Health benefits of cranberry juice

Cranberries are rich in fiber and vitamin C, they are considered to be as a super food when it comes to their advantages. Cranberry juice has the power in treating urinary tract problems, kidney stones, cancers, heart diseases and respiratory disorders.

[Benefits of cranberry juice in Hindi]

Cranberry juice health benefits

Cures urinary tract infections

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Drinking cranberry juice is a natural way to cure the urinary tract infections. Well, the juice consumed with the prescribed medicines provides speedy recovery from the infections. Don’t switch out from drinking the juice once you find the  recovery symptoms. Drinking cranberry juice promotes for stopping  the recurrence of the problem. Cranberry juice protects the urinary walls and helps to combat with the bacteria to enter through the walls, and it also removes the harmful things from the body.

Acts like probiotic

Cranberry juice acts as probiotic for the body, it protects the intestines and intestinal tract. It protects intestinal tracts by promoting the growth of necessary and beneficial bacteria in the tract. It fights with E.coli which is responsible for the cause of UTI’s (Urinary Tract Infections). In addition to the stated, it is able to fight with the bacteria that is present inside the intestines.

Ward off the occurrence of genital herpes

With the presence of the Proanthocyanidin A-1 compound, cranberry juice stops the herpes virus from going deep in to the body, through which it restricts the genital herpes. It also fights with the genital herpes causing ‘ herpes simplex virus-2 ‘.

Cranberry juice prevents many lethal diseases

The special flavonoids present in the cranberry juice acts like antioxidants and helps to restrict the growth of the free radical molecules, by which the negative effects of the free radical molecules on our body reduces. The regular consumption of cranberry juice makes the arteries from molding into hard – a disease called artherosclerosis. An antioxidant named polyphenolic present in the cranberry juice helps to restrict the occurrence of the cancers and cardiovascular diseases.

Prevents dental problems

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Drink cranberry juice regularly to avoid dental problems, it helps to treat the tooth problems and cavities with its acidic nature. S. Mutans is a kind of bacteria responsible for the tooth problems in the mouth, cranberry juice with its acidic nature prevents the growth of the bacteria and helps to ward off.

Beneficial for kidney stones patients

Regular consumption of cranberry juice maintains the health of kidneys. It gradually removes the kidney stones and its associated pain.

Avoids respiratory infections

Due to the strains of Haemophilus influenza, ear and respiratory infections will occur. Cranberry juice prevents these strains and helps to restrict the infections in the future.

These are the amazing health benefits of drinking cranberry juice, but people with diabetics need to limit their consumption, otherwise it leads to the raise of blood glucose levels and some other problems. Don’t over consume it, drinking more than two times in a day leads to diarrhea problem. So, it is suggested to take the cranberry juice in a regular manner under limited amounts.

[Benefits of cranberry juice in Hindi]