What are the causes and treatment for Anorgasmia?

Anorgasmia is a psychiatric sexual health condition in which the person concerned is unable to achieve orgasms during the act of sexual intercourse. The psychosexual problem is most prevalent amongst women in their post-menopause phase. The occurrence of the disease is negligibly low in men especially younger men.

Types of Anorgasmia

Primary Anorgasmia

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It refers to the chronic condition in which the affected person has never experienced an orgasm or climax during sex. It can arise due to innate factors or acquired elements like mutilation of the clitoris or inadequate drive.

Secondary Anorgasmia

This is a condition in which the affected person used to reach climaxes during a sexual act but has now lost it. That is the disease is not innate but is developed with growing age and other factors at play.

Situational Anorgasmia

In this condition, the problem is not perennial but occasional depending on the partner, the drive to indulge in intercourse, mental conditions, and physical health.

Causes of occurrence

Physical factors

The physical factors involved vary from person to person. The mutilation of the clitoris at a younger age can prevent women from achieving orgasms. The problem can also be encountered more frequently with growing age and hormonal imbalance, especially after the occurrence of menopause. Health conditions like fatigue, weakness, lowered blood sugar levels can also lead to a reduced libido which in turn leads to difficulty in deriving pleasure from coitus.

Although very marginal, the cases of anorgasmia in men have been observed after prostatectomy. Some men may also face issues related to secondary anorgasmia with growing age but cases of primary anorgasmia in men are virtually absent.

Psychological factors

It has often been observed that the problem of anorgasmia is psychic. Sexual trauma or grief from past relationships, bad experiences in bed before, under confidence and pressure from the partner to get involved despite unwillingness on one’s part, can potentially lead to orgasmic failures.

Societal factors

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The societal notion that a woman’s sexual desires are inappropriate and should be kept under check and limited only to the purpose of bearing children clouds their ability to attain the peak state of ecstasy during sex.

Identification and Treatment

The first step in the treatment of anorgasmia is the identification of its kind. Situational anorgasmia is commonplace and can arise due to the inefficiency of one’s sexual partner, unwillingness to have sex at a certain point of time, weakness and lowered muscular strength. In such cases, the treatment involves encouraging the concerned person to experiment and explore alone or with her/his partner so as to find out the ideal conditions of achievement of a climax according to their specific situational limits.

When dealing with the case of psychotic factors affecting the attainment of an orgasm, psychosexual counseling of the patient is carried out under expert supervision and the elements of trauma from past are looked at to be eliminated. Medication can be used if required to control anxiety and pressure during sex.

The physical factors can be checked by the use of hormonal supplements or patches and energy-inducing medication. If need be, clitoral pumps can be used to enhance sensations. Urge inducing medicines like Viagra are commonly used with men and are now finding acceptance amongst women, too. In case of no visible reasons for a person to suffer from anorgasmia, a thorough examination of blood sugar levels and hormonal balance is carried out and medication is accordingly prescribed.

The problem can be very effectively tackled with efficient diagnosis and proper treatment.