Top reasons for dry cough

With the change of weather comes infection in the throat majorly accompanied with some or the other form of coughing. Irritation in the throat can be a pain especially when it is about dry cough.

Dry cough also known as dry throat is an infection where one coughs regularly with pain in the throat. Unlike the wet throat it isn’t bringing the phlegm out of the body but the harsh coughing slowly gets more irritating and infectious with painful throat that causes discomfort in even speaking.

If you have been dry coughing regularly this can be a reaction to a variety of causes.

What are the causes for dry cough?


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Smoking is one of the primary reasons of dry cough. If you are a new smoker chances are you shall start having heaving breaths with coughing that would produce nothing. Smoking leads to breathing problems, disturbed lungs and a restlessness which aggravates the throat infections leading to dry coughing. This won’t burn the throat as much but the coughing shall persist.


The rising pollution levels can be a cause for incontrollable cough that you experience. The dust and polluted air can take a toll on you, cause discomfort in breathing and result in dry coughing. Dry coughing is also a major result of dust particles entering through the mouth and infecting the throat. In this situation one should seek proper care as the infection can worsen.

Viral infection

The inflammation in the larynx occurs when there is an infection. This infection can result in dry cough, hoarse voice and pain in the throat. This is accompanied with fever, runny nose and wet cough later. Gargling, warm water to drink and staying hydrated helps in soothing the pain while medicinal aid should be taken to cure the infection.


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Asthma remains as one of the undiagnosed reasons of coughing and breathing problems. With a change in activity, pollution levels, dusty environment etc comes the problems of coughing and breathing. Usually asthma is dry coughing with pain in throat as well as head. If you are severely coughing without any infectious feel it’s time to get diagnosed through a doctor. There is usually a breathing test that is undertaken to determine asthma.

Lung diseases

Interstitial lung disease is caused when the bottom of the lung tissues is damaged and start scarring. This scarring causes discomfort in breathing and results in dry coughing too. As the oxygen flow to the bloodstream is also affected the person starts to feel weak and the lung too becomes stiff. The scarring of the lung tissues can however be controlled.

Acid reflux

Acid Reflux happens when there is recurrence of acidic contents of the stomach back to the esophagus. This is somehow acidic and gives a burning sensation in the throat with occasional burps and a dry coughing that is incontrollable. The nausea and sore throat worsens as there is increase in the dry cough. Acid reflux can also result to vomiting that shall result in making the dry cough even more painful.


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Stress is one of the reasons affecting physically in adverse ways. Often when a person is in a lot of stress they have breathlessness, low blood sugar and start succumbing to little rush which often causes a lot of dry coughing. The shallow breathing, restlessness and constant thinking make eating habits and working habits disturbed. This dry coughing can continue until the stress levels are lowered.


Food allergies, dust allergies and even sometimes just not eating right can cause allergies which can make the throat, esophagus and stomach sore causing too much of dry coughing. These allergies and constant coughing can bring about feelings of nausea, vomiting and more other problems.

Heart problems

When an individual has palpitations due to heart problems the immediate sign shows in dry coughing. As there is no proper blood pumping the oxygen doesn’t reach the parts in time and results in loss of breathing immediately which shall trigger the lungs to contract and expand at aggravated rate. This can lead to dry coughing that is painful in the chest and throat both.

Dry coughing is a result of a lot of body problems which when not taken care of immediately can lead to even more aggravated situations. It is best to reach out to your doctor and seek medical help!