Pacifica is an app that lets you remain stress-free,keeps you relaxed and calm. The app works by recording your feelings, thoughts, and behavior. It helps you keep track of your stress levels right when you deviate and get indulge in negative emotions. Also, the app helps its users with good and useful meditation, yoga and breathing exercises. The app has a pool of positive affirmations to keep one strong and lively. Also, there is an online community to give personal support to the grieving users as it is believed that venting out your feelings always help you feel better. The app is free of cost to use in Android.

7-minute workout

7-minute workoutGET / DOWNLOAD LINK

Workout and exercise are proved ones to reduce stress and anxiety. Workout along with burning calories also burns our stress. But due to busy and hectic daily routines, people hardly get any time for the workout. This has made them lethargic and unable to maintain stress levels. 7 minute workout is an app that has a pool of short and time-saving workout plans. Even in your tight schedules if u snatch out some time and indulge ineffective workouts, it can prove to be of great help. These short duration workouts have been specially designed for those who cannot afford time for workouts. The exercises are designed to help reduce stress.



Headspace is an app specially designed for working moms who are really busy with their work and family chores. Headspace teaches its users meditation which is less time-consuming. It requires only a 10 minutes everyday commitment by the users. Headspace helps its users with good interpretations and step by step directions to achieve maximum with meditation exercises. Headspace assures you mental well being and peace.



Colorfy is a coloring book for adults. For people who are living a stressful life, colorfy has come to their rescue. Colouring has been believed to reduce stress and is a good indulging activity. But one cannot bring coloring book and colors everywhere. The best thing is phone app in which one can do coloring anywhere anytime. Colourfy has beautiful mandala paintings and patterns to work on. Colourfy has good and specially designed patterns and designs to color with the basic motive of helping one get some relaxation from the monotony.

Relax Melodies


Stress not only disturbs the daytime it also eliminates our natural sleep.

Natural sleep is something where you can calm your mind thoroughly and get sleep without getting disturbed. So here is an app Relax melodies Which calms down the nerves which help the release of some good hormones to distress the body and mind and gets natural sleep.

It creates sounds like ocean waves, natural breeze, white noise and nature melodies by mixing 45 peaceful sounds. The voices from this app refresh the nerves making mind free from anxiety which ultimately leads to better sleep. Some people even use this app not only for sleep but for the meditation also it helps a lot to concentrate and focus on the point.

This phenomenon is believed to be one of most economical and simplest form of achieving good health.

Acupressure: heal yourself

Acupressure: heal yourselfGET / DOWNLOAD LINK

Acupressure has always proved beneficial in physical and mental ailments. Acupressure is a process of stimulating pressure points in the body to help relieve specific health problems. Though it is a really effective and beneficial process it requires time and money both. For those who cannot afford to go for regular acupressure sessions, this app helps to teach them basic of acupressure healing. It is a self-help drive. Teaches one how to heal oneself. They help in assessing pressure points that are specially meant for stress relief. This app is really effective and can benefit one a lot if done carefully and with full vigilance. Install it to know better.